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West Midlands

West Midlands is a county in England which is located in western central England and which concentrates many central aspects of people’s lives. The county town of West Midlands is Birmingham which is one of the biggest cities in England. West Midlands has a status of both metropolitan and ceremonial county. This region of the United Kingdom has also a lot to offer for tourists and visiting school candidates. To the most interesting places to see, one can qualify the following examples: the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Aston Hall, the Dudley Castle or the Aston Villa Football Club. Boarding schools in West Midlands are considered as the best educational institutions in the world which can offer A-levels, as well as International Baccalaureate Certificates. Extra-curricular activities and diversified study programs guarantee that students will not be bored and that they will explore their hidden skills and talents. Students from boarding schools in West Midlands can also be proud of their many sports and music achievements. Teachers at boarding schools in West Midlands really do care about students’ personal development and try to teach them basic human values and respect towards each other.Boarding schools in East Midlands are considered as one of the best educational facilities in the world, especially in the aspect of A-levels, as well as IB Certificates. Midland boarding school, in the aspect of education, tries to meet the demands of modern higher education market, as well as keeps in mind future professional careers of their students. Those who decide to study at boarding schools in East Midlands do not regret their decision and are re-ally grateful to their Parents who made this step. What is more, pupils from boarding schools in East Midlands can also develop their artistic talents, such as: music, art and many more. Midland boarding school is always a great choice because you may be sure that your child will receive the highest international education.

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