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Lundsbergs Skola in Varmland is a Swedish boarding school located north of Kristinehamn in Värmland, Sweden. Lundsberg was founded in 1896 with inspirations from classical English boarding schools, and has around 200 students today. The school is run by an institution and is well known for its conservative atmosphere. The school consists of six dormitories, of which three are boys' dormitories (Forest Hill, Björke and Gransäter), two are girls' dormitories (Herrgården and Klätten), and one is a mixed dormitory (Skogshult).

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Lundsbergs Skola: Varmland, Sweden | Best Boarding Schools



SE-688 91 STORFORS , Varmland, Sweden, Postcode - SE-688 91
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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Registered in England and Wales Registered number 8369137