Wellington School: Wellington, Somerset, UK

Wellington, Somerset, United Kingdom

Wellington School: Wellington, Somerset, UK

Price Range ₤ 20,000-30,000 per annum


We present here a co-ed boarding school for boys and girls in Wellington, Somerset, UK. Most students study four subjects at AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level in their Lower Sixth year with many reducing to three subjects at A2 (Advanced) Level in their Upper Sixth year. A complete A Level consists of the AS and A2 courses in a particular subject; a free - standing AS course is a useful qualification in its own right. It is sometimes possible for students to take a fresh AS course in the Upper Sixth year, although this is dependent on the structure of the school timetable. In addition, in the Lower Sixth year, a ‘circus’ of enrichment courses complements and supports the main subjects. In the Upper Sixth year, students can also pursue an Extended Project qualification to develop their own academic interest , or take an AS Level Critical Thinking course. AS and A2 courses in all subjects are modular, such that the courses are broken down into sections which are separately examined with the so - called ‘uniform marks’ from each component added to give a total score at the end of the course. An A Level or AS grade is then awarded on the basis of equivalent percentages according to the table below. Students may opt to re-take modules to boost their scores on a particular component; the highest recorded mark is included in the final summation. Heads of Department can advise students on the wisdom and timing of re - taking modules and some information on this rather involved subject is included in each subject synopsis.

Entry to the Sixth Form is not automatic and students should usually have gained at least

five grades at C or above at GCSE level. Students who join the Sixth Form from different

educational systems will be expected to reach the same standard.

A Level Subjects (10 hours per fortnight)

  • · Art and Design
  • · Biology
  • · Business Studies
  • · Chemistry
  • · Classical Civilisation
  • · Design and Technology
  • · Drama and Theatre Studies
  • · Economics
  • · English Literature
  • · French
  • · Further Mathematics
  • · Geography
  • · German
  • · History
  • · Latin
  • · Mathematics
  • · Music
  • · Physical Education
  • · Physics
  • · Religious Education
  • · Spanish

Contact school: contact-us

Website: http://www.wellington-school.org.uk

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Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: GBP 29 028



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Wellington School: Wellington, Somerset, UK - Your boarding school in Wellington, Somerset


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Wellington School: Wellington, Somerset, UK

Wellington School: Wellington, Somerset, UK - Your boarding school in Wellington, Somerset


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