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Qatar Leadership Academy in Doha is one of best boarding schools for boys in Middle East! Qatar Leadership Academy shall consider for admission any student who is at least twelve years old (for grade 7) and not older than eighteen (for grade 12) on September 1st of any academic year providing he meets the admission requirements set forth by Qatar Leadership Academy for that academic year. The academy will not refuse to permit any student to participate in any school program because of the student's race, religion, color, or national origin.

  • Graduates from Qatar Leadership Academy have gone on to university studies all over the world. As well as attending universities in Qatar, such as College of North Atlantic, Georgetown University and Texas A&M University, students have entered universities overseas, such as University of Nottingham, American University of Cairo, University of Kent, Miami Dade College and University of Wales. Their elected degrees cover everything from Criminology and Engineering to Political Science and Business and Management. In addition to this, one of the graduates from our first IBDP cohort also became the first Qatari to be accepted to the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he is currently undertaking officer training.

Some History

Qatar Leadership Academy was formed in the spring and summer of 2005 under the leadership of chairperson H.E Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al Thani with an innovative partnership between Qatar Foundation and the Qatar Armed Forces. The academy was designed to take a holistic approach to youth development, providing the highest standards of education to develop young men into future leaders. Advice was sought from many sources, with a special early partnership forming with St. John’s Northwest Military Academy in the U.S State of Wisconsin.


The Academy opened its doors in the town of Al Khor, North of Doha, on August 28, 2005, with 32 cadets being greeted by the Emir, the Heir apparent of the State of Qatar and HH Sheikha Mozah, Chairperson of the Qatar Foundation.


By the end of its second year in the summer of 2007, 81 students were enrolled and the school received authorization to offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma. In May 2008, the first graduates finished the academy, and in May 2009, the first IB Diplomas were awarded.


Today QLA enrolls just under 100 students in grades 6-12 from Qatar and other Gulf and Middle Eastern States. About one third of the students are 7 day boarders with local students boarding 5 days a week. This year QLA has been accepted as a candidate school for accreditation by the prestigious Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the United States and expects to be adding an internationally recognized high school diploma program in addition to the IB Diploma. We expect to open our 7th year in September 2011 with the inauguration of a new residential center to house student accommodations and recreational facilities for more than 200. QLA continues to grow in students and in quality, building on the vision of its founders.

About the school

  • Dorm facilities:

    The boarding accommodations at QLA are separated into two wings connected by a reception area. Each wing is divided in the middle by a door creating four separate areas for each of the four companies at QLA (Al Wajbah – grade 7, Barzan – grades 8 and 9, Al Shaqab – grade 10, and Al Zubarah – grades 11 and 12). The layout provides enough unity for cadets to visit each other during free time but also enough privacy for each company to have its own bedtime.


    Each company at QLA has a TV room with a large flat screen TV, and cadets often bring in their own gaming systems to use in this area during free time. The TV rooms also have a number of large couches providing a hang out spot or a meeting spot for the cadets to make use of. In addition to the TV rooms there is also a game room which is located in the Wajbah (youngest company) area but is open to all cadets. The game room includes two tables for table tennis, a pool table, a foosball table, and a number of arcade racing games. This room is open to all of the cadets every day during their free time. The Barzan and Wajbah companies also have computer labs with Internet capability where the cadets can play games online or watch videos during their free time.


    In Wajbah and Barzan companies, cadets will generally live four to a room, while Shaqab and Zubarah cadets are normally in rooms of two or three cadets depending on circumstance. Older or more mature cadets are usually given more freedom to decide who their roommates are. Regardless of which company they are in, all of the rooms are identical except for the number of beds in them. In each room there is one bathroom which contains two private stalls with sinks in them, two private showers, and two sinks in the hall space between the stalls and showers. Each cadet is provided with a bed, bedding, night table, dresser, and desk with chair. In the back of the room there are two comfortable couches situated with a coffee table in between them for the cadets to share as common space. The beds are separated from each other with large dividers in the room to give each cadet additional privacy.


    Study time in the barracks is run differently in each company, but for the younger two companies it is usually held in the computer room. There are enough computers for each cadet to have his own work station and having the younger cadets in the same location allows for maximal supervision during their study period. For older cadets, they are allowed to have their own laptops in their rooms and Al Zubarah cadets are also provided with a desktop computer from the school in case they don’t have a laptop. Al Shaqab and Al Zubarah both have wireless Internet connection which allows them to take their computers around to each other’s rooms during their free time and allows them to work in a common space with each other if they so choose. There are also a number of rooms set aside as study rooms throughout the barracks adding flexibility for cadets to work in groups at a table together if they so choose or to relocate themselves into a room that is quieter if they are trying to read and other students are working together in their room.

Social life & attractions

QLA aims to provide a warm, relaxing and friendly atmosphere in its weekend boarding environment. All rooms are small suites and are very comfortably furnished. Cadets are grouped together by grade and age, which helps the cadets settle into life at QLA. On the weekends cadets spend much of their time with all age groups which helps in bonding new friendships with other cadets. The weekends are a relaxed time. Studenta still are required to attend Mosque five times a day. On Friday’s the cadets travel to Al Jomaa prayer at a local Mosque. They also attend numerous sporting, events including tennis and football. The school facilitates weekend trips that include bowling, cinema, go karts, and local dining.

Why Should You Choose this School?

Many educational institutions say that their school is unique. In introducing our school to you, we would like to point out a few of our distinct qualities and characteristics:

  • We are one of very few boarding schools in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East region.
  • We are designed for boys in middle school and high school (grades 6-12) seeking university preparation in Qatar, in the Gulf region, in Europe, or in North America.
  • We offer academic programs of the highest quality with both the IB Diploma and an expected U.S. accredited internationally recognized high school diploma.
  • We have high standards and small classes to ensure academic excellence in and out of the classroom.
  • Our internationally recruited teachers have the requisite degrees, certifications, and experience to offer an appropriate and challenging program to our students.
  • We are a leadership-focused school. Most schools have a goal of developing leaders. What is unique at QLA is our intentionality. Leadership development lies at the heart of our mission and vision. Leadership is developed in special leadership classes, after school activities, trips and camps, and in our regular classes in traditional subjects.
  • We are focused on serving families from the Gulf and Middle East who want traditional values found in the Arabic Islamic culture, while offering the best of educational practices from international schools, promoting global citizenship, understanding and mutual respect in interpersonal relationships.
  • While classes are taught in English, we teach Arabic and Islamic studies to all students. We have a special Heritage program which keeps our students mindful of their history and culture in the Gulf countries.  Students are expected to be in our mosque for the traditional Islamic hours for prayers. Students learn about local history and geography and go on field trips to local cultural sites.
  • Unlike many boarding schools where classroom teachers live in the student accommodations and supervise students after school hours, we employ a separate boarding staff of well qualified men from both local and international backgrounds to supervise our students after academic hours. Boarding personnel are able to offer personal and academic support to students in this residential setting.
  • While we use military uniforms, drill, ranks, fitness activities and parade to teach leadership and self-discipline, we are not preparing students specifically for military careers, but for the higher education goals sought by each of our families.


Like most schools we seek to educate the whole person for global citizenship through our academic programs, through ethical and religious studies, through cultural studies and awareness, through fitness and sports opportunities, though the experience of residential life on campus, and through  civic involvement and community service, all in our unique setting in Qatar.

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a rigorous pre-university course of studies, leading to external examinations that meet the needs of highly motivated secondary students between the ages of 16 to 19 years.


    Designed as a comprehensive two-year curriculum that allows graduates to fulfill requirements of various national education systems, the diploma model is not based on the pattern of a single country, but incorporates the best elements of several.

Sport and culture

  • Sport Facilities:

    Sports and athletics plays a large part in a young man's life. We have experienced coaches and enthusiastic staff who will train and supervise the cadets in their effort to become better athletes or when they want to have fun playing sports. The sporting arena gives the cadets a chance to express themselves and also to develop team spirit.


    QLA has a well equipped gymnasium and a large multiple purpose sports hall for all kinds of sports such as basketball, badminton, soft tennis, volleyball and circuit training. Outside we have a 20 by 12 meter covered swimming pool, 400m athletics track, obstacle course, grass football pitch and an outdoor 7-a-side asphalt pitch which is situated next to the outdoor volleyball and basketball pitch.


    The cadets have free time in the evenings, they are encouraged to use the facilities, under the guidance of the Boarding Officers.


    QLA is a member of QUESS (Qatar United English Speaking Schools) together with 18 other schools, we enter teams into a variety of sports competitions organized by QUESS including but not limited to football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, track and field athletics, and road races. We would like to see the students train before they enter a competition and have an afterschool activity program to accommodate the student's sporting needs.


    We regurlarly monitor cadet's weight and body composition and personal eating plans. Training programs are developed to help with weight loss, weight gain and general wellbeing.


Location Description

The shining jewel of Qatar, Doha is a multicultural city, home to most of the country's population as well as expatriate communities from a range of origins. Shopping abounds in the city's plentiful malls, while the Corniche impresses visitors with picturesque architecture and dazzling views of the harbor. Doha boasts myriad cultural facilities, including the futuristic Education City and the National Museum. Having hosted the 2006 Asian Games, the city is home to many sports complexes as well. Located halfway along the western coast of the Gulf, the 11,437 sq km State of Qatar benefits from its central location, halfway between Europe and Asia.

With more than 80 destinations, Qatar Airways, the national airline, easily connects Qatar to the rest of the world.
A bridge between East and West, Qatar is at the cross roads of the economic, cultural and natural heritage of the Middle East, Europe and North Africa .

Qatar is easily accessible, from some of the world's major cities

  • 4.5 hours from Delhi
  • 5 hours from Moscow
  • 6.5 from London
  • 8 hours from Kuala Lumpur
  • 12.5 hours from New York


24421 Doha, Qatar , Doha, Qatar, Postcode - 24421
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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