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The International Bilingual School of Provence (founded in 1984) is a mixed day and boarding school situated in Luynes on the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. With over 700 students, more than 75 different nationalities, students from 2 to 18 years old learn in a multilingual environment. The school is an International Baccalaureate accredited school and also offers the traditional French curriculum as well as the IGCSEs from Cambridge.

School size and facilties

Six kilometres from the centre of Aix-en-Provence, the celebrated Spa Town, and not far from the bustling city of Marseilles in the village of Luynes, IBS is situated on a tranquil wooded estate of five hectares. The new school campus includes a new two story Academic Building, Sports Complex (yoga room, martial arts, indoor gym, dance room, fitness room and indoor golf simulator), and 300-seat amphitheatre.  The campus also includes outdoor sports facilities – four tennis courts (two synthetic clay courts, two hard courts), swimming pool and outdoor sports fields (to be completed in Fall 2017). IBS also boasts five spacious boarding houses which are located off-campus and where are 150 boarding students reside with their supervisors. The houses are large properties with gardens, and proper facilities. Students are typically four per room and are divided by age and gender.

Director Details

Year Of Foundation


About the school

  • Long description:

    Class sizes in the Middle School are limited and students thrive by learning side by side with their classmates who come from all over the world. With 68 nationalities at IBS, IBS is truly an international school – not just a French school with a few hours of English – and not a British school transplanted in France. With over 30 years of experience, and a teaching staff with on average at least 10 years experience IBS offers a rigorous academic program but in a friendly and supportive environment.

    In addition to offering a bilingual curriculum in English and French, the school also offers native languages taught by native teachers for students who want to maintain their mother tongue. This allows students a broader perspective of choices for universities around the world while also maintaining their connection to their home country. The different languages currently offered at IBS of Provence: English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese

    IBS has 150 students living in boarding homes from 10 to 18 years old who benefit from a truly stimulating environment of linguistic and cultural exchange.  Boarding students benefit from a specialized program (with scheduled study periods both at school and at their boarding homes). These study periods are designed to encourage self-motivated, independent learning – a skill which will serve them well as they go on to study at university. The close proximity enjoyed between students of diverse nationalities fosters language learning and cultural awareness. Responsible, experienced adults living in the boarding homes work hard to ensure a climate of trust, respect and understanding. In this way, our boarding homes provide students with a friendly, family-style atmosphere – a place of authentic “life together”.

  • Dorm facilities:

    Designed on the concept of a family home, under the watchful eye of supervisors,  the boarding section is an extension of the school day in a convivial atmosphere alternating between study periods, meals and leisure time. Five boarding houses accomodate students in rooms of four and students are encouraged to respect the basic rules of communal life; consideration for others, punctuality, personal hygiene and tidiness.


    According to demand and with the exception of school holidays, the boarding section is always open. Periods for study, sports, games, cinema visits and various outings in the region are planned in consultation with the boarders.


    The following services are available to boarders: travel bookings, transportation services, medical care monitoring and pocket-money management.

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    Primary School (FROM 2 TO 10 YEARS OLD)

    Curriculum at IBS of Provence Primary School is inspired by Early Learning Goals as laid out by the English Department of Education and the French Education Nationale. The curriculum is cross curricular and taught through enquiry play activites. Children engage in independent and adult led activities which link skills and attitudes from the different learning aspects of : language and communication, physical, social, mathematical, knowledge of the world, and creative. Children interact with the adults and children in class, and are continually assessed in their learning journey through observation and recording. As an international bilingual school, the week is equally divided between French and English, with complete days of immersion.

    Middle School

    6ème/5ème/4ème (FR) – Years 7/8/9 (UK) – 6th/7th/8th Grade (USA)

    This middle school program at IBS of Provence is a bilingual program created to ensure that all students receive language immersion in both French and English regardless of their entry level to our school. We follow the French national curriculum so that students continuing on in the French system can succeed on the national exams but we go far and beyond the traditional program by adding sports, arts, music, chemistry and physics starting in 6ème, and a third language for those students who are already bilingual. Students can also choose Maths and Physics in either English or French depending on their future studies.


    For the past 30 years, IBS has been preparing students for entrance to universities around the world. In addition to the French students who make up 45% of the student population, IBS welcomes pupils from the five continents desiring to pursue their education in English, French or both. Committed to French-English bilingualism and the  preparation of our students for a variety of international examinations, the Upper School offers its students three different sections:

    The International Section – which follows the IGCSE Cambridge programme in Years 10 and 11 followed by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Years 12 and 13. IBS is one of the largest IB schools in France with a diverse student body and a highly qualified and experienced teaching staff from around the world.

     The French Section – which follows the National French Education programme with the BREVET exam in 3ème followed by preparation leading to the French Baccalaureate during the last three years (2nde, 1ère, Tle).

     Mixed International/French Section – for a small number of students in 3ème or 2nde, IBS offers a mixed programme which allows students to develop their French language skills while maintaining their core subjects in English.

  • Course languages offered:
    English , French

Sport and culture

  • Sports what we offer:

    A wide range of different sports at all levels, both on an individual and team basis: Tennis, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Golf, Dance, Fitness, Yoga, Martial Arts (after school)

    IBS also offers an intensive tennis programme called « IBS Tennis Academy ». This Academy is open to all students, at all levels, with intensive tennis coaching in small groups from one to five times per week. The Tennis Academy aims to offer a tennis club environment without the problems of logistics associated with competitive sports. The lessons are provided by Professional tennis coaches on the IBS Campus and students are accompanied on an individual basis as they develop into well-rounded tennis players.

    IBS of Provence has partnered with Balanda Equestrian Academy to offer a high level Show Jumping Program to students from around the world.

  • Culture and arts:

    Visual arts as well as performing arts are offered from 6ème (6th grade) so that students can have a creative outlet to develop their imagination and expression, both visual and physical. Outside of the school curriculum, they also offer a Theatre Club, Art Club, School Choir, Music club and connect students with private music and vocal teachers should they want a more individual approach. Every year, students are also invited to sing, dance, play music and perform at our annual Christmas Party, Student Talent Show, End of Year Theatre performance and at the End of the Year Party.

  • Religions:

Summer Programs

IBS of Provence has been offering Spring and Summer Camps during the holidays for over 30 years. Students come from all over the world, both as day and boarding students, to take part in intensive language or revisions classes. IBS offers several programmes based on the choice of academics only or academics with sports and activities.

French as a Foreign Language from 8 to 18 years old

Stage 1 : from 25/06 to 13/07/2018

Stage 2 : from 16/07 to 03/08/2018

Stage 3 : from 06/08 to 24/08/2018


 F 1 IBS "morning" - 3 hours of lessons in the morning

F 2 IBS intensive studies -  3 hours of lessons in the morning, 2 hours of lessons in the afternoon

F 3 IBS studies and sports/art - 3 hours of lessons in the morning, 2 hours of sports and art in the afternoon

F 2 / 3 Boarding - Activities and cultural visits of the surrounding area at 4 p.m. on week days

F 2 / 3 Boarding weekend inclusive - Activities and cultural visits of the surrounding area at 4 p.m. on week days and cultural regional visits on weekends


Choice (3 disciplines maximum) :

Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Martial Arts, Dance, Horse-Riding(1), Table Tennis, Art, Drama(2). ( 1) extra fees) , (2) 8 participants minimum.


MORNING ONLY (9 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.) – F1 : 350 € p/week

 DAY STUDENT (9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.) – F2 or F3 : 500 € p/week

 WEEKLY BOARDER (without weekend) : 800 € p/week

 FULL BOARDER (with weekend) : 950 € p/week

School Gallery

International Bilingual School of Provence, Luynes, France | Best Boarding Schools
International Bilingual School of Provence, Luynes, France | Best Boarding Schools
International Bilingual School of Provence, Luynes, France | Best Boarding Schools
International Bilingual School of Provence, Luynes, France | Best Boarding Schools
International Bilingual School of Provence, Luynes, France | Best Boarding Schools
International Bilingual School of Provence, Luynes, France | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

Located in the south-east of France in the fragrant sun-drenched heart of Provence of timeless charms, IBS benefits from an unparalleled geographical situation


500 Route de Bouc-Bel-Air , Domaine des Pins -Aix-en-Provence, Luynes, Indre et Loire, France, Postcode - 13080 LUYNES
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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