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The SEK boarding' programme is aimed at students between the ages of 10 and 18 who will
have the opportunity to: Improve their Spanish language skills, Become global citizens,
Satisfy their curiosity for discovering other cultures, Live and study with classmates of the same age, Enjoy an unforgettable experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives

School size and facilties

  • campus spans 40,000 m²


CIS ( Council Of International Schools )
IBO ( International Baccalaureate Organisation )

Director Details

Year Of Foundation


Some History

It history began in 1892, year in which the SEK Education Groupwas established in the historic centre of Madrid. In 1902 it was recognised officially for the first time, and in 1935 the Segovia family took over the running of the school and its development, three generations later it boasts 9 schools- SEK International Schools and one university.

About the school

  • Long description:

    Course details Extension of stay: term, semester or full academic year.

    Start of terms: September, January and April

    Ages 12 to 18. Fees per term (2013-14): 6.200 E

    Enrollment fee: 500 E

    Fees include: Boarding school , School Fees, Laundry Service, Full board service, Sport, cultural and recreational activities, School Material, Monitoring of the student throughout the stay and academic reports, Transfer service available from/to airport


    Whether students are studying for just one term or a full academic year, the opportunities that they gain from the experience of being part of our community will form an essential part of their educational development.

    SPANISH CULTURE PROGRAMME: This programme includes Spanish language support, helping the student to improve their fluency in Spanish. Students are also prepared to ensure their success in official external Spanish language examinations, according to the level they have achieved.

    Tailored Programme: Students can individually tailor their own programme, choosing subjects and courses that are the best match for their academic interests.

    Transfer: a collection and transfer service is available from airports and main bus and train stations


  • Dorm facilities:
    The halls are located on the grounds of the SEK-El Castillo International School, and are equipped with everything students require for their study, leisure and free time TV rooms, satellite channels, Wi-Fi connections, games, music, books, a library, radio studio, events room, and everything students need for a restful night's sleep in the bedrooms, which are organised according to their' age and school year.  The male and female Residential Facilities have spacious bathrooms, study rooms, a sickbay and medical consultation room. Cleaning is conducted daily, and clothes ironed and arranged. There is also television, 24-hour security and assistance for students, and excellent sports and recreational facilities. The school provides a medical service (doctor and nurse) in addition to its accident policy, offering 24-hour care, provided by a leading insurance company.

Social life & attractions

There are alternate activities on Saturdays and Sundays for students enrolled on our Permanent Boarding Programme (Monday to Sunday):

  • Academic Activities: Students will have allotted times for carrying out guided studies and receiving academic support. The study hours depend on each student's academic performance and personal timetable.
  • Co-curricular activities: Visits to Museums and centres of cultural interest. Sports Events.  Exhibitions. Cinema forum. Theatre.
  • Free time activities: Group afternoons, cinema, shopping, parties, birthdays
  • Sports activities: Sports in the school facilities and in SEK Sports Club facilities: Tennis. Swimming, Paddle Tennis, Gym
  • Free Time Activities: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Theme Parks (adventure, rides, animals, etc.) skating.

Why Should You Choose this School?

SEK was the first school in Spain to teach the Diploma Programme and now has more than 35 years proven experience in this area. It is aimed at:

  • Students who have completed ESO (compulsory secondary education) or who have studied in foreign or international schools in Spain with non-national education systems.
  • Foreign students who wish to study in Spain and enjoy an international experience.
  • Those who want a guaranteed place at a foreign university.
  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma:
  • Is a two-year pre-university programme that prepares students for entry to the best universities in the world, characterised by its international focus.
  • The programme is delivered either in English or bilingually (Spanish and English), as chosen by the student.

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    Primary: Students aged 10 to 12 will complete the final years of Primary Education based on a bilingual model (50% Spanish, 50% English) and will combine their studies with the International Primary Years Programme

    Secondary Education, students benefit from the:
    The Middle Year Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (12-16), they can study on a bilingual basis (50% Spanish, 50% English). 

    Baccalaureate (16-18) : the aim is to ensure our students are able to access the university education of their own choice, at either national of international universities.
    Students who wish to do so can undertake pre-university studies, following the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

    Theatre School
    This teaches students acting techniques and they rehearse for stage adaptations or original productions.
    In the music school, students begin to develop or improve their technical and performance skills on an instrument (violin, piano, cello, percussion)
    Creative Arts
    This encourages students' creativity by producing art work using different techniques: oils, water colours, tempera, carving and modelling
    Reading Club 
    This provides students with the techniques they need to read comprehensively and expressively, practising diction and comprehension techniques.
    Current Affairs Workshop
    Students study and analyse the news, followed by commentary. They discuss the most important national and international news.
    Community and Service Activities
    This encourages students to participate in Community and Service Activities, carrying out tasks within the Residential Facilities or the School itself, or external activities with official organisations: UNICEF- Red Cross- Environment, etc.

Sport and culture

  • Sport Facilities:
    Students have access to tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, squash courts, indoor swimming pools, a gym, basketball court, football pitch and the SEK-El Castillo, sports facilities, as well as the SEK Club facilities
  • Sports what we offer:
    Sport has a very important place in the SEK Institution , This is most clearly reflected in the fact that the Residential Facilities are also home to students from High Competition Schools, who combine their studies with sports at the highest national and international levels.

    Sports activities: When the school day is over, students can practise their favourite sports with specialist coaches in the school’s facilities or those of the SEK Club: some of the options available include swimming, tennis, golf and gym.

  • Culture and arts:

     The curriculum is complemented by an extensive programme of activities:


     Cultural activities. These include excursions and guided tours to museums, monuments and major Spanish cultural sites: the Prado Museum, Royal Palace, National Library, Toledo, Ávila, etc. Recreational activities, shows and leisure: Trips to the theatre, cinema, sports events, visit to the Madrid theme park, etc. 

Summer Programs

SEK summer courses are more than simple summer camps, they are adapted especially to the needs of children and adolescents. We would like to invite SEK School students and non-SEK students to enjoy an enriching and unforgettable experience.

A combination of fun summer activities and on-going academic learning.

There are four different themes: Creativity, Sports, Academics, International Experiences, including a wide range of activities: multiadventure, arts, languages, extra lessons on school subjects, dance, sports, certifications, music and new technology. If your vocation is sports, check out our Sports Camp, a specially designed course for lovers of football, tennis, padel and golf.

School Gallery

International School SEK El Castillo, Madrid, Spain | Best Boarding Schools
International School SEK El Castillo, Madrid, Spain | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

Boarding School SEK - El Castillo are located in an exclusive residential area in the north west of Madrid (the capital of Spain), just 20 minutes from the city centre.


Urb. Villafranca del Castillo Castillo de Manzansares, s/n , Villanueva de la Cañada., Madrid, Spain, Postcode - 28692
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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