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Looking for boarding schools USA? Think about Milton Academy in Milton, Massachussetts, USA? Why you should consider Milton Academy to be your boarding school in America? Learning is discussion-based, not lecture-based; intense conversation in the classroom makes the class exciting. You make connections and discoveries you never imagined. Your teachers look for analysis, critical thinking, expressing ideas; they help you achieve these skills. You'll develop your own point of view, and you'll learn to respect others' differing points of view. You have your own advisor. One advisor counsels you and a small group of other students throughout your Milton years; guides your course selection; keeps in touch with your academic and social progress; is your family's liaison to the School; and acts as your resource and advocate. You'll be prepared to take AP tests, even if the course is not labeled AP. In fact, many upper level courses are more challenging and rewarding than AP curricula. Teachers are ready and willing to help you outside of class; students visit faculty in the dorms and call faculty at home for help. Faculty get to know you well—who you are and what you care about; you'll want to meet their high expectations of you. Your courses are not limited to the texts; readings and discussions go beyond the textbooks, and teachers respond to what students are interested in. Your art teachers are artists, in and outside of school; your music teachers are musicians; your English teachers are writers; your drama teachers are performers, set designers, and directors, and so forth. All your teachers are scholars in their fields, and they love to teach. Milton is an academically rigorous strict boarding school, and it is also a nurturing one. Students experience this important balance between the head and heart as members of Milton’s century-old boarding program. A diverse group of 325 students live in eight, single-sex residential “houses” that are family-style and intimate.


  • 7 days boarding: from 49 400 USD

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 170 170 340
Day School: 320 320 640

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  • Support programs
    College Counseling, Learning Center, Peer Tutoring, Study Skills Assistance, Technology Center, Writing Center
  • Languages & Humanities Courses
    • Foreign Languages Courses
      Chinese Mandarin, French, Greek, Latin, Spanish

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Milton Academy: Milton, Massachussetts, USA | Best Boarding Schools



170 Centre Street, Milton, Massachusetts, USA 02186 , Milton, Massachusetts, United States, Postcode - 02186
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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