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Wiltshire is a ceremonial county located in South West England and the county city is Trowbridge. This county has a long historical background and a great respect for tradition. The landscape of Wiltshire county can be characterizes by its high downland and wide valleys. The most famous place is Salisbury Plain because this is a location of Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles. What is more Wiltshire is also the main training are of the British Army. Because of the Stonehenge, this county has been a tourists’ destination for hundreds of years and nowadays it attracts even more international history fans. When it comes to boarding schools in Wiltshire, these schools are famous for its high level of education and international cooperation with other educational institutions. Such a cooperation also includes students exchanges which are a great opportunity to be familiar with other cultures. Boarding schools in Wiltshire concentrate on each student individually and try to evaluate their hidden skills and hobbies, giving them an opportunity to choose out of many different extra-curricular activities. Finally, boarding schools in Wiltshire are ranked as the best educational institutions in the UK and one of the best in the world. Wiltshire is a county which is located in South West England and it is famous for number of historic attractions, especially Stonehenge. Boarding schools in Wiltshire also belong to most historical schools which cherish traditional values and work hard to implement these in the minds of young Students. What is more, boarding schools in Wiltshire be-long to the top boarding schools in Europe which offer the highest level of education. At boarding schools in Wiltshire there are offered international courses which are helpful during preparation for A-levels, GCSE’s and IB Certificates which are appreciated by top international Universities. Parents who decided to send their children to boarding schools in Wiltshire may be proud when they graduate and are highly educated Young Adults.

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