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South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire is a county which is located near the West Yorkshire county and is considered to be a metropolitan county. With its great historic origins, this county has a lot respect for national traditions and cultural, as well as historical values. County authorities do care about the county development and participation in national and international cultural events. When it comes to the interesting places to visit, one should definitely mention the following: the Cannon Hall Museum, the Monk Bretton Priory, the Pot House Hamlet or the Wentworth Castle and Gardens. Boarding schools in South Yorkshire, similarly to other educational institutions in England, are ranked really high in national and international schools rankings. This is connected with the fact that boarding schools in South Yorkshire gather crème de la crème of the schools candidates, as well as the best teachers who are members of school community. When it comes to the international certificates, these are also available at boarding schools in South Yorkshire. Schools organize special training courses which are helpful when students want to prepare for such exams. This is also what distinguishes boarding schools in South Yorkshire from other institutions – eagerness to help its students to achieve what is the best.

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