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Schools in Souzhou

Are you looking for boarding schools in China which will master your personal skills and support your further development? Boarding schools in Souzhou are definitely the choice for you! These boarding schools in China will give you the unique opportunity to beth the highest level of education and to explore the China most interesting places to visit! Souzhou is a city in Jiangsu province. It is famed for its beautiful gardens and traditional waterside architecture. The Classical Gardens of Suzhou were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. This is also one of the most populous cities in China and is located on the Yangtze River and near the Taihu Lake. The history of Souzhou takes us back to 514 BC and the relicts of 2,500 years history are visible until the present day. There is so many interesting places to see in Souzhou, and we will give you some of the examples: the Shantang Canal, the Changmen Gate, the Humble Administration Garden and the Xuanmiao Temple. Boarding schools in Souzhou belong to the top ranked boarding educational institutions in the world, making those schools one of the very first choices of international and national candidates. Boarding schools in Souzhou cooperate with other international boarding schools and give their students a chance for student exchange. This is a great opportunity for them because in such a way they are able to became familiar with other cultures and habits. Boarding schools in Souzhou are a great choice for the most demanding students! Take a closer look at our selection of boarding schools in Souzhou!

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