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Loughborough Grammar School in Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK has a lot to offer in terms of single sex education for boys.  An affordable facility boarding school just under 20 000 GBP per year! The curriculum of this boys only boarding school  is arranged to achieve an all-round education with a commitment to academic excellence as well as to equip pupils with a breadth of academic skills and knowledge. It is under continual review and changes frequently, often depending on changes to the country’s exam structure. Facilities and playing fields are excellent. The School has a strong family atmosphere throughout catering for weekly and termly boarders as well as day pupils. Academic results are consistently good or excellent, with 99% going on to university, many to Oxbridge. Music and Drama are strongly supported. A wide range of sports, clubs, societies and activities include CCF, Scouts and DofE



  • 7 days boarding: 9,137 per term
  • Needs based aid: Offered
  • Merit scholarschips: Offered

School size and facilties

LES Music School, Drama Studio, Science Building, Library, 

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 0 62 62
Day School: 0 900 900

Director Details

About the school

  • Dorm facilities:

    Both boarding houses are well appointed with large, comfortable bedrooms, recreational facilities and internet access. Every boarder has his own bed with considerable storage space underneath, a large desk, wardrobe and lockable drawer. Younger boys share rooms of four, boys in Years 11 and above share twin rooms. School House has a small number of single rooms for the oldest members of the house. Boarders have the additional benefit of access to school resources and facilities in the evenings, the use of the house during breaks in the school day, and the opportunity to take part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities offered by the school. Most importantly, though, the house community provides a small social group which provides the boys with a real sense of security and comradeship. This is particularly important when boys are joining the school from overseas. Boys learn to co-operate with each other, share experiences and develop lasting friendships and interests.

  • Dress code: Formal

Social life & attractions

Co-Curricular of this top boarding school  relates to everything that students do outside of the academic classroom: Cadet Force, Clubs and Activities, Drama, Holiday Courses, Trips, Duke of Edinburgh, Music, Sports.

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    The curriculum of this top boarding school is designed to ensure pupils experience linguistic, mathematical, scientific, human and social, physical, technological and aesthetic and creative education. The structure, depth and focus of the curriculum differs according to the age group concerned.

    The curriculum from Year 6 to Year 8 is intended to encourage breadth of study and range of experience. It does this by providing a wide range of subjects (12 plus RE, PSHE, PE and Games by the end of Year 8) with a necessarily limited contact time for each. In Year 9, there are 9 compulsory subjects and an additional 3 are studied from a list of 9. In most subjects these courses have ‘education for the citizen’ as their primary aim although, necessarily, they are also laying the foundations for further academic study. All boys follow a ‘half’ GCSE course in IT in Years 7 – 9 and take the assessment at the end of Year 9.

    In Years 10 and 11 the characteristic of the curriculum is ‘broad and balanced’ study with greater depth leading to external examination in 9 subject areas but with an element of compulsory breadth. A core of English (x2) and Mathematics is augmented by six option choices, PSHE, RE and Games. One option must be a Modern Foreign Language: it is also expected that boys choose at least two Science subjects and at least one Humanities’ subject. Many boys engage with aesthetic and creative education through the wide-ranging extra-curricular programme which compensates for any absence of subjects in this area in their academic options. A small number of boys take a tenth GCSE which is studied during CCF time.

    In Years 12 and 13 the curriculum is characterised by ‘flexibility and choice’. Students normally choose four AS subjects leading to three or four A2 subjects plus General Studies.

  • Course languages offered:

Sport and culture

  • Sport Facilities:
    Scout Center, Sports Hall, Swimming Pool, Hockey and Tennis Courts, Gym, Athletics Track, Netball Courts, 
  • Sports what we offer:
    This top boarding school offers wide range of sport activities: swimming, athletics, tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Netball
  • Religions:

School Gallery

Loughborough Grammar School: Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Loughborough Grammar School: Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Loughborough Grammar School: Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Loughborough Grammar School: Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK | Best Boarding Schools



Burton Walks Loughborough Leicestershire , Loughborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, Postcode - LE11 2DU
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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Registered in England and Wales Registered number 8369137