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Looking for a boarding school in USA with traditional Quaker values: tolerance, equality and respect? Oakwood Friends School in New York is a mixed boarding school in the United States. Oakwood's upper school serves students in grades 9 through 12. About half of them live on campus and the rest commute to school as day students. The upper school offers programs and activities specifically designed to meet the needs of students in these important college-preparatory years. Small classes, committed, accessible teachers (most of whom live on campus), and comfortable facilities provide for individualized programs and a strong sense of community as students prepare for the demands of college. A central element of each school day is Collection. Led by a student clerk appointed by the community, this daily morning meetingincludes a brief period of silent worship, followed by announcements from students and teachers, and sometimes humorous skits, presentations, and music as well. We all look forward to this time together as we gather our thoughts and plan our goals and schedules for the day ahead. All students are involved in an interscholastic sport or a non-competitive "life sport" each day, and many are active in clubs or special interest groups. It's not uncommon for a student to be involved in a theater production one season and a varsity athletic team the next. Literature, writing, modern languages, history, mathematics, science, computer literacy, visual and performing arts, physical education, and community service are all required. A wide variety of electives further enriches the curriculum. Oakwood's extensive program includes a drama department that mounts three main stage productions each year, an array of studio and art history classes that prepare interested students for enrollment in college-level art school, and varied instrumental and choral music offerings. Oakwood fields interscholastic teams in cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, softball, baseball, and tennis. Intramural lifesports include running, yoga, martial arts, tennis, walking, and fitness training. Some students develop individual sports programs that are conducted off campus. Oakwood teams compete in three athletic leagues stretching from eastern New York to western Connecticut. Our coaches emphasize participation, skill building, and sportsmanship, and our teams have achieved considerable success in league competition. Over 65% of our students participate in at least two interscholastic sports each year.


  • 7 days boarding: from 40 365 GBP
  • 5 days boarding: from 35 190 GBP
  • Day school only cost: from 23 288 GBP

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 30 38 68
Day School: 41 42 83

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  • Support programs
    ADD/ADHD Support, College Counseling, ESL: Advanced, ESL: Beginning, ESL: Intermediate, Learning Center, Learning Differences Support, Study Skills Assistance
  • Languages & Humanities Courses
    • Foreign Languages Courses
      French, Spanish
  • Advanced programs
    5-Day Boarding, AP Courses

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Oakwood Friends School: New York, USA | Best Boarding Schools



22 Spackenkill Road, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA 12603 , New York, United States, Postcode - 12603
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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