Schools in Taejon

Do you want to study at some top boarding schools in Korea? Maybe you will decide to choose one of boarding schools in Taejon? These schools offer the highest level of education and are famous for its international cooperation with other most famous boarding schools in the world!Taejon is a metropolitan city (pop., 2003 est.: 1,424,844), capital of South Ch'ungch'ŏng province, southeastern South Korea. It was a poor village until rail connections spurred development in the early 1900s. During the Korean War (1950–53) it was a temporary capital of South Korea, and 70 percent of the city was destroyed; it has since been rebuilt. The manufacture of cotton textiles, machinery, and chemicals has been developed. Chungnam National University and several other colleges are located there. Enjoy selection of top boarding schools in Korea. There is so many interesting places to see in Taejon and we would like to give you some examples here: the Currency Museum, the Taejon Museum of Arts, the Expo Park or the Jakwangsa. Boarding schools in Taejon can offer you the unique pleasure to explore Korean culture and traditions, combined with getting the highest level of education. Student of boarding schools in Taejon can choose to of many interesting study programs and extra-curricular activities provide by the schools. Boarding schools in Taejon are you chance to achieve future success at some top colleges and universities, either national or international. You will never regret one day, one moment spend at boarding schools in Taejon! Please take a closer look at our great selection of boarding schools in Taejon!


Schools in Taejon

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