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Schools in Wanganui

Are you looking for some best boarding schools in New Zealand? Maybe you will find interesting those located in Wanganui? Boarding schools in Wanganui are the world famous boarding institutions which provide the highest level of education combined with the practical aspect of teaching and with modern methods of teaching and learning.The area around the mouth of the Whanganui was a major site of pre-European Māori settlement. When the city of Wellington was established it became an important centre for trade. With the increased number of British settlers arriving in the country, it became a logical site for the establishment of a new town. The Wanganui region is on the lower west coast of the North Island, south of Taranaki and the Taupo and Ruapehu regions. This area is known for maori culture, heritage, Whanganui National Park and river adventures. The region takes its name from the city of Wanganui, which rests on the banks of the spectacular Whanganui River. To the east of Wanganui lie the city of Palmerston North, the towns of Feilding, Ashhurst and many rural villages. You'll also find the southern hemisphere's largest wind farm. The dramatic, diverse landscape of the area offers a range of unique experiences. As well as excellent brown trout fly-fishing in the Rangatikei River, there's the chance to see rare and migrating birds at the Manawatu river estuary. Boarding schools in Wanganui are great choice for those who think about studying at top international boarding schools. Students are given an option to get international diplomas and certificates which are a substantial help while applying for colleges and universities in the world. Such diplomas and certificates increase your chances to be accepted! Wanganui is a location of one of best boarding schools for girls. Boarding schools in Wanganui are worth considering for anyone taking into account education abroad.

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