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Staffordshire is a county which is located in the West Midlands of England and its county town is Stafford. This is also the town which has given its name to the whole county. This region of England is often chosen by residents who want to live outside the city centre and they can do that because of a great transportation connection. This region is also fulfilled with landmarks and interesting places to visit and we would like to mention the following: the Stafford Castle, the Ancient High House, the Staffordshire Regiment Museum or the Lichfield Cathedral. Boarding schools in Staffordshire can be qualified as one of the best in the United Kingdom, because of the highest education level and contribution of its teachers. Candidates to these schools should be aware of the variety of study courses and extra-curricular activities and program which they can find at boarding schools in Staffordshire. Each year national and international education quality controls reward boarding schools in Staffordshire with the highest marks and appreciate school authorities attempts to become even better educational institutions. Because of this boarding schools in Staffordshire are really popular among national and international students.

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