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United Kingdom is famous for its great variety of boarding schools which appear to be one of the most popular schools among both national and international Candidates. Top ranked UK boarding schools make sure that the level of education which is offered there, is at the highest international level and meets the restrictions of all international institutions. Students choose top ranked UK boarding schools, either girls or boys only or co-educational ones, because they simply think seriously about their future university and professional career. Top ranked UK boarding schools vary from private to public schools and some of these schools are really affordable ones. This is connected with the UK approach to education, namely „everybody deserves a decent education.”Top ranked UK boarding schools can offer you a lot of additional courses and classes which are inseparable part of education programs in the United Kingdom. Such extra lessons will help you to become even better and to find something interesting, apart from regular classes, which will not only fulfil your time but will also look aspiring at you college or university application. Moreover, Students from top ranked UK boarding schools can choose some extra-curricular activities which are offered to master students hobbies and passions. They can choose out of the following: cricket, football, swimming, horse riding, discussion and art clubs. By choosing one of top ranked UK boarding schools you choose that you want to be the best. Please take a look at our selection of top ranked UK boarding schools.


York, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Ampleforth College: York, Yorkshire, UK

Price Range  ₤ 30,000 - 40,000 per annum

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