Lemania College Sion-Switzerland: Sion, Switzerland

Sion, Switzerland

Lemania College Sion-Switzerland: Sion, Switzerland

Price Range ₤ 50,000 - 60,000 per annum


A Swiss international school. One of most affordable schools in Switzerland!
We, at Lemania College Sion-Switzerland, are dedicated to providing an international, higher-secondary education experience reaping all the benefits of cross-cultural communication in a learning community governed by fairness, politeness and respect. We believe that curiosity about cultural differences leads to recognition of the value of those differences and understanding nurtured through empathy. We rely on explicitly defined and proven teaching strategy as required by the IB Diploma Programme.
Year of foundation: 1965
Some history: Lemania College was founded in 1908 by Dr Paul Du Pasquier and is now at the center of one of the major groups of private schools in Switzerland (Lemania Group of Schools). Thousands of Lemania’s graduates have been accepted in major institutions and have achieved their career goals. Today, Lemania College Lausanne is managed by the third generation of the family founders. Lemania College Sion-Switzerland is a section of Ecole Montani (member of Lemania Group of Schools), which was founded in 1965 by Mr Gabriel Montani. Under his leadership, Ecole Montani quickly became an important part of the private education system in the Canton of Valais. For almost 50 years, Montani School has maintained the vision of its founders: an holistic education approach, the strong desire for continuous improvement, and awareness of environmental responsibility. Lemania College Sion-Switzerland combines the expertise from two institutions totalling 150 years of pedagogical experience: Lemania College Lausanne and Ecole Montani. Lemania College Sion-Switzerland was authorized to offer the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate in February 2013.
Campus size and facilities: Our students benefit from their own Campus with buildings and gardens spread over 6,500 m2 and shared by the 3 partners: Ecole Montani, Les Buissonnets and Lemania College Sion-Switzerland. The Main Campus 3 main buildings with : - 25 classrooms - Science lab - Computer room - Library - Cafeteria - Administration The Green Campus 1 building on 4 floors with : - 50 boarding places - Dining hall - Classrooms - Common room - Fitness room - Garden
Accreditations: Ecole Montani is constantly updating its quality standards and was awarded several local, national and international certifications: - Quality label for the Swiss Tourism (level III) - EDUQUA – Continuing Education - ISO 9001 : 2000 Management - ISO 14001 : 2000 Environment - Swiss Private Schools Register - ECDL – European Computer Driving Licence - Ecole du Monde du BI

Name of Director: Pascal Ashkar

Address: Lemania College Sion-Switzerland, Rue de St-Guérin 26, 1950 Sion, Switzerland

Tel: +41 27 455 33 01

Fax: +41 27 456 25 11

Contact school: contact-us

Website: www.lemaniacollegesion.com

Rolling or fixed admission date? Rolling

Application fee: 500 CHF

International application fee: 500 CHF

Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: 27 000 CHF

5 days boarding: 18 000 CHF

Day school only cost: from 15 000 CHF

Needs based aid: Offered

Percentage of students receiving some aid: 50%

Average aid awarded: 20% of tuition fees

Merit scholarschips:Offered

Percentage of students receiving merit scholarschips: 50%

Average merit scholarschip awarded: 20% of tuition fees

About the school

Long description: One of top boarding schools in Switzerland!
Lemania College Sion-Switzerland provides a genuine Swiss education experience to high school students from around the world. We are devoted to offering outstanding teaching performance, culminating in an in-depth learning experience that will last a lifetime. THE CAMPVS is located in the heart of the city in an area fully dedicated to public and private education with amazing sports facilities and natural green spaces: indoor swimming pool, indoor ice rink, football field, basketball court, beach volleyball court, athletics field. Just a few minutes from the Sion train station, the CAMPVS is home to three private schools – Montani, Les Buissonnets and Lemania College Sion-Switzerland. It combines educational expertise and flexibility for students who can focus on various paths such as the Swiss “Maturité”, the French “Baccalauréat”, the International Baccalaureate Diploma in English or a Business Diploma: - Ecole Montani offers, in addition to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, a French and a German sections welcoming students from Grade 5 to 9. - Ecole des Buissonnets provides preparations to the Swiss maturity and the French baccalaureate. The facilities include a full boarding-school (accommodating students every day, including weekends), 25 classrooms, as well as a Media Centre and a science laboratory. The Media Centre grants free access to books (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, classics, annotated editions, references, etc), periodicals and online databases related to the subjects taught; it is also equipped for the development and use of multimedia teaching aids. The science laboratory is equipped with devices capturing the results of the experiments directly on the students’ iPads, which then permits them to be projected them on a giant screen. Classroom atmosphere : The educational programme is designed to allow both teachers and students to give their best. One of the particular advantages of Lemania College Sion-Switzerland’s teaching is the opportunity to meet teachers outside class hours. Lemania College Sion-Switzerland is active and full of challenges for students. In the classroom, students will encounter many teaching and learning styles, e.g. sessions featuring interactive smart boards, conversation-based language learning, teacher-led discussion and debate. Lemania College Sion-Switzerland integrates technology at all levels : each student is loaned an iPad to maximise his/her experience of the programme and the way of learning. Lemania College Sion-Switzerland aims at developing the full potential of its students by emphasizing the importance of the curiosity towards the lifestyle of the local population, as well as that of the fellow students coming from other parts of the world. Some students were born in Lausanne, Geneva or Zurich ; others are expats living in the region; others arrive directly from abroad. Students participate in numerous extra-curricular activities after classes or during the weekend: sports & arts, leisure activities, lectures. This multiplicity of students’ and teachers’ experiences, combined with the diversity of our programmes, bring a rich educational mix to all our students.

Dorm Facilities: For many students, living with roommates gives them their first opportunity to share their space with other students, which makes this experience all the more rewarding. Common areas, study areas and individual areas enable students to find the right place for all their needs. Common areas: The magnificent outside garden with leisure areas is perfect for activities or just hanging out. Inside the house, the students have common rooms with WiFi connections where they can get together during their free time to read, watch television, play board games or talk about their day. A ping-pong table, a football table and a piano are pleasant additions to the leisure areas. Study areas: a common study room supervised by a teacher provides the right atmosphere for doing homework and going over lessons. The small desks are designed for individual study or for working in small groups. Individual areas: on the floors dedicated to private time, the students’ rooms are very comfortable. They are generally shared by 2 or 3 students of different nationalities. Some single rooms are also available. All rooms have private bathrooms.

Dress code: Casual

Academic life

What we offer? Lemania College Sion accepts applications from students who have completed 9 years of school, including several years of study in English and Maths. All applications are reviewed on an individual basis.
 After examination and acceptance of their application, students are invited to join the preparatory class (one year) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (two years). Orientation The preparatory class focuses on fundamental study skills in four subjects: Maths, English, French and Computer Sciences. Teaching strategies are based on class work, so that the students are constantly supported on the path leading to effective mastery of the key competences. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is meant as a basis for university studies, as well as a direct entry to the job market. Various profiles can be chosen by the students, emphasizing on Languages, Sciences or Business. Teaching strategies benefit from specific internet tools developed by Lemania Swiss Education Group : every step of the curriculum is monitored in real time, so that perfect coordination is guaranteed throughout. Combination of subjects In order to provide the best preparation for future studies, Lemania Colleges has developed a variety of subject combinations for its students. Combinations of subjects are updated on a yearly basis in the framework of the admission policy. Preparation options 1. Students aiming at a career in Hospitality management The combination of subjects focuses on key skills for future studies in the field of hospitality, such as communication, IT applications for tourism, and project development. 2. Students seeking admission in a Swiss university Lemania College Sion has set various combinations of subjects as requested to grant access to Swiss universities. Students are advised to take French as a foreign language if they plan to apply for the universities of Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg or Neuchâtel. 3. German native speakers Although Lemania College Sion is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland, German native speakers can choose German as mother tongue. Depending on their level of English, they can take either French or English as a second language. All other subjects are taught in English. 4. Non-English native speakers Non-English native speakers can choose their mother tongue as first language. Depending on their level of English, they can take either French or English as a second language. All other subjects are taught in English.

Number of teachers and their qualifications: 6 teachers, Qualifications: Bachelor, Master, PhD

Student/teacher ratio: 6:1

Average class size: 10 (max. 20)

Social life & attractions

Description: Wednesday afternoons, the boarders have various activities. Between 7.30 and 9.00 pm, after the study period in the study room, the students are assembled with the staff. This is a “family” moment designed to strengthen ties, take stock of the week, encourage oral expression and self-confidence, work toward a certain level of solidarity, and stimulate leadership and self-determination. Students who stay at the boarding house at week-ends enjoy a special programme with a balance between fun leisure activities and study time. The idyllic setting in the canton of Valais makes it possible to organise outings in the warm season and ski days in the winter at the fantastic resorts, on Wednesday afternoons as well as at week-ends. Verbier, Montana or Zermatt are the most famous, among others.
Facilities: Lemania College Sion-Switzerland is in the city of Sion, the capital of the Canton of Valais. The area is a tourist destination by excellence. Shopping and culture lovers will find everything they desire in Sion or in one of the other cities of the region.

Sport and culture

Sport Facilities: SNext to the campus 1 indoor swimming pool 1 indoor ice rink 3 football fields 2 beach volleyball courts 1 basketball court 1 athletics field 1 Finnish running track Off campus, 10 minutes by bus 1 indoor riding school 1 outdoor swimming pool 18 holes of public golf course with driving range 1 sports centre with indoor and outdoor tennis court, squash, badminton Off campus, less than 1 hour by bus The Canton of Valais is particularly famous in the world for winter sport and many well-known ski resorts such as Verbier, Crans Montana and Zermatt. The Lake of Geneva Region offers a broad range of water and sports activities.
What we offer? Football, swimming, ice skating, basketball, running, volleyball, golf, tennis, squash, badminton, skiing
Culture and arts: The Canton of Valais gathers many musems and exhibitions centres, among which: - Valais Art Museum in Sion - History Museum in Sion - Valais Nature Museum in Sion - Valais History Museum in Sion - Exhibition Centre Ancien Pénitencier in Sion - Fondation Gianadda in Martigny, with its Art exhibitions and Concerts

Summer Programs

Our partner schools offer various Summer programmes: Ecole Montani Summer Programmes: The Ecole Montani Summer Programme has been specially designed to appeal to children age 12 to 17 from all over the world. A safe and healthy environment has been created with the help of professional and experienced teachers and counsellors. Your child will benefit from a unique experience in ideal conditions. Discovery, sharing, and learning are the themes running through the Ecole Montani Summer programmes. Ecole Montani emphasizes individual contact with each child so that mutual respect and trust is established. Tradition, respect, dialogue and openness are the cornerstones of Ecole Montani. The courses are organized during the three weeks at the end of July, and last for two or three weeks. The language courses in French or English, designed for beginners or for children who already have knowledge of the chosen language, are given each morning. A test is carried out on the first day, and classes are separated according to the level of the students. Your child will make real progress during the programme. At the end of the programme a personal improvement statement as well as a certificate are awarded. Lemania Lausanne Summer Programmes: Lemania Lausanne offers English and French summer courses as day or boarding students, designed for students from 15 years old and adults The language courses are held in the mornings. It is possible to register to the intensive programme by joining he afternoon classes. A wide range of sports and cultural activities are organized in the afternoons as well as on week-ends making it possible for the students to put their language knowledge into practice. Qualified and enthusiastic teachers create an atmosphere that is as educative as it is recreational, and small classes give everyone a chance to take part. This ensures that the students progress quickly while having fun! At the end of the camp, each participant is given a study certificate certifying his/her attendance and progress in the courses. Students at the Summer Camp take part in a large range of activities: hiking, park adventures, wall climbing, swimming, mountain scooter, mountain excursion, and visits to the Aquaparc are just some of many leisure possibilities offered to participants. The pupils can choose to find their own lodgings, to stay in host family or may benefit from the cordial environment and many advantages of our Boarding School, located on the campus itself. It takes boys and girls of all nationalities. Its family proportions and cordial atmosphere make it an ideal place to relax and make friends with other youngsters from the four corners of the earth!

Why Should You Choose this School?

We, at Lemania College Sion-Switzerland, are dedicated to providing an international higher-secondary education experience reaping all the benefits of cross-cultural communication in a learning community governed by fairness, politeness and respect. We believe that curiosity about cultural differences leads to recognition of the value of those differences and understanding nurtured through empathy. We rely on explicitly defined, proven teaching strategies and emphasize the importance of the following key components in the implementation of a balanced teaching process: - Projects: students apply knowledge to real projects; - Education: students understand that education is a life-long process; - Acceptance: students value the acceptance of other people’s ideas; - Responsibility: students take responsibility for their actions; - Languages: students demonstrate language proficiency beyond their mother tongue; - Sourcing: students are introduced to research tools for sourcing information. We recognise that the role of Lemania College Sion-Switzerland as an education institution goes beyond the teaching of academic knowledge, and aims at graduating people who will make visibly positive contributions to local and global communities.


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