Louisenlund: Grosse Breite of the Schlei, Germany

Grosse Breite of the Schlei, Germany

Louisenlund: Grosse Breite of the Schlei, Germany

Price Range ₤ 20,000-30,000 per annum


Louisenlund in Grosse Breite of the Schlei is one of best boarding schools in Germany! IB boarding school. The Independent Boarding School Louisenlund offers bursaries/scholarships to students from all over the world in Grades 11 and 12 (Abitur or IB Diploma). These reductions to fees are open to students with excellent academic results who also show an above average interest in extra-curricular activities.

We are looking for young people whose dedication goes outside the classroom into the areas of political and social awareness, music and or sport. The candidate should most definitely be prepared to play an active role in the life of the boarding school community. The bursaries/scholarships are awarded for up to two years and are reviewed annually.

The reductions to fees are calculated according to the parents’ means and the suitability of the candidate.

When should the application be submitted?

We are currently taking applications from students who will join Grades 11 or 12 (Abitur or IB Diploma) of the next academic year. The assessment centre takes place in April 2014. The candidates will be judged by an independent committee on the grounds of academic results and character.

How should I apply?

Students should send their Curriculum Vitae including information on interests and hobbies. A short personal statement should define what the student hopes to gain from completing his or her school career at Louisenlund and what contribution they can make to our community.

School reports from the last two academic years should be included along with a photograph and a letter from the parents stating their agreement with the application and the need for a bursary/scholarship.

Junior School
We understand learning on the Manor (Grades 5 through 8) as a holistic process of personal experience that takes place in the supportive and intimate atmosphere of the community.

This concept also forms the basis of our newly created subject “NaWi” (short for “Naturwissenschaften” / Natural Sciences). Physics, chemistry and biology are taught as one combined subject with a particular focus on practical projects.

The small classes, on average 14 students, enable learning in a trusting environment – perfect conditions for our motto “demand and support”.

Apart from the academic program, the daily schedule is shaped by a variety of crafts, sports and artistic activities. These help the children learn to trust their own skills and to develop the sense of responsibility which is so characteristic for the students of Louisenlund.

The classic services, such as the fire department and emergency services, as well as services to the general public contribute to a strong sense of community. There is also a particular focus on supporting musical and sports skills.

The triumphs of team sports play an important role in stimulating ambition and motivation, as does the sailing crew, which is required in our program for Grades 5 and 6. Religious training, which includes preparation for and celebration of confirmation, teaches the students to develop and preserve a regard for creation.

Middle and Upper School

The historic castle housing the school administration and the library is surrounded by various other buildings that are used for Grades 9 through 13. Class size does not exceed twenty students, so that preparation for a future academic or professional career proceeds at an intensive pace.

This includes the bilingual program in history and geography that students are able to pursue from Grade 7 through Grade 10 and which can be continued in history up to and including the Abitur.

Specialized business English courses certified by the London Chamber of Commerce are available from Grade 11 on. Spanish is also offered from Grade 11. Advanced level courses (Leistungskurse) are possible when eight students request them. On average, these courses have fifteen students. Special remedial courses are also available for core subjects into Grade 10.

Louisenlund has established new criteria for secondary schools today with its Career Counseling Programme. In Grades 11 through 13, detailed information on business and professional life is presented, and students gather their first practical experience through career training sessions, internships, and assessment centre exercises.

Louisenlund trains students in special learning techniques in preparation for the Abitur examinations and for later university studies.

In addition to the academic program, Louisenlund offers a broad and varied slate of extracurricular activities, including sports such as sailing, rugby, field hockey, and golf, and artistic pursuits such as theatre and the Debating Society, as well as crafts and social services.

IB Diploma
Louisenlund was officially accepted into the circle of IB World Schools in May 2008 after a one-year review, and has since been the first boarding school in northern Germany to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in addition to the Abitur.

This higher education entrance qualification creates the ideal conditions for admission to an international study programme while at the same time allowing the opportunity for foreign school exchanges through the use of English as the teaching language and the students’ multiculturalism.

Following its  recognition by the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, the IB Diploma has also enabled access to higher education in Germany since 1988. With its high academic standards, the IB aims to support inquisitive, knowledgeable and sociallycommitted young people in overcoming intercultural borders and campaigning for a global coexistence in the spirit of international understanding.

Taking different educational backgrounds into consideration, individual qualification options are made available to IB students in the form of the IB Diploma or the issue of individual certificates as a partial diploma.

Within the scope of a variety of opinions, they are encouraged to take a world view and approach, and to develop their skills so as be able to surpass what they thought possible.

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Louisenlund: Grosse Breite of the Schlei, Germany

Louisenlund: Grosse Breite of the Schlei, Germany - Your boarding school in Grosse Breite of the Schlei


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