Mill Hill School: London, UK

London, United Kingdom

Mill Hill School: London, UK

Price Range ₤ 20,000-30,000 per annum


Mill Hill School is a coeducational independent day and boarding school in Mill Hill, London. If you are looking for best private schools in London, this one is worth considering! A member of the HMC, it is one of a handful of independent boarding schools in London. The site was once the estate of Ridgeway House, significant in the history of British botany, as the former home of botanist and avid gardener Peter Collinson. Exam Results This year, our 108 A level candidates performed extremely well, in line with the pattern of very good grades which has been established at Mill Hill. Our average pass rates over the last three years are 45% A*/A, 73% A*-B and 92% A*-C. The mean UCAS points score over the same period has been 348 per candidate, which equates approximately to ABB at A level plus an additional C at AS level. In 2012, 25 pupils achieved A level grades of AAA or better. The highest performing candidate attained five A* grades, while five scored 3 A* and 1 A each. One in nine pupils achieved two or more A* grades. In addition to the broad range of subjects we offer, a number of pupils completed an Extended Project Qualification, with 75% receiving the top grade of A*. The School saw its largest group of pupils for 20 years take up places at Oxford and Cambridge, in Mathematics, Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Philosophy and Computing, Fine Art and Music. One pupil was also successful in gaining a Choral Scholarship to his Cambridge college. Almost all our 2012 leavers secured their university places, either for 2012 or after a Gap Year in 2013, with a high proportion going on to are elite Russell Group and top twenty universities. The AS level performances represent a School record, with 60.7% of exams being graded A or B. Almost a quarter of the cohort achieved three A grades or better. Two pupils attained five A grades, and one attained four A grades and one B grade. The GCSE results, from a cohort of 123 candidates, form another School record, with the A*/A pass rate rising to 60.5%. This is all the more impressive as it came in the year that saw the first national decline in GCSE grades since the launch of the qualification in the late 1980s. One third of the Mill Hill cohort achieved eight A*/A grades or better, with over one in ten pupils receiving six or more A* grades.

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Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: GBP 29 835

Summer Programs

Intensive Academic Programme (includes Maths and Science).

English Plus Programme (includes Sports)

Mill Hill Summer School provides the perfect setting for learning and enjoyment. Courses are aimed both at students who will be joining British Boarding Schools and at those who wish to sample British education in the summer. Mill Hill offers Junior courses to ages 12–14 and Senior courses to ages 15–17, combining English learning with mathematics and science or sport.

These core elements are complemented by a varied programme of creative activity classes including music, drama, IT, film-making and art. 

Two week courses

Monday 2 July – Depart Monday 16 July £2,450

Monday 16 July – Depart Monday 30 July £2,450

Monday 30 July – Depart Monday 13 August £2,450

Monday 13 August – Depart Monday 27 August £2,450

Four week courses

Monday 2 July – Depart Monday 30 July £4,900

Monday 30 July – Depart Monday 27 August £4,900

Eight week course

Monday 2 July – Depart Monday 28 August £9,200

Monday 2 July – Depart Monday 28 August £9,200

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Mill Hill School: London, UK - Your boarding school in London


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Mill Hill School: London, UK

Mill Hill School: London, UK - Your boarding school in London


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