Langley School: Norwich, Norfolk, UK

Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Langley School: Norwich, Norfolk, UK

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An English boarding school! Langley School in Norfolk, Norwich is worth looking at! Langley is a warm and friendly school with clear values and high aspirations for all its students. The school provides a first class, all round education in a supportive community, in which our students learn to become independent, valued citizens and are able to develop their potential to the full.
We offer a broad yet challenging curriculum with excellent teaching and learning opportunities, where the emphasis is very much on the individual student. This website can of course only offer a glimpse of life here at Langley School.
If you have yet to see our outstanding school, I urge you to visit us and have the opportunity to meet our current students and staff. The students’ open and honest pride in their school is our best endorsement.

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Dominic Findlay


Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 135 135 270
Day School: 135 135 270
Year of foundation: 1911
Some history:

In 1858 the story of Langley School began, when by order of Court of Chancery the King Edward VI Grammar School in Norwich was divided into upper, academic department and a modern commercial designed to include the children of newly prosperous Victorian parents.

In 1910 the Education Committee decided to amalgamate Middle Schools in Norwich with the Municiple and Presbyterian Schools for boys, all to attend the new City of Norwich School which was to be built at Eaton.

Jeremiah George Chapman, teacher at King Edward Middle School was offered a position at the City of Norwich School, but he decided to follow his ambition of providing boarding facilities for those children who found daily travel to Norwich impossible. Mr Chapman decided this was time to combine Middle School pupils, and boarders, in his own School at St. Giles which was large enough to house all students.

Mr Chapman put a huge effort into making the school a success and had a great enthusiasm for his position as Headmaster. After years of total dedication to his dream, Mr Chapman died in September 1936; at which time Mr John Jevons from Queen’s College Oxford took over as Headmaster.

The senior school moved out of the city to Langley in 1946. The change of school also meant a change in name and the “Norwich High School for Boys” became “Langley”. To prevent any uneasiness between the old boys and the new, all old boys of both schools were from then on to be known as “Icenians”. For the younger pupils (forty of them being under nine) Beech Hill, a house in Thorpe became available.

In 1965 Mr. Jevons retired as Headmaster of Langley School. He had been Headmaster for more than twenty seven years. Mr Jevons was remembered for kindness, tolerance, a delight in music and his ability to create a happy community.

In 1964 Mr C.D. Young, a Graduate of King’s College London, became Headmaster. Mr Young excelled in sport and was enthusiastic about drama production.

The first Daffodil Day was held on April 4th in 1971. The event was very successful and remembered by many as a hugely enjoyable event.

The first girls arrived at Langley School in 1978, with 3 girls joining the sixth form. They fitted into routine very quickly and easily and by the end of the autumn term one of the girls became House Prefect.

In 1989 Mr James McArthur BSc. Cert. Ed., M.A., F.Col.P became Headmaster. Mr McArthur was joined by his wife Ruth and their two children.

Langley School became fully co-educational in 1990 going from 4 to 40 girls.

Mr. McArthur left to become a teacher at the Blue Coats School, Reading. He saw the introduction of girls to Langley, the completion of the Christopher Young Centre and the introduction of School League Tables.

Mr James Malcolm becomes the 5th Headmaster of Langley School in 1997. He graduated from University of Hull with Honours degrees in Geology and Geography. Mr Malcolm was joined at the school by his wife Liz. After Mr Malcolm’s ten year stay at Langley, the number of pupils had almost doubled and he managed to establish the school as one of the most important and forward-looking in the area.

Dominic Findlay the current Headmaster joined Langley School in the Autumn Term 2007. Mr Findlay came to the school from Wymondham College, his wife Sarah and children William and Victoria joined him at Langley. The Headmaster’s key ambition was and still is to raise the academic profile of the school and to ensure the potential of every student is met.

Campus size and facilities:

Langley School has a large campus situated in beautiful Grade I listed grounds, originally designed by Capability Brown. The Main Hall houses boys boarding, The Library, Ballroom, Dining Hall and offices, while the teaching areas and girls boarding are situated across the campus. New facilities include:

  • New floodlit Astroturf
  • New teaching block with ground floor of ICT suites
  • New medical centre
  • Recently refurbished boarding accommodation



Name of Director: Mrs Claire Mayes

Address: Langley Park, Loddon, Norfolk, NR14 6BJ

Tel: +44 (0)1508 522474

Fax: +44 (0)1508 528058

Contact school: contact-us


Rolling or fixed admission date? Rolling

Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: 25 550 GBP

5 days boarding: 21 285 GBP

Day school only cost: 12 555 GBP

Needs based aid: Offered

Merit scholarschips:Offered

About the school

Long description:

Scholarships 2013

The closing date for scholarships for September 2013 is Monday 7th January 2013. If you would like any further information please contact the Headmaster's PA 01508 522 474.   

Non-Academic Scholarship Assessments are in the week beginning 4th February 2013.  

Academic Scholarship Examinations will be held on Wednesday 6th February 2013.

Entrance Scholarships

At Langley we recognise that all students are talented. Some excel in the area of academic work and for others, their ability lies in Art, Drama, Music,Sport or Technology.We also offer an all-rounder award for students joining the school in yrs 6,7,9 or 12 who excel in more than one area.That is why opportunities exist within the curriculum and in a wider variety of extra curricular activitiesto develop these talents further.

If you believe that your son or daughter could contribute significantly to this depth of talent,we invite you to apply for one of the scholarships available.In order to apply for a Scholarship,you must also have registered a place at the school and must meet the school’s academic entrance requirements.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are available at entry into Years 6,7 and 9.There are two awards in each category;one of 50% and one of 25% of the Day Fees.

Non-Academic Scholarships

For students who excel in other areas,we offer scholarships in Art,Drama, Music,Sport and Technology. Assessment is by evidence of achievement, audition/trial/practical exercise and interview. There are two awards in each category; one of 50% and one of 25% of the Day Fees.

Sixth Form Scholarships

A number of Sixth form Scholarships are awarded to students from Langley School and from elsewhere, based on their achievement at GCSE.A student who passes all his/her subjects with Grade A* would clearly be in line for a major award (up to 50% of day fees) but there are opportunities to recognise the achievement of others if top grades match chosen ‘A’level subjects.This is particularly true where the student is gifted in Art, Drama, Music, Sport or Technology.

Tenure of Awards

Students granted a scholarship award are required to continue their education until the end of Year 13, unless the School deter mines in its sole discretion that their academic profile excludes them from doing so. Continuity of the award is subject to sustained satisfactory performance and the school reserves the right to reduce or terminate the award on giving a term’s notice.

If a student leaves the school at any time before completing their A level studies, they will be required to pay back in full, the value of the award that has been received for each academic year that they have received it.


You will be expected to submit a portfolio of your own recent work for consideration (work done within the last 2 years). This should contain work undertaken at home as well as at school. Candidates will be asked to create a drawing from direct observation and then will join in a group workshop to explore the creative possibilities within media with which they may be less familiar. All candidate s will attend an interview with the Head of Art during which they will be asked to discuss the work they have brought along.


All candidates should give details in a supporting letter of achievements in the field of drama, including their past roles in plays and general theatrical interests. Performance candidates will prepare two scripted pieces for audition and may use simple props and costume s if they so wish. Presentations time should be approximately two minutes per piece. You will be expected to discuss your preparatio n and understanding of each piece. Design candidates will be expected to prepare designs or technical plans for a piece of drama of their own choosing. The submission may include script evaluation, ground plans, rigging plans, designs, sketches, artefacts or models as appropriate. All candidates will attend an interview with the Head of Drama and may expect to discuss their drama background, experience, pe rsonal ambitions, influences and enthusiasms.


All candidates should give details in a supporting letter of achievements, including instruments and grades passed, with marks and dates. You will be required to perform two contrasting pieces of your own choice on your main and second instrument or voice. It is recommended that these pieces should be selected from the syllabuses of the Royal Schools of Music, Trinity College of Music or the Guildhall School of Music instrumental/singing lists. The groups of two pieces should last a total of 8 minutes minimum to 15 minutes maximum for each group. You will also be asked to complete a sight reading test on your main and second instrument or voice. Yo u will also undertake an aural test and an interview with the Head of Music, when you will discuss your musical background, experience and ambitions.


You will be expected to have reached a high standard or to have the potential to reach a high standard, in one or more sports. All candidates should give details in a supporting letter, of sporting achievement, interests and positions of responsibility held. You should be prepared, with the necessary kit, to demonstrate your ability during the course of the day. All candidates will attend an interview with the Head of PE, when you should demonstrate general sportsmanship, a knowledge of sport and your own personal ambitions.


You will be expected to submit a portfolio and/or examples of practical work for consideration. This should contain work undert aken at home as well as at school and provide evidence in the areas of; design, graphics, workshop skills, technological understanding and information technology. All candidates will be asked to design and manufacture a small product within the school workshop. All candidates will attend an interview with the Head of Technology to discuss their work.

All rounder

This category is open to students who excel on the academic front and also in one non-academic area. Candidates will be expected to sit the academic examinations and also provide supporting evidence for their other area of expertise.


We offer two scholarships for entry into Years 7, 9 and 12 for external candidates only, who are joining the school as a boarder. The categories are Academic and All-Rounder and the above criteria applies.

Methods of Assessment


You will sit papers in:

English Mathematics Science Non Verbal Reasoning

Please be aware that all candidates sitting for an academic scholarship will be expected to attain a veryhigh standard. The minimum pass mark across all subjects is 80%. We would expect those students attempting the academic scholarship to be in the top sets at their current school and to be recommended bytheir current Headteacher. The above criteria also relates to those candidates applying for the 'all rounder' category.

Dorm Facilities:

  • Facilities
  • Medical Centre
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Acres of Parkland
  • Large lake
  • Access to St Michael's Church
  • Two spacious common rooms in the Main Hall
  • Floodlit Astroturf
  • State of the art ICT suites for personal and prep use

Children board from the ages of 10-19. There are some weekly boarders who live relatively locally, but the majority are full boarders - some of whom come from different parts of the world including the Far East and Africa as well as Europe. It makes for a rich and culturally diverse population with much to give and receive.
  • Full boarding
  • Fully catered with snack making facilities
  • Laundry service throughout the week
  • Resident matrons boost nursing provision
  • Structured core prep times with opportunities for further study
  • Post-study leisure options
  • Impressive staff-student ratio
  • Newly refurbished accommodation
  • No "Exeats" means more flexible arrangements for weekend leave to suit family plans
  • A stimulating programme of cultural visits
  • A regular school bus service to and from Norwich
  • Weekly Boarding
  • Access to all of the benefits listed above; typically Sunday through to Thursday
  • Extra flexibility on return times
  • Extended school bus links connect with rail stations
  • Full ingtegration into boarding life
  • Opportunities to continue personal leisure interests outside school

Flexi/Occasional Boarding
  • Limited bed spaces for those who wish to stay overnight for 1 or 2 nights
  • Ideal for those whose parents travel on business
  • Students placed to integrate into community
  • Fully catered with laundry and healthcare provision
  • The range of resident teaching staff means students are already well-known to staff
  • Easy arrangement process

  • Day Boarding
  • Students may stay from the end of school through a supervised prep session 4:50 - 6:00pm
  • Optional snack tea or cooked supper at 6:00pm
  • Transport link post session to city (other route options possible)
  • Possible opportunities for later stays allowing for combinations of prep and leisure persuits - ideal for students attending after school events on a regular basis and for those wishing to extend social links
  • Flexible charging system (set or hourly)
  • Easy arrangement process


All meals are taken in the dining room and the food is both plentiful and varied. After breakfast students tidy their rooms, collect together the things for the day and attend school in the adjacent classrooms. Each afternoon there is a range of over 80 extra curricular activities to participate in. From 5pm-5.45pm there is a period of free time, followed by the evening meal and supervised prep. The length of prep varies according to age group and at the end of prep the Matrons open up the kitchens for 'tea & toast'. Students are then free to use the facilities of the school until their fixed bedtimes. These range from 9pm to 11pm when seniors are expected to be in their study bedrooms. Weekends move at a slower and welcome pace though there are allocated times for study. Resident staff offer a programme of visits, events and outings to encourage youngsters to make effective use of leisure time. A Chapel service is held on Sunday with a format aimed at the school-age congregation.

Dress code: Formal

Academic life

What we offer?

  • A first class educational experience
  • Co-educational education for ages 10 - 18
  • A Teacher: Pupil ratio of 1 : 8
  • Small class sizes
  • Full and Weekly Boarding
  • Transport for day pupils covering a wide area
  • Provision for Special needs
  • Scholarships for the exceptionally able
  • Technology for the 21st Century
  • Excellent sporting facilities
  • A strong focus on the performing arts
  • A Combined Cadet Force
  • A full activities programme
  • A wide choice of subjects
  • Excellent pastoral care
  • An all round education

Student/teacher ratio: 8:1

Average class size: 16

Number of AP courses offered: N/A

Social life & attractions

Description: Activities
  • Bus service to and from school and Norwich on Saturdays
  • Regular competitions and events are organised by gap students
  • Trips to the cinema, theatre and galleries
  • Visiting theme parks and tourist attractions
  • Sports clubs are offered on a weekly basis
  • Film and popcorn nights in
  • Day trips to Cambridge and London
  • Local shops and amenities in Loddon
  • Sleepovers for day students

Sport and culture

Sport Facilities: angley School provides excellent opportunities for sport. Physical Education and Games are taught to all students in years 6 - 11. The P.E. department aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable students to develop their playing ability in a range of sports as well as foster an awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education is also offered at G.C.S.E., AS and A2 level and has proved to be both popular and successful. At present the P.E. department has three full time specialist staff and three part-time members of staff. The curriculum lessons are complemented with an extensive activities programme, which runs every afternoon and enable pupils to try other sports such as judo, sailing, table tennis, skiing, golf and fencing.

Langley has good facilities for sport, both indoors and outdoors. These comprise: a large sports hall with a climbing wall; extensive playing fields with rugby, football, hockey, 2 x astro-turf pitches (full size and midi) and cricket pitches; 3 netball courts; 9 tennis courts (1 indoor, 5 all-weather and 3 grass courts); a 9 hole golf course and in the summer 2 athletics tracks with jumping and throwing areas. a purpose built gymnasium with cardio-vascular and resistance machines. Recently acquired is a bank of Concept 2 rowing machines for racing/training.

The major team games are hockey, netball and rounders for the girls and rugby, football and cricket for the boys. Both girls and boys participate in athletics and tennis teams in the summer term. There is growing interest and expertise in other games, which include badminton and basketball. The fixture calendar is busy all year round with matches held mid-week and at the weekends against other schools from Eastern Counties. Teams are generally run at all different age groups and have had a high success rate.

We have many pupils who have represented the county in sports such as hockey, rugby, tennis and swimming, and we have a number of pupils who have competed at a national level in sports such as rugby,rounders, squash, athletics and sailing.

Talented 'athletes' and games players are invited to apply for a Langley Sports Scholarship. In the past these have been awarded to oustanding performers in sports such as cricket, golf, hockey, rugby, sailing and squash. All candidates are expected to have reached, or have the potential to reach a high standard in one or more sports. Successful candidates will be expected to represent the school in sporting activities and to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

What we offer? Girls


The school has a large number of students that are regularly playing club level hockey all over the County which is excellent for the development of the school teams; some players have also progressed further within the hockey tier system. 2012 was a really positive year for the squads and they have competed against other large independent schools and have come away with very promising results.


2012 saw Langley netball move forwards leaps and bounds and all teams have been making the most of the superb new all-weather netball courts which have enabled our squads to train together in greater numbers and host an array of home fixtures and tournaments. In 2012 we competed in the Norfolk Schools' U12, U13 and U15 Netball Tournaments for the first time, with great success. The teams also competed in their first Saturday fixtures against Norwich School and Wisbech Grammar. We were delighted to nominate 5 U12 and U13 netballers for the Norfolk County Satellite Screening; follwing this Mila Sayer was selected for the squad and is attending further screening for the Norfolk County Netball team.


The 2012 rounders season was unfortunatley affected by the inclement weather that we experienced throughout the summer term; however the juniors were involved in high paced lessons that worked on all aspects of the game. All teams were strong, determined, committed to improving and show great promise for the upcoming season in the summer term 2013.



At Langley School we are thrilled to be in partnership with Brooke Cricket Club and are confident that this relationship will strengthen the ties that the school has with the local community and will heighten the level of participation in cricket playing within the school. Cricket has always been a key sport for Langley School and it continues to be a popular sport with increased success in all of our teams right through the school. Having won the U14 and shared the U13 County Schools Cups last year the school have entered a number of cups this year from U17 to U12 that we have high aspirations of doing very well in. We are very happy to be able to offer our cricket facilities for both adult and youth teams from Brooke Cricket Club to use and we hope that the number of children participating in cricket increases and improves in the South Norfolk area.


Rugby at Langley School has improved vastly over the last 5 years with all teams now competing at a high level and the U14 A team being undefeated for 2 years. We have established a strong link with Leicester Tigers, who have an elite athlete development programme.  This is to help their most promising sportsmen and women manage every different aspect of their development from training and playing to psychology and nutrition.  The first Langley students to benefit directly from this were Gift Sankoh and Harvey Hodd who were both offered Academy contracts at Leicester Tigers RFC and Norwich City FC respectively. We now have 14 rugby players who are benefiting from the Leicester Tigers EPDG (Elite Player Development Group). 


During the last season the U12 & U13 played some of the best football in the school. They trained hard and played fantastically. The U13 side took part in the Annual Anglian Independent Shield and for the first time, Langley won the shield; beating every oponent. Although the U14 & U15 didnt have their best ever season, they did improve on their technical ability no end. The First XI team have also been working very hard in training and in 2012 were unbeaten. Mr Clark and Mr Leck coached all teams between them during 2011-2012 and have really helped to develop this sport at Langley. 

Culture and arts: Housed in a set of older, converted buildings, the Art department plays a vibrant and vital part in the life of the school. The opportunities for pupils to further their development as artists at every stage of their school career is the concern of all members of staff in the department. Pupils experience a range of work throughout all year groups; they have hands-on experience of Fine Art (including drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture), Ceramics, Textiles and Photography. Opportunities to further their interest in these areas are available through the extensive activities programmes available to all age groups. Exam courses are available in Fine Art, Textiles, Ceramics and Photography. Sixth form pupils are prepared for entry to art college, pupils having gained entry to an impressive range of art colleges both nationally and internationally. Right from the word “go” pupils experience the opportunity to learn about the principles of art, see how other artists have utilised ideas and processes, develop their own ideas and produce personal and informed work. The department is staffed by a team of enthusiastic teachers who are all trained and practising artists in their own right. This brings an extra dimension to the teaching of the pupils. The department regularly holds Whole School Art events which involve every member of the school community. We support national initiatives such as The Big Draw and contribute towards school dramatic productions through the production of sets and props.


The Music Department is a lively area of the school where you'll always find students keen to rehearse for and perform in one of the many music events that take place throughout the year.

Mrs George-Broom and Mr White teach in the department and specialist peripatetic teachers visit the school weekly to teach a range of instruments to students on a one to one basis.

The Department comprises one main teaching room, a GCSE/A Level teaching room, six practice rooms and an ICT area that has specific music software installed.

The Music Department has a thriving extra-curricular programme and is proud of the range of opportunities it offers its pupils; there really is something for everyone! Rehearsals take place during lunchtimes and in the activities slot after school, with many evening concerts and events taking place throughout the year:

  • House Music
  • Carol Service
  • Dixie Band
  • Stage Band
  • Saxophone Ensemble
  • Clarinet Choir
  • Langley Choir
  • Theory Class
  • Guitar Group
  • Rock Band
  • Annual School Musical
  • Visits to Orchestral concerts
  • Workshops
  • Trips to West Ends shows
  • Cabaret Evening
  • Musical examinations - ABRSM / Trinity / Rock School
  • A Level Recital evening in the school ballroom
  • Concerts at Prep School and feeder schools
  • Daffodil Day
  • CCF Services Day
  • Black History Day in October
  • Speech Day
  • Two days at the Royal Norfolk Show
  • Langley Prep School Fete
  • Primary school liaison
  • Department tours
  • 'Last night of the Proms' Summer Concert
  • Sixth Form Music Weekend in London - including a musical and a full tour of Abbey Road Studios

All students in year 6, 7 and 8 have one 50 minute lesson a week. In these lessons we cover general music theory, listening skills, composition, performance, keyboard skills and the history of music in a range of different musical styles.

Year 9 students have two 50 minute lessons a week and this is an option subject. During this year we prepare the students for the GCSE course, focusing on performing, composing and general musicianship.

For GCSE music we follow the EDEXCEL specification. This is a two year course which is broken up into three units: Performing music, composing music and listening and appraising.

We also follow the EDEXCEL specification at A level where students study and analyse a range of scores, create compositions and perform in a recital at the end of each year.


Famous People Who Attended This School

Sir John Mills

Why Should You Choose this School?

Langley School offers all round education and provides an environment for pupils to identify their strengths and live up to their full potential.


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