Ruthin School: Ruthin, Denbigshire, Wales, UK

Ruthin, Wales, United Kingdom

Ruthin School: Ruthin, Denbigshire, Wales, UK

Price Range ₤ 20,000-30,000 per annum


Ruthin School in Ruthin, Denbigshire, Waels is one of UK co-educational boarding schools for boys and girls. It is a truly international boarding school in England. In Forms 1, 2 & 3 all subjects are compulsory, and students are rigorously tested in them so that appropriate choices can be made in preparation for GCSE courses.

Subjects taught are:

» English (or EAL)
» Mathematics
» Biology, Chemistry and Physics (taught separately)
» History and Geography
» French (or extra EAL)
» Mandarin and Welsh
» Spanish (introduced in Form 3)
» Art, Design and Technology, Music
» Physical Education and Activities

GCSE options are selected in the final term of Form 3.

All pupils study English Language and Literature or English as an Additional Language (EAL), Mathematics, Biology and Geography. Pupils are encouraged to undertake a foreign language and a creative subject but the School is responsive to individual pupils' strengths and abilities.

Pupils choose their options from Art, Business Studies, Chemistry, Design and Technology, French, History, Mandarin, Music, PE, Physics and Spanish. In addition, pupils in Form 4 study Careers and spend a week getting a foretaste of employment.

The majority of pupils undertake at least 9 GCSEs, though some elect to study fewer subjects - particularly those for whom English is an additional language.

The School offers the BTEC in Public Service, equivalent to four GCSEs. This is studied through the auspices of the CCF and involves awareness of public services, navigation, expeditions and physical fitness.

Sixth Form pupils are prepared for University entrance.

The School offers a range of AS and A level courses. Pupils are required to have gained at least a Grade B (or equivalent) in GCSE in each of their chosen subjects before embarking on the AS Level course. Most pupils undertake 4 AS levels, some tackle 5 others 3; the number is usually reduced in Upper Sixth.

Pupils choose their AS and A2 levels from Art, Biology, Chemistry, Design Technology (AS only), Economics, English Literature, French (AS only), Geography, History, Law, Mathematics, Music and Physics.

An enrichment programme takes place each week, where pupils can learn Mandarin, Welsh, Critical Thinking, History of Art and other non-examination subjects.

Each pupil is formally tested in their AS or A2 subject under examination conditions every fortnight. This provides a good preparation for formal external examinations and enables parents and teachers to monitor their progress continually.

Particularly gifted pupils are selected to be part of a small group for entrance to top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and specialist courses, including Law and Medicine. These students are given additional lessons and support to enable them to have the best chance of achieving top module scores and to develop the necessary academic interview skills.

Overseas pupils are accepted from age 11. Obviously the earlier they join the School the more rapid will be their progress in acquiring English. The School has accepted overseas pupils from a wide range of locations including Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Columbia, Argentina, Russia, Canada, China, Nepal, Jordan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Estonia, Taiwan, India, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine, Kazahkstan and the Gambia.

Some join at age 15 or 16 and if their English is deemed to be sound they can start at once on an A-Level programme. Others are likely to require a year of English and subject-specific English before embarking on A-Levels.

Year of foundation: 1284
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Ruthin School: Ruthin, Denbigshire, Wales, UK - Your boarding school in Ruthin, Wales


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Ruthin School: Ruthin, Denbigshire, Wales, UK

Ruthin School: Ruthin, Denbigshire, Wales, UK - Your boarding school in Ruthin, Wales


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