Rugby School: Rugby, Warwickshire, UK

Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Rugby School: Rugby, Warwickshire, UK

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Rugby School in Rugby in one of co-educational boarding schools for boys and girls in the UK. Located in central England, Warwickshire country. Rugby School is a co-ed boarding school for boys and girls! At least two centuries of Rugby’s history are written in the stones and other monuments to tradition that stand around the School Close, where in 1823 a local lad called William Webb Ellis first ran with the ball and invented the game of rugby football.

The players then were more numerous: in 1839, when Queen Adelaide visited the School, it was School House (75) versus The Rest (225). Today, innumerable tourists visit the ‘home of the game’ and rugby teams from all over the world can be seen training against the distinctive backdrop of Butterfield’s Chapel.

At the top of The Close stands The King’s Oak, planted by Edward VII in 1909, beneath which the Heads of School watch the School file into Chapel every morning. Behind it rises the battlemented skyline of School House where the Head Master has his study - he still sits at Bishop Percival’s desk - which pupils can enter by a spiral staircase at the foot of a tower.

Rugby’s greatest Head Master Dr Arnold (1828–42) instigated this practice so that boys could see him privately and the tradition continues today. Arnold is famed for ridding the School of its Flashmans and emphasising subjects that were a good ‘preparation for power’. He treated his senior boys as gentlemen, increasing their power and duties so that they shared responsibility for moral tone and discipline with him. As Arnold put it: ‘First religious and moral principle, second gentlemanly conduct, third academic ability.’ Masters were expected to supervise as well as teach; the dames' houses were abolished and pastoral care was born.

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Why Should You Choose this School?

  • We’re an all round co-educational school, where pupils are actively encouraged to develop their own individual skills and talents. Every child has something special inside them; it’s our job to find out what that is.
  • We’re a school which values outstanding academic performance - but never at the expense of achieving excellence in other fields. In our experience, a hothouse isn’t necessarily a place where many pupils will blossom.
  • We’re a school located in the Midlands, and we’re often noted for our remarkably unsnobby atmosphere.  But amongst pupils and teachers alike, you’ll detect a fierce pride about being here.
  • We’re a school with a strong sense of service to the community. We’re blessed with some marvellously well-equipped facilities, and we think it’s only fair we afford wider access to them whenever we can.
  • We also think it’s fair to give children a chance to come here who couldn’t otherwise afford to do so. Our aim is to have 1 in 10 of our pupils granted full Arnold Foundation bursaries by the year 2020.
  • We’re a true 7-day a week school with a strong boarding ethos. The place doesn’t empty at weekends for the simple reason that there’s so much going on here.
  • We’re a school that loves to innovate and try out new things.  Just because ‘it’s never been done before’ doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it a go now.
  • Without being over-pious about it, we’re a Christian foundation, where tolerance and understanding are taught with just the same skill and dedication as English and Maths.
  • We’re a school with a strong House structure, and a long tradition of in-house dining. This means there’s an unusual emphasis on individual pastoral care, so being here really is the next best thing to being back home.
  • After five years of receiving one of the best school educations in the world, all of our pupils finally leave Rugby.But Rugby never, ever leaves them.


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Rugby School: Rugby, Warwickshire, UK - Your boarding school in Rugby, Warwickshire


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Rugby School: Rugby, Warwickshire, UK

Rugby School: Rugby, Warwickshire, UK - Your boarding school in Rugby, Warwickshire


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