St George's College: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

St George's College: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Price Range ₤ 0-20,000 per annum


St George’s College is a private, non-profit, bilingual, co-educational, learning institution with a tradition in providing a well-rounded and demanding education. Its mission is to provide students, between the ages of 2 and 18, with a bilingual education that integrates the Argentine and International curricula. Its high-standard curriculum seeks to develop strong ethical values and character integrity in order to allow students to become useful and successful citizens. 

Located 20 km south of the city of Buenos Aires, its 27-hectare campus combines nature with centenary architecture and is home to a significant number of boarders.   The school is committed to maintain its boarding facilities as this is a valuable contribution to the pastoral support it offers. The quality of relationships, the sense of community and the emphasis on shared values are essential ingredients of the boarding experience.  Boarders will be generally admitted from 6th grade upwards. Requests for boarding for younger pupils are dealt with on an individual basis.


George´s College has over 15 international staff. The academic programme integrates sports, artistic, Community Service, social and extracurricular activities that include: Drama, Art, Music: choir & instruments, Sports and Cultural Tours, International Award, Cooking, Dance, Knitting, Taekwondo, Karate, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Gardening, Origami, Yoga.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 16 27 43
Day School: 335 442 777
Year of foundation: 1898
Some history:

St George’s College was founded over 100 years ago by the Rev. J. T. Stevenson, an Anglican priest who had come to Argentina as chaplain to All Saint’s Church, Quilmes. The College was founded to provide an English education for the sons of British ex-patriates working in Argentina along the lines of the traditional British Public Schools.

The College opened in 1898 with only six pupils. Over the years the College built up to a maximum roll of about 350 boarders. The College’s beautiful campus and the excellence of the education, mostly in the hands of contract teachers from Great Britain, earned recognition from around the world. In the 1960’s day pupils were admitted in addition to boarders and in the 1970’s girls joined the College.

In the early days there were large numbers of British ex-patriates living in the country. Over the years, however, the College population has changed and the majority of pupils are now Argentine, although quite a few have some British ancestry.

In 1989 the Board of Governors of St George’s College opened a school in Los Polvorines based on the same traditions, and having the same standards of educational excellence, as those found at St George’s College, Quilmes.  The first intake of 225 Kindergarten and Primary School pupils occurred in March 1990. The College was built on the edge of a new urban development called San Jorge Village, a former country estate, built with the aim of providing high class housing in a pleasant verdant environment with sporting and cultural facilities for the sole use of the residents of the Village. The Secondary School section opened in 1991 and the College has grown steadily and currently has approximately 620 pupils (100 in Kindergarten, 260 in Primary and 260 in Secondary).


The International aspect of the College has been developed in many ways.  It is one of the pioneers of the IB in Argentina. Many staff and students from abroad help to give the school a truly cosmopolitan feeling.

Campus size and facilities:

The school´s 27 hectare campus boasts:

  • State of the art Theater Complex that seats 800 people.
  • English gothic style Chapel.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Sanatorium.
  • Computing labs fully equipped with wireless internet, data and video projectors, printers, scanners, webcams, miniDVDs and digital photo cameras.
  • Lecture theater that seats 60 people.
  • Music building with 6 instrument practice rooms.
  • 3 fully equipped library media centers: one in each section: Kinder/Prep School/College
  • 2 Multipurpose rooms.
  • An animal farm.
  • Sport facilities that include: 5 rugby pitches, 2 football pitches, 2 cricket pitches, 5 clay tennis courts, 2 hockey pitches, volleyball court, basketball court, handball court, 2 swimming pools, 1 squash court, 3 hardcourts, an aerobics room, a gymnasium, a fitness centre and a dance/yoga studio.

IB / HMC / LAHC / BSA / ESSARP/ EPEA / HMC / The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Name of Director: Ms Viviana Pérez

Address: Guido 800 CP (1878), Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: +54 (11) 4350 7900 E

Fax: +54 (11) 4254 8237

Contact school: contact-us


Rolling or fixed admission date? Rolling

Cost of tuition

Needs based aid: Offered

Percentage of students receiving some aid: 1%

Average aid awarded: 30% of tuition fees

Merit scholarschips:Offered

Percentage of students receiving merit scholarschips: 4%

Average merit scholarschip awarded: 25% of tuition fee

About the school

Long description:

St George´s College is one of the leading institutions in South America and the only one with a similar structure to the famous private residential schools in UK.  Through boarding, the school offers an educative system that contributes to the development of independent and responsible individuals who are engaged with their community and benefit from the quality of their relationships as a consequence of the heterogeneity of students in the school.  Children from various locations live in harmony sharing their experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Preserving its emblematic English tradition while adapting to the needs of the new generations, St George’s College offers different modalities of residential education.  Students can either choose to sleep in the school in a permanent way (full time boarders) or from Monday to Friday (weekly boarders) or certain days a week (flexi boarders) when they have activities after school hours, like music rehearsals, sport practices, or whenever their parents are away on a trip.

With a friendly and cheerful atmosphere, boarding does not only represent a important personal experience, it has also demonstrated itself to be an invaluable help for those students seeking higher education overseas.





At St. George's College  the division of students into houses goes beyond Inter-house competition, in itself educationally valuable, to include personalized care of all students. As students are assigned to Houses they are placed under the care of tutors.  As there are four Houses, year groups are divided into four tutor groups, leaving each tutor with responsibility for a small number of students.  The tutor's role is to get to know, understand and support the students in those years of their life when guidance is especially necessary. Students are given guidance to develop positive attitudes and behaviors in order to meet challenges, make healthy life style choices and serve as responsible, respectful members of society. This assistance covers the areas of self-esteem, awareness, acceptance, tolerance, conflict resolution, problem solving, responsibility and self-direction.  Students are expected to address moral issues and act upon a set of positive values such as justice, respect for human rights and dignity. They learn to communicate and manage their feelings, emotions and opinions and are expected to be courteous, considerate and conscientious.

Dorm Facilities:

At St George´s College there´s two boarding houses. The girls and boys boarding houses are led by the Boarding Mistress and Master as well as other staff members who offer around the clock support.

The boys boarding house can host up to 60 boarders in studio bedrooms for 1 or 2 students.  The building has a small internal kitchen for snacks and 2 lounge rooms with televisions, a ping pong table, a pool and billiards table, in which students gather to share their free time when they are not outside enjoying the outdoor activities that the 27 hectare of the green premises offer.

The girls building has rooms with 2, 3 and 4 beds, a lounge room with television, DVD player and computers, 2 big bathrooms with 6 showers in each one and a fully equipped kitchen.

St George’s College has its own “Sanatorium” which is operated by fully qualified professionals, a doctor and four nurses and it is open to students 24hs for the care of their health.

Additionally, the boarder students have the possibility to use all the school’s facilities until late hours at night, including the gym, the library, the tennis and squash courts and the swimming pool (Feb-Mar/Nov-Dec).

Dress code: Formal

Academic life

What we offer?

St George’s College offers an academic program that combines the Argentine National Diploma with international syllabi.

All students in grade 6 of the prep school are expected to complete a Cambridge English exam as a Second Language qualification. Students in Grade 10 complete Cambridge IGCSE exams and students in Grade 12 complete the IB diploma program. 

St George’s College is a bilingual school, so students receive their teaching in both English and Spanish. A large number of teachers at the school are fully bilingual.

Across the kindergarten, prep and college all students benefit from a large array of ICT resources for teaching and learning. All classrooms have a computer connected to the internet and a data projector. Most classrooms are also equipped with a smartboard. There are three dedicated computer labs for the students to use and a lecture theatre for special presentations. Students are encouraged to use laptops to complete assignments and have the ability to submit work electronically to their teachers through their own school email addresses.

In the prep school there are two teachers for each class. The average number of students per class is 22. In the college all lessons are taught by subject specialists, some of whom are IGCSE or IB workshop leaders. The average class size in the college is 16.

In grade 10 all students are expected to sit at least 6 IGCSE examinations, though the majority of students sit for 8 subjects or more. In previous years students have won subject awards for being the top ranked IGCSE student in Argentina, Latin America or even across the whole world.

St George’s College has been involved in the IB diploma since 1984 becoming the second school in Argentina to offer the program. All grade 11 and 12 students are expected to complete the IB diploma course. Students study 6 subjects, 3 at Higher Level and 3 at Standard Level. In accordance with IB regulations the students must choose their subjects from groups. Therefore all students study English, Spanish and Mathematics, they choose a Humanities, a science and an option subject. Students in the prep school complete the IB PYP program.

Through the teaching of PSE and Civics lessons in the college students develop an understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses, how to develop teamwork and leadership skills and understand the complexities of the society that they live in. PSE and Civics culminates in the opportunity for students to take part in Model United Nations conferences (MUN).

During PSE lessons for Grades 7 – 10 and the CAS program for students in Grades 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to work with and support the wider school community. Students take part in fundraising activities, work with students from local state schools and complete programs such as Un Techo Para mi Pais (“A Roof for My Country”) which provides resources for, and builds, low cost housing throughout Argentina.

There are a total of 143 teachers at St George’s across the kindergarten, prep and college sections. All St George’s College teachers hold relevant teaching degrees or diplomas. In the College all teachers are subject specialists. To promote internationalism in education St George’s employs a number of teachers (15 in 2013) from overseas. The teachers come from a wide variety of countries, including England, Canada, the USA, Wales, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and across Latin America.

In the kindergarten and the prep school two teachers work with each class. The average class size is 22. In the college there is an average of 16 students per class, depending on the subject and level.

In order to further promote internationalism and to provide students with learning opportunities outside the classroom St George’s also employs a number of gap students from around the world. The gap students concentrate on reading programs for young students and extra curricula activities like sport, dance, drama and art.

Since 2010 St George’s has operated an artist in residence program. This allows a recent university graduate to work with students at St George’s in their specialist area. In the past three years a photographer, interpretive dancers and a sculptor have worked with St George’s students.

Number of teachers and their qualifications: 146 in this over 20 international staff (UK, USA etc.)

Student/teacher ratio: 22/2 (prep school), 16/1 (college)

Average class size: 16

Number of AP courses offered: N/A

Social life & attractions


A wide variety of activities for day students, boarders and our ex-student community and parents.

Creative Arts Performances across the whole school, Sports Club, Cultural Outings, Local and International Tours, Community Choir and Oddsock Staff Football Team, Family Days, Monthly Boarders Asados and Cinema Evenings.


Impressive school theatre, pavilion, salon for birthday parties, modern audio-visual theatre and 6th Form Centre.

Student organizations:

Green Committee, Boarding Committee, Student 911 (academic support), Student Fund Raising Committee.

Sport and culture

Sport Facilities:

At St George´s Physical Education and Sports are understood as fundamental components in the integral education of students. Each of the students has the chance to develop a great variety of motor skills and to practice the traditional group and individual sports that define our institution. Boys play rugby and girls play Hockey as central sports. All students take part in swimming, athletics, football, basketball, cricket, golf and tennis.


Students have the opportunity to compete in school events in their houses, inter school events in Buenos Aires and to take part in national and international tours. St George’s students have represented their local area, their province and their country in age group sporting events.

The participation of our students in sports provides a  means of personal growth in which moral values and “fair play” are considered the main pillars.


What we offer?

Sport facilities:

  • 5 Rugby pitches
  • 5 Hockey Pitches
  • 5 Football Pitches
  • 2 Cricket Pitches
  • 4 Cricket Nets
  • 4 Tennis Courts
  • 1 Handball Courts
  • 3 Basketball Courts
  • 1 Volleyball grass court
  • Fitness and Indoor gymnasiums
  • 1 Aerobics-room
  • 1 Weights-room
  • 400 mts grass Athletics Track
  • 2 Shot putt areas
  • 1 Discus Area
  • 3 High Jump mats
  • 2 Long Jump pit
  • 1 Pole Vault pit
  • 2 Swimming pools
Culture and arts:


Training the mind and imagination is integral to a child’s development and thus, our Kindergarten art program is diverse and multi-faceted. From Fine Art to Music, Dance to Drama, we provide the basis for visual perception, which plays a central role in cognitive, motor, language and social-emotional development. Throughout the year, kindergarten students receive regular opportunities to demonstrate their talents culminating in a special production staged in the Centenary Theatre at the end of the school year.


Encouraging students to think independently and openly – shaping their artistry – is important in creating a culture of questioners rather than reactioners. The art courses in Prep School provide the basis for this development, building abstract and lateral thinking skills which can then be fed into other academic subjects. Exciting their imaginations is key at such a young age, for they are developing the ability to imagine what might be, and here at St George´s we are keen to promote self-discovery and creative expression. This is evidenced by a range of programs and workshop activities that include vocal and instrumental studies, contemporary dance, drawing, painting and photography. Our international artists in residence are working closely with the students offering further exposure to the creative arts.


Understanding the way in which our world has been shaped throughout the annals of history is crucial in a student’s transition from college student to citizen of the world. St George’s College provides a number of art courses – namely Film Studies, Dance, Drama and Visual Art – that will equip our students with the skills to navigate and shape our increasingly complex environment. Administering a critical awareness of visual culture and promoting cross-discipline experimentation will expand and clarify their knowledge, improve language aptitude and the ability to examine ideas. If we stimulate their cultural appetite and enhance these core attributes it will stimulate and enliven their imagination, leading to conceptually profound pieces of work that can stand on their own in the contemporary world arena.

Across all three sections a variety of opportunities exist to educate and develop each student through the arts and these include:-

  • Six annual theatrical productions including full production musicals and dramas in both English and Spanish.
  • A variety of concerts and showcases for students to both watch and indeed take part in.
  • Workshops in all artistic disciplines.
  • Academic clinics
  • A full programme of extracurricular activities including, Choirs, Bands, Orchestra, instrumental tuition, art classes, dance classes and drama development.
  • Involvement in local festivals in music, art and drama.
  • Bi-annual creative arts overseas tours
  • National tours and performance excursions.
  • Strong artistic links with the Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC:
  • International teaching support for arts

Summer Programs

Summer Camp for Kinder and Prep School students

Famous People Who Attended This School

Alumni of the school, known as Old Georgians, include Rhodes Scholars who attended Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy League universities in the United States. In 1921, the Old Georgians Association was formed.

Why Should You Choose this School?

St George´s College offers a strong academic curriculum and a huge range of opportunities to shine in other areas too.



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