Oakham School: Oakham, Rutland, UK

Oakham, Rutland, United Kingdom

Oakham School: Oakham, Rutland, UK

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Oakham School in Oakham, Rutland is one a UK co-educational boarding schoo for boys and girlsl in England. Jerwoods - our Lower School for 10 to 12 year olds. In an environment entirely suited to the needs of 10 to 12 year olds, we can identify skills and potential at an early stage, and thus we provide the help, support and encouragement each pupil needs to achieve to his or her full potential. The curriculum is balanced and busy, and includes Saturday mornings for all but Lower One (10 year olds). Lower School pupils are taught by the same specialist teachers who teach throughout the School. This means pupils not only benefit from these teachers' expertise and experience, but when they progress to the Middle School, the transition is easier as they will already be familiar with teachers, timetabling and locations. Right from the start each child has a tutor who monitors academic work and general development, provides support and guidance and communicates closely with parents. Lower School curriculum All pupils study English, Mathematics, French, Science, History, Geography, Religious Education, Information and Communication Technology and a series of Creative Arts courses. Most pupils also take Latin. In the second year, pupils experience half a term each of German and Spanish before opting for one of the languages in the summer term. Teaching is by forms in all subjects, except Mathematics and French where pupils are grouped by ability into sets. Although pupils take a full range of examinations in the summer term, there are no public exams, so we are able to tailor a curriculum that is not only stimulating but also flexible giving space for a wide range of learning experiences. About six hours' prep is set each week and specific time is allocated, Monday to Saturday, for all subjects except PE and Creative Arts. The Smallbone Library provides outstanding facilities for self-motivated study and pupils are encouraged to pursue wider interests on their own initiative. Informal support is always available. Middle School 13-15 years All pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum right through to GCSE. There is no pressure on them to specialise early, but the options system does allow pupils to study the subjects that interest them. Most take a full range of GCSE examinations, comprising English Language and Literature, Maths, Co-ordinated Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), History, Geography, two foreign languages and a Creative Arts subject. The option system allows variations on this pattern, but the emphasis on breadth and balance remains. Pupils are divided into teaching groups called "sets". Some departments set according to ability, while others choose to have mixed groups: these choices are made from experience and aim to ensure that each pupil has the best chance of success. Prep (homework) With the exception of Information and Communication Technology, Physical Education and Religious Education, all subjects are allocated specific prep times in the third and fourth forms, whose total prep time per week is about eleven hours. Fifth formers are set work in all subjects; a total of around 12 hours a week. We encourage them to become increasingly responsible for organising their own work and to make full use of the Smallbone Library, which provides outstanding facilities for self-motivated study. Whilst pupils are encouraged to pursue wider interests on their own initiative, informal support is always available. Oakham participates in the HMC value-added baseline testing scheme, which involves all members of the third form taking a 45-minute test early in the year. This scheme aims to help us to monitor progress and identify the strengths and weaknesses of pupils. Analyses to date indicate positive value-added results for the School. Examinations Pupils in the third and fourth Forms take a full range of examinations in the second half of the summer term. Fifth Form pupils take mock GCSE examinations in the first week of the Spring Term. Most GCSE examinations take place in the summer term of the fifth form. We make pupils aware of their timetable in good time and encourage effective revision during the Easter holidays. Results are usually published on the Thursday of the third full week of August. The Examinations Officer distributes full information on how to collect results in the early part of the summer term. Upper School 16+ Choose between the International Baccalaureate and AS/A2 Levels Oakham offers a choice of either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma (the IB). Take a look at the links under More Information on this page. As pupils approach the Sixth Form, we provide comprehensive guidance in the form of seminars and an "Upper School Guide" both to pupils and to parents to help with choices. Whichever route, IB or AS/ A2, is chosen, there are a wealth of curriculum enhancement opportunities. These range from Society talks and presentations, through to opportunities to study a chosen subject beyond the bounds of the syllabus. Such exploration may be for academic curiosity or in the pursuit of an additional qualification. While progress in the Upper School may be measured primarily by results – and rightly so – we also place great importance on equipping every student with the ability to think independently, to entertain and explore new ideas, and to be confident in their own abilities. Alongside excellent examination results, this helps to create a sense of direction for young people as they enter the challenging worlds of higher education and careers. Reflecting the increased emphasis on individuality, the Upper School experience is characterised by guided choice. Such choices arise both academically and in terms of Sport, Music, Drama, Service and so on. The aim is to contribute to, and benefit from, being at Oakham. To this end, students must take greater control of their working environment. They must be self-motivated and organised, and they must continue to balance academic demands with the many other facets of Oakham School life. There is no prescribed prep timetable in the Upper School. It is up to the individual to make sensible decisions about how they organise their time. Further, a typical US timetable will contain a number of Private Study periods, which supplement prep time.
Year of foundation: 1584
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Oakham offers a very wide range of sports to all its pupils, a good majority of whom represent the school at various levels, and many gain county, regional, and international recognition; main sports for boys are rugby (Daily Mail champions twice and once runner-up), hockey, cricket and athletics, and for girls are hockey, netball, tennis and athletics. Oakham has produced many internationals and professional sportsmen and sportswomen (see below). The school has won the Ashburton Shield at shooting on three occasions.

The school offers, on a voluntary basis, both the Combined Cadet Force and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award; in the latter it has gained over 5000 awards at the three levels of bronze, silver and gold, and is the leading educational establishment in terms of awards gained. In November 2000 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh came to the school to present the 1000th Gold Award.

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Oakham School: Oakham, Rutland, UK - Your boarding school in Oakham, Rutland


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Oakham School: Oakham, Rutland, UK

Oakham School: Oakham, Rutland, UK - Your boarding school in Oakham, Rutland


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