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Schools in Tianjin

Are you interested in boarding schools in China? Take a look at boarding schools in Tianjin because these schools will definitely meet your high expectations! Located in beautiful surrounding of China history, boarding schools in Tianjin will make your school years worth to be remembered!Tianjin is one of the four municipalities in China. Its name means 'the place where the emperor crossed the river'. Facing the Bohai Sea, Tianjin, the one time imperial port, serves as Beijing's vital gateway to the sea. In recent years it receives more and more attention from visitors due to its illustrious historical heritage and other natural resources. It is no exaggeration to say that Tianjin bears a splendid historical background. However, it was desecrated by foreign invaders long before the foundation of People's Republic of China. The city was once shared by nine countries: Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Great Britain, Austria, Japan and Belgium. This marked an extremely hard period for the city and her people because those imperialist countries left permanent marks in her body, most notable of which were thousands of villas. Today those villas provide an exotic flavour, enhancing the beauty of the entire city. Blessed with variety of attractions, Tianjin is a good place to explore. The top ten attractions are Jinmen Shijing, are Gu Wenhua Jie, Dagu Emplacement, Huangyaguan Great Wall, Dule Temple, Haihe River, Water Park, Panshan Mountain, Hotel Street and Food Street, TV & Radio Tower and Zhonghuan Cailian. There are also many natural scenes of beauty as well as great historical events. Boarding schools in Tianjin can offer you the highest level of education which will help you to get to the best national and international colleges and universities in the world. Students can grow up and develop surrounded by the best teachers and experts in the world! Take a look at our selection of best boarding schools in Tianjin!

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