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Looking for great boarding schools in New Hampshire, USA? We are presenting here High Mowing School in Wilton, New Hampshire, US. High Mowing School is co-educational school for boys and girls and the first Waldorf high school to be founded in North America and the only one to offer a boarding program. The school day begins for every student with a Block class. In Block class, students, by grade, are asked to delve deeply into focused aspects of history, literature, drama, science and mathematics. Each year of the curriculum embodies an underlying theme that helps guide the students through their studies in ways that harmonize with their growth and development. Block class is an essential aspect of the curriculum and an important component of the graduation requirements. The day continues with a series of four track classes, comprised of the usual disciplines: Language Arts, Natural Sciences, History, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, and Performing & Studio Arts. Many of the track classes are required courses, especially for underclassmen. An example would be Algebra I and Algebra II, which are required of all students and are taken in a predetermined sequence. Other track classes are electives and involve a higher level of knowledge or interest, such as Calculus or World History. Academic track classes are a year in length, with a few exceptions. Classes in the Studio and Performing Arts may be taken for one, two or three trimesters in a year. Three years of study are required in Mathematics. A minimum of two years of World Language and History study is also required. Morning Activity and at least one trimester of Movement Education or Athletics is required each year to fulfill Physical Education credits. Performing and Fine Arts. Each day music can be heard around the school as individuals practice their instruments, train in the chorus, or rehearse with various groups. Students are able to explore eurythmy, a form of artistic movement found only in Waldorf schools. Eurythmy is an art of movement that brings language into the realm of dance. Using gestures they have learned for the sounds of speech, students choreograph poetry, story, and drama. Every year, each grade studies an aspect of the dramatic arts during a Block Class and mounts a class play. Sophomores perform a Greek drama, while Juniors present Shakespeare. The whole school is invited to participate in a dramatic production presented in the spring. A recent example is Les Miserables. It is not unusual for students to organize other performances as individual or group projects. The halls of High Mowing are adorned with the art work of students. Inspiring teachers bring out the best in their students in painting, drawing, a range of textile arts, and photography. In the textiles studio are fourteen floor looms, yarns in every color of the rainbow, and a full range of other equipment and materials to help create almost anything from fiber that you can imagine. Some students gather in congenial circles to knit, embroider, bead, and weave beautiful and useful things. Others work diligently at the looms on complex patterned blankets and rugs. Lessons in bookmaking, sewing, felting, basic color theory, basketry, and a variety of other techniques are presented throughout the year. Performing arts include: Drama, Eurythmy (Basic, Dramatic, Speech & Tone), annual class performances, and music courses Studio arts include: Drawing & Painting, Batik, Bookbinding, Clay Sculpture, Color Moods, Culinary Arts, Jewelry Making, Metal Work, Painting Styles, Photography, Portfolio Workshop, Pottery, Renaissance Limited Palette Oil Painting, Stained Glass, Stone Carving and Weaving.


  • 7 days boarding: 47 000 USD

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  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 31 30 61
Day School: 29 19 48

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    ADD/ADHD Support, College Counseling, ESL: Advanced, ESL: Beginning, ESL: Intermediate, Evening Study Assistance, Learning Differences Support, Study Skills Assistance
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    ADD/ADHD (specialist)

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High Mowing School: Wilton, New Hampshire, USA | Best Boarding Schools



222 Isaac Frye Highway, Wilton, New Hampshire , Wilton, New Hampshire, United States, Postcode - 03086
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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