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Looking for a boarding school in Switzerland? Institut auf dem Rosenberg  as a lot to offer!
International high school with Anglo-American., German, French and Italian section, and a Swiss boarding school. The following subject areas are included in the study programmes: English, Mathematics, Natural and Physical Sciences, History, Geography, Foreign Languages and additional electives such as Music, Art and further Liberal Arts subjects. In Grades 9 and 10 it is possible to sit the British IGCSE examinations, which correspond to a junior certificate. At the end of grade 10 students select one of the following programmes: British Programme with GCE A Level examinations: This two year programme consisting of 3 to 5 subjects is very demanding and comprehensive. Year 1 (grade 11) Students select 4 to 5 subjects and sit the first set of examinations known as AS examinations, at the end of the school year. Year 2 (grade 12) Students continue studying 3 to 4 subjects at A2 level. At the end of the school year, they sit the second set of examinations known as the A2 examinations. The A level is an accumulation of the AS and A2. College Preparatory Programme with AP examinations: In addition to standard or honours classes, students can select courses out of the AP programme. During Grade 11 or 12 students choose AP subjects in which they excel, such as Foreign Languages, Literature, Social Studies, the Sciences or Mathematics. At the end of the school year, students are required to the sit the respective AP examination. AP studies are highly comprehensive and correspond in level and content to the first year of college. College Preparatory Programme: This programme comprises all areas of studies. Students develop and deepen their knowledge, while acquiring both academic writing and analytical skills, to prepare them for studies at university. After completing the 12th school year, including four years of High School and having fulfilled the necessary requirements, students graduate with a High School Diploma, which allows them to apply to international, British or American universities. All programmes mentioned above prepare students to enter college or university. General remarks: Each programme has its own characteristics. The variety of the course offerings enables students to complete their education according to their strengths and needs. The curriculum is so called international until the end of Grade 10 and incorporates British and American elements. This gives students time and opportunity to select the right programme of studies in the junior and senior years. In order to apply to American and European national universities, students must submit a transcript that lists all courses attended and grades achieved from Grades 9 through 12. The subjects mentioned must meet the requirement of a general education including all subject areas. Competitive universities require courses studied at honours or advanced level completed with good grades.

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Academic life

  • Course languages offered:
    English , Italian , French , German

Summer Programs

Winter Camp 2019, ages 6-19

Combination of an intensive language programme and the opportunity to actively engage in winter sports while spending their time on campus with regular boarders and enriching their Swiss boarding school experience by visiting the school’s regular academic programme.

Language course: English, German or French

From around the age of 13, boys and girls live in separate houses on the main campus

Enrichment programme – take part in co-curricular courses, sports and community events

Mainstream academic programme – study alongside boarding students

2 weeks

Anytime during academic year

5960 CHF***

Winter Camp located on the beautiful Rosenberg above the city of St. Gallen, the school is in close proximity to Lake Constance on the one side, and the Alpstein mountain range on the other side.  

Private boarding school Institut auf dem Rosenberg is based in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Its geographic location allows boarders to fully experience the natural seasons and to engage in numerous sports and leisure time options that excites both children and young adults. With its own tennis courts and sports fields the area covers over 100'000 square metres of private parkland. Whether during the snowy winter months or the lush and green summer period - the natural beauty surrounding Institut auf dem Rosenberg never ceases to fascinate.  Institut auf dem Rosenberg’s mission is for children and young people to gain a broad knowledge base through ideal educational standards in a sound international environment. Each young person is an individual requiring guidance in academic and personal development. Swiss international boarding school Institut auf dem Rosenberg provides a range of summer and winter courses aimed at providing language lessons as well as the chance to discover and learn new skills. Fun activities and sports as well as an introduction to life at a traditional Swiss boarding school round up the overall camp experience
Zurich – one hour. 

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Institut auf dem Rosenberg: St. Gallen, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Institut auf dem Rosenberg: St. Gallen, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

The city of St.Gallen owes its name and origin to the wandering monk, Gallus, who came in 612 from the Lake Constance region to the upper Steinach valley. At the explicit orders of Charlemagne, the monastery in St.Gallen cultivated the arts and sciences, whose impressive works can still be admired today in the world renowned Abbey Library. Textiles were and are St.Gallen’s traditional industry. St.Gallen laces are the first choice for the collections of famous couture houses in Paris and Milan. St.Gallen is the seventh largest city in Switzerland and a regional capital, with a well-known university, federal court, theatre, concert hall, museums, modern clinics and countless services. The picturesque location between Lake Constance and the Säntis, a charming old town whose Abbey District is a world Heritage site, as well as a variety of events throughout the year, make St.Gallen a preferred location in eastern Switzerland. Parents and friends of the school enjoy combining a visit to the Institut auf dem Rosenberg with a stay in St.Gallen. The proximity of airports in Zurich, Altenrhein and Friedrichshafen as well as direct motorway access and excellent train connections make for an easy arrival. Enter the following in your navigation system: Country (Switzerland), city (St.Gallen), and the address (Hoehenweg 60). Exit at „St.Gallen-Kreuzbleiche, taking the right-hand lane „St.Gallen-West“ (Direction „Schoren“). Turn right at the first signal light. A wide curve (Dufourstrasse) leading upwards brings you to the top of the hill. As soon as you are at the highest point, Dufourstrasse 107) you will see on your left older homes and chestnut trees with a pink garden fence. Take the small road up (Nussbaumstrasse). You are right in the midst of the Rosenberg campus.


Institut auf dem Rosenberg AG, Höhenweg 60, 9000 St.Gallen , St. Gallen, Switzerland, Postcode - 9000
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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