Missouri Military Academy: Mexico, Missouri, USA

Mexico, Missouri, United States

Missouri Military Academy: Mexico, Missouri, USA

Price Range ₤ 20,000-30,000 per annum


Looking for military American boarding schools? This is boys only boarding school in USA. Since 1889, Missouri Military Academy in Mexico has provided a structured college preparatory boarding school environment that allows young men in grades 6-12 to fulfill their potential. Missouri Military Academy offers two distinct levels for international students who require ESL. Our comprehensive program manages all student ability levels from beginner through intermediate. Small classes provide individualized instruction, expression of ideas and opinions, and teach the skills required for non-ESL classes in science, mathematics, social studies and fine arts. The total international student experience at Missouri Military Academy includes both ESL and mainstream courses, participation in sports, activities, fine arts and social and cultural events. International cadets are fully integrated into the Corps of Cadets. Missouri Military Academy’s teachers are experienced in teaching international students and the faculty is sensitive to the students’ need to adapt to living away from family and studying abroad. The curriculum for Missouri Military Academy’s high school is challenging and enriching. Cadets are exposed to a wide range of course opportunities and receive in each a world class level of instruction led by qualified, caring instructors. Missouri Military Academy offers a diverse selection of elective courses that facilitate artistic expression among the cadets. The MMA Fighting Colonels Marching Band is an integral part of the military mission, performing for reviews, parades and special concerts both on and off campus. Conflicts between sports and extracurricular activities are minimized to make it possible for cadets to be a member of a varsity team and play in the band simultaneously. Whether a cadet is interested in learning to play a new instrument or develop current instrumental skills, Missouri Military Academy’s music program offers band classes and private music lessons for all levels. Cadets can develop their skills in the Academy Art Studio under the supervision of our resident instructor. A wide array of media is offered in classes for both beginners and masters. University Acceptances: University of Texas, Norwich University, University of Memphis, Virginia Military Institute, The Citadel, University of
Southern California, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Pennsylvania State
University, University of California, William Penn University, US Military Academy at West Point, US Naval Academy at Annapolis, US Air Force
Academy and US Coast Guard Academy.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 0 209 209

Contact school: contact-us

Website: http://www.MissouriMilitaryAcademy.org

Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: 31 500 USD

5 days boarding: 31 500 USD

Day school only cost: 9 100 USD



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Missouri Military Academy: Mexico, Missouri, USA - Your boarding school in Mexico, Missouri


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Missouri Military Academy: Mexico, Missouri, USA

Missouri Military Academy: Mexico, Missouri, USA - Your boarding school in Mexico, Missouri


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