Lancing College: Lancing, West Sussex, UK

Lancing, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Lancing College: Lancing, West Sussex, UK

Price Range ₤ 30,000 - 40,000 per annum


Lancing College in Lancing, West Sussex is a co-educational English independent boarding school held in the British public school tradition, founded in 1848 by Nathaniel Woodard. We are a Christian foundation set within the Anglican tradition.  The college cater for boys and girls aged 13 to 18. The college educates students to develop a passion for learning and to reach their full potential, accompanied by the wide choice of arts and physical activities. It prepares young people to have a vision about their bright and successful future after graduation.

Students at Lancing College study a wide range of subjects. These pages will give you more detail on the whole programme which is  covered in each subject.

When students make decisions about which subjects will be studied at GCSE or A level, they need to take a look at the booklets on the "GCSE Selection" and "Sixth Form / Learning Structure" pages, and take the advice of their tutors and teachers.

Year of foundation: 1848
Some history:

Lancing College was founded in 1848 by the Revd Nathaniel Woodard, whose primary goal was charitable. As curate of Shoreham, Woodard saw the poverty and hard times of the agricultural and seafaring working people and the ignorance and unfairness of the middle classes who could not afford a public school education. During his life, he started 11 schools and now there are 43 in the corporation that function under his name. The first three, Lancing, Hurstpierpoint and Ardingly, all began its existence in the vicarage at Shoreham. They were intended to deal with social problems by providing a good and complete education of sound principle and sound knowledge, firmly grounded in the Christian faith. Woodard was a philanthropist, in every sense of this word, with a missionary spirit, and he also reacted against the revolutions which spread across Europe in the 1840s. He was an extremely effective fund-raiser, financing astonishing buildings and educational developments without taking andy public funds, only by referring to the peoples good will and conscious. Lancing has always depended upon the generosity of beneficiaries from all branches of life who have been inspired by what the Founder and his schools achievements. There was no a single person who doubted in his success and the Founder made it even more accessible school for every student.

The Founder bought a 500 acre farm on the Downs in the parish of Lancing and his first school started to function there in 1854. The Lower Quad, the Heads and Second Masters houses, the Dining Hall, Schoolroom and library, designed by RC Carpenter, were the beginning. All the boys (during that time there were no girls or married resident staff) were boarders. It was an isolated, close-knit community, God-fearing and with a great academic discipline. Numbers of students grew rapidly and from the 1870s onwards, under the long Headship of Dr Sanderson (a founder member of HMC) the school became recognised as a national contribution to the young peoples success.

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7 days boarding: GBP 32 910

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Lancing College: Lancing, West Sussex, UK - Your boarding school in Lancing, West Sussex


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Lancing College: Lancing, West Sussex, UK

Lancing College: Lancing, West Sussex, UK - Your boarding school in Lancing, West Sussex


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