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Schools in Switzerland

Switzerland is not only a beautiful country with beautiful landscapes located in a peaceful surroundings but also a country which has lot to offer to young students. Swiss boarding schools are consider as elite schools which are ranked among the best of the best institutions in the world. Education is on a very high level and most of the facilities offer to its students a possibility to get international certificates. The most recognisable international certificate is of course the International Baccalaureate which is approved and the most wanted document among the vast majority of employers in the world. Boarding schools in Switzerland can be divided into three groups: co-educational boarding schools, girls boarding schools and boarding schools for boys. Swiss boarding schools are considered as the elite ones because of the individual approach to each and every student and because of the appreciation of the most important values, such as: honesty, respect and discipline. when it comes to the first value, honesty is really respected among students when they are making friendships which are meant to last forever. As far as respect is concerned, it is present when it comes to the relations which occur between students and the teachers. Respect is one of the basic valises which appear in people’s lives. It is not a mystery that a correctly functioning community is based on respect and honesty in order to function naturally and for a long time. Boarding schools in Switzerland also concentrate on discipline which is important in order to achieve particular goals. No one will be successful without a hard work and hard work comes together with discipline and dedication of each and every student. However, Switzerland is not only about education but can offer a lot when it comes to extra-curricular activities. Schools organise many tours to national museums and galleries in order to give their students an opportunity for cultural development. Many international students, who come to study at the best boarding schools in Switzerland, can also offer and teach national students something about their culture which is often so different from this which they are familiar with. When it comes to the most recognisable symbols of the Switzerland these are of sours: chocolate, cheese and watches. Swiss chocolate is approved among the best producers in the world and is used to produce sweets for the elites. When it comes to the cheese, everyone who is in Switzerland should try it. Switzerland is proud of its cheese which is recognisable throughout the world and considered to be delicious. As far as Swiss watches are concerned… well definitely these will present the correct time while being at boarding school Switzerland! And to be honest, James Bond would definitely like to have such watch too! Boarding schools in Switzerland or actually their authorities, are aware of the fact that education in order to be successful must be combined with pleasure and culture which are inseparable elements. This is why schools organise not only „in school” extra-curricular activities but also want their students to be familiar with external or „out of school” culture. In Switzerland there are so many places to see: cathedrals in Lausanne, Fryburg or Bern; the oldest christian building Riva S. Vitale, Benedict churches (Saint Maurice d’Agaune). These building may be characterised with many wall paintings or unique sculptures. As all of you can see, best boarding schools in Switzerland is not only about the best education, but also concentrates on individual values and cultural development of the younger generation. Many people think that language barriers will impede their education at foreign school but the reality proves something completely different - International school is your key to international success!

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