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Hochalpines Institut Ftan (HIF) is an international school, which features a high education level and sports academy with a family-like atmosphere. The school offers one of the best snowboarding programs in the world, with six years Matura graduation for the students.

Hochalpines Institut Ftan offers both education and sports development, mentoring students in studies and encouraging social competences among them. The school is a life school for students from all over the world between the ages of 13 and 20 who want to be future leaders. HIF provides a platform for performance-oriented students to prepare for a successful future. The school has a boarding school, middle school and a sports school with a family atmosphere.

The boarding school has a team of staff that is available around the clock, helping the students to study and organizing a wide-ranging leisure program for them in a family-like community. HIF promotes students to the utmost level to strengthen their motivation and discipline; and support their academic success and social skills.

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Social life & attractions

Extra Curriculum Activities

HIF offers a wide range of modern amenities of a holiday resorts with warm hospitality and tranquility. The location of the school provides the students an opportunity to indulge in a wide range of sports activities such as horseback riding, climbing, biking in summer, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and skiing in winter.

Other school activities include project week, excursions, secret Santa with torch run, school prom, autumn hiking trip, team sports events, orientation runs, school trips, musical show, and graduation prom. In the vicinity of the school, there’s a chairlift that leads directly to the Motta Naluns Ski area and toboggan runs, the cross-country ski trail and hiking trails are also available.

Academic life

  • What we offer ?
    Hochalpines Institut Ftan offers a wide variety of academic and sports programs including College Integration Year, Bilingual Matura, and Swiss Matura.

    Academic programmes College Integration Year / Bilingual Swiss Matura / Common Entrance Exam / Swiss Matura / GCSE

    Main language: German / Bilingual German and English

    Language courses offered: German / Italian / French / Romansh

    Age of entry to boarding houses             12+

    Sports Academy

    The sports Academy at HIF offers personality development through individual support in sports and academics without lengthening their time in school. It is a successful Swiss sports school with excellence in snowboarding and Nordic skiing. The school offers a perfect academic and sporting environment for athletes in the sports of alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, golf, biathlon and cross-country skiing. HIF has a generous sports infrastructure site with a unique mountain landscape.

    Benefits of sports academy:

    There is a professional coach for every discipline or course

    The students are exposed to different pieces of training including off and on snow

    There are an efficient coordination and support in combining academics and sports

    The students have special mentoring moments- 247 support in the boarding school

    Medical assistance, recovery training, and therapy
  • Student/teacher ratio:
  • Average class size:

Summer Programs

15th-28th July 2018

German, English
AGE GROUP -11-16 years
Effective and fun language classes for beginners to advanced and on-site language learning during study visits, combined with international cooking classes and dinner events, art, graffiti or poetry workshops. Our fun and exciting classes ensure the highest quality standards by guaranteed small classes and individual help provided for each learner. 

School Gallery

Hochalpines Institut Ftan, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Hochalpines Institut Ftan, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Hochalpines Institut Ftan, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Hochalpines Institut Ftan, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools



Chalchera 154, CH-7551 Ftan , Chalchera, Ftan, Switzerland, Postcode - CH-7551 Ftan
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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