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Institut La Gruyère was established in 1949 to provide young boys and girls a human-friendly environment to acquire sound education, know-how and knowledge. The school offers a variety of courses such as the French Baccalaureate, a bilingual 3-year Matura program education system, a secondary school and an intensive French course.

Main language: French and Bilingual English and French

Language courses offered: ESL, EAL, Latin,  Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, French

Age of entry: 11+

Age of entry to boarding houses: 13+

Academic programmes: Intensive French language course, Secondary school, French Baccalaureate , Swiss Matura

Director Details

About the school

  • Long description:
    Mr. André Vial and Mr. Alexis Tinguely started Institut La Gruyère with eleven students in the summer of 1949. Since its establishment, La Gruyère has become a friendly and professional institution with sound teaching systems, a family environment and a balanced system of leisure activities and study. The school divides the students into small classes to ensure a high academic standard among the students.

    Institut La Gruyère is where teamwork is initiated with good manners and mutual respect for every student. These values are inspired by the former students of the institution during their visits to the school or meetings of the Alumni Association. The school counts on loyal and qualified employees to ensure that the students' future is safeguarded.
  • Dorm facilities:
    Boarding House & Facilities:

    The institution is a French-speaking boarding school, accommodating up to 50 students between the ages of 12 to 20. There is a day school section for about 35 students. Each student has a personalized support, encouragement, and guidance from experienced and highly motivated teachers.

    The boarding school manager ensures that the students study in a healthy environment with engaging extra curriculum every day. Sports activities are organized for the students every day and in the evening, the students have some study hours to enhance new knowledge.

    When it comes to food, the students are offered tasty and balanced dishes by the chef and her team.

Social life & attractions

Weekend Program: 

On Fridays from 3.30pm to Sunday 9 pm, the institution takes care of students who are unable to go home for the weekend. Several programs and courses are lined up by the boarding school manager to ensure that the students discover different part of the region and the country through sports and cultural activities.

Extra Curriculum Activities:

Institut La Gruyère provide a multi-functional sports field within the property. The school is also fully equiped with a library, a television area, a computer room, a games room, a billiard room and a cafeteria. Each student gets a Wi-Fi access code at the beginning of the semester.

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    Institut La Gruyère offers a wide range of courses surch as Secondary School, the French Baccalaureate, the bilingual 3-year Matura program and a full-immersion French language course.

    The school offers language certifications : DELF, Cambridge, Goethe. The main language courses are run in French or Bilingual English and French.

    Secondary school I

    Students who have completed their 6th year in primary school can begin their three-year secondary education according to the Swiss-French Study Plan(PER).

    Swiss Matura or French Baccalaureate

    For 3 years after Secondary school, Institut La Gruyère prepares students for Swiss Matura or French Baccalaureate.
  • Student/teacher ratio:
  • Average class size:

Summer Programs

The next Summer Courses at l'Institut La Gruyère will be held from July 8th – 27th, 2018. Kids and teenagers from age 10 to 18 may sign up for the two- or three-weeks Summer Courses, which allows them to be perfectly prepared for the new school year.

Morning classes are dedicated to learning a language (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian). After a brief assessment at the beginning of their stay, students are divided into groups of different levels (Basic, Medium, Advanced, Superior).

These activities are available every afternoon: football, tennis, swimming, sail, basketball, water-ski, climbing, guided hiking, mountain biking . 

During Summer Courses they offer: visits to exhibitions and museums, city trips to Lausanne, Geneva, Fribourg or Berne, as well as excursions to the surrounding area as to the castle of Gruyères, the Gruyere cheese factory or the Cailler chocolate factory in Broc. During the Summer Courses in Gruyères, the evening program may take place at the lake or in the woods and includes games, bonfire, barbecue events, dancing parties, etc.
On weekends a special program (with i.e. water games or city tours) is set up. Depending on the weather, we are pleased to bring our international students to the beautiful Alps region. A trip to Zermatt regularly takes place. We also organize hiking tours, picnics and overnights in a mountain chalet. Our students always follow an evening program that fits their age and interests.

School Gallery

Institiut la Gruyeres Collège International, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Institiut la Gruyeres Collège International, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Institiut la Gruyeres Collège International, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Institiut la Gruyeres Collège International, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Institiut la Gruyeres Collège International, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Institiut la Gruyeres Collège International, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

Situated in the centre of Switzerland in Gruyères, Institut La Gruyère features an alluring and welcoming atmosphere for its students.


Chemin du Bourgo 15 CP 80 , 1663 Gruyères, Gruyères, Switzerland, Postcode - 1663 Gruyères
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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