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Trafalgar School in Whitby, Ontario, Canada is one of best boarding schools for girls only in America! Trafalgar Castle in Whitby, Ontario, Canada is an Independent Day and Boarding School for Girls, Offering Grades 5 - 12. The Trafalgar community believes strongly in the full development of our students. We offer opportunities in the arts, athletics, music, and clubs and with unique co-curricular activities including ice hockey, Writers in Electronic Residence, robotics, video, and drama. Your daughter participates in a community which instills a sense of discipline and respect for herself and others. Our students develop strong leadership skills and confidence that serve them for life. Our goal is to guide every girl to realize and reach her full potential. Curriculum With 140 years of education expertise, Trafalgar Castle School excels in educating young women for success in university. Offering the world-best curricula, our internationally acclaimed programmes provide an enriching learning environment for our community. Our university preparatory courses and Advanced Placement Programme include structured assessments built into classes, ensuring that the materials covered are understood. Our curriculum delivers more than just the promise of a university bound student - our curriculum readies students for university success. Success Our alumnae are leaders in business, science, technology, the arts, and philanthropy. Our alumnae play a vital role in your daughter’s Trafalgar experience. Our alumnae are our best examples of Trafalgar success. Among Trafalgar’s accomplished alumnae you will find: Senior vice-president of a major Canadian financial institution; An educator and leader in cancer research; Producer of a long running, internationally renowned, stage musical; The executive editor of an international distributed Canadian fashion magazine; Activist with a PhD in international human rights law; An electrical engineer with a crown corporation fostering electricity generation in Ontario. Please have a look to learn more about our success: http://www.trafalgarcastle.ca/featured_alumnae.


  • 7 days boarding: 51 710 CAD

School size and facilties

23 acres


Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS)

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 70 0 70
Day School: 140 0 140

Director Details

Year Of Foundation


Some History

The Castle Built in 1859 by Nelson Gilbert "Iron" Reynolds the flamboyant Sheriff of Ontario County, Trafalgar Castle remains a unique Canadian treasure. Designed by the Toronto architect Joseph Sheard, the Castle was built of limestone and stone in an Elizabethan style. It boasts 15 towers, secret passageways, a tunnel to Lake Ontario and cost Reynolds an astounding $70,000.00 to build. (A bank with a vault cost $6,000 and a substantial home cost $2,000 to $3,000 to build at that time.) Guarded by the stone Trafalgar Lions, the main entrance’s solid oak doors lead into a wide 105 feet long hallway. This central hall faces a massive carved oak staircase dominated by four magnificent stained glass windows incorporating the Arms of England, Scotland, Canada and Reynolds and his second wife. There were 73 separate apartments and many of the materials and furnishings came from Europe. The Castle was lit by gaslight, manufactured in its own gashouse on the extensive grounds. The castle stood as the largest private residence built in Canada until Casa Loma was built more that half a century later in 1914. Sheriff Reynolds An officer in the 11th Lancers of England, Reynolds was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada. He prospered as the president of the Marmora Foundry and was involved in banking, mercantile business, railroads and shipping. When he built the Castle, Reynolds planned to entertain royalty and he did so. Prince Arthur, third son of Queen Victoria and the Duke of Connaught, who later became Governor General of Canada, were guests at Trafalgar. During their years in residence, the Reynolds lived and entertained lavishly. The glittering receptions and balls made the Castle the centre of society functions. Beset with financial difficulties, Reynolds was forced to sell his Castle in 1874. The Methodist Church in Canada purchased the Castle and land for $35,000 dollars, only half of what it cost to build. Reynolds served on the Board of Governors of the college until his death in 1881. Nelson Reynolds fathered 24 children with 2 wives. The Methodists were instrumental in establishing "higher learning institutions for young women" and founded three such institutions in the late 1800's. In September 1874, Ontario Ladies' College opened as a residential school for young women with 25 students enrolled. The name was changed in 1979 to Trafalgar Castle School. For 140 years, the school has continuously provided a quality education for young women. Trafalgar today Our castle is a place like no other - one that cultivates skills, ignites curiosity and brings your daughter into her own, whether she is an artist, an athlete, an intellectual, or a little of each. Capable and confident, our graduates are exceptional young women who know without question - their possibilities are endless.

Why Should You Choose this School?

What are the benefits of attending private school?

Known as an individual; chance to find your voice even if it’s sometimes a quiet voice! Resources and programs flourishing not cut like public schools (ex: music and the fine arts, PE.)

What are the benefits of attending an all-girls school?

Girls are a different breed around the opposite sex; they suddenly worry about the persona they need to create, about others’ opinions and perceptions as a top priority….here they are themselves, time to figure out who they are, without the constant distraction and pressure of a coed adolescent environment What types of students in particular benefit from attending private school? Ones who are curious, keen, love learning but also ones who learn differently, may slip through cracks in public schools.

What unique or specialized programs do you offer and how does each one help your students?

Pursuit of Excellence ESL support Big/Little Sisters Peer Mediators 
Exchange Program IThink Experience week
IEP included in tuition
What are the goals your school would like to see students achieve?

Be flexible and resilient, make mistakes and know how to get back up, find their passion, and become responsible, aware citizens.

Are there any particular awards, specializations or other unique student achievements that you’d like to share? If so, what aspects about your school have helped contribute to this student success?

Students go on to great things! Ex? Hillary Kourkoutis performing at the Junos….Meghan Toswell at Varsity Swimming (Olympic hopeful) out East, Asha James—Olympic athlete….Roopan Gill studying medicine for underprivileged women… -Brick by Brick and Stop the Stigma programs run the past 2 years by the Prefects -Trafalgar has taught them to believe in themselves and not limit what their dreams are…to put their passion and goals first and not to compromise on that.

What percentage of your graduating class attends university?

100% go to college or university, vast majority get their first choice

What are the benefits of small class sizes?

Not just small classes but small school advantage—sheltering, supportive, safe place to grow and challenge yourself. Every girl here feels recognized, known, missed when she is away, and supported even after she graduates through Alum connections How does your school deal with issues like bullying and safety? -small school, lots of eyes are on the small number of students (Family Teachers, Advisors, classroom teachers, Nurse, Counselor, Guidance Counselor, VPs, coaches) , prompt reaction is key. We have students buy in, help moniter too…often it’s the kids who are telling us when something is wrong….Peer Mediators,. We use progressive discipline to deal with mistakes, and a series of penalties for infractions to our Code of Conduct—it’s a RARE thing at this school… What types of programs are included with school tuition? (e.g. Extra-curricular activities, exercise programs, lunch programs, travel opportunities, co-operative experiences, access to computers) -everything except computer lease and cost of flight on exchange…. Do you have any alumni success stories you’d like to share with us? Hill, Asha James, Meghan Toswell, Celine Murray at RMC! What is one positive experience about private school that may surprise parents? -the girls are normal kids! They have jobs, save money, can’t always afford the best….and they are GRATEFUL to be here….it’s a sacrifice for many families.

Is there anything else you’d like parents or students to know about your school, or the benefits of attending private school?

We have been around since 1874—you’ve got to know a thing or two about vision and education to succeed that long….balance of tradition (missing in today’s society) and innovation.

Academic life

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Interests & Activities

  • Support programs
    ESL: Beginning, ESL: Intermediate, Evening Study Assistance
  • Advanced programs
    5-Day Boarding, AP Courses, Postgraduate Year

School Gallery

Trafalgar Castle School: Whitby, Ontario, Canada | Best Boarding Schools
Trafalgar Castle School: Whitby, Ontario, Canada | Best Boarding Schools
Trafalgar Castle School: Whitby, Ontario, Canada | Best Boarding Schools
Trafalgar Castle School: Whitby, Ontario, Canada | Best Boarding Schools



401 Reynolds Street, Whitby, Ontario , Whitby, Ontario, Canada, Postcode - L1N 3W9
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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