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Shropshire is a county which is located in the West Midlands in England. The life is concentrated in the biggest cities of the county and a county town is Shrewsbury. The motto of this county is: “May Shropshire flourish” and interesting fact is the official flower of Shropshire which is the round-leaved sundew. The county of Shropshire is also a cultural center of England with a lot of respect for traditional values and being qualified as one of the fastest developing counties in England. There are also interesting places to visit, and it is not important whether you are a resident, a tourist or a student, these places need to be seen: the Shrewsbury Castle, the Attingham Park Mansion, the Ludlow Castle or the St. Laurence Church located in Ludlow. When it comes, to boarding schools in Shropshire, these educational facilities enable the best start and the best beginning for the future higher education. well-trained staff can help you to achieve the best results in exams and you will be able to get international certificates and diplomas which are approved worldwide. Boarding schools in Shropshire are not only concentrated on education but also on shaping basic human behaviors. If you are interested in developing your hidden skills and interest then your should definitely choose one of boarding schools in Shropshire.

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