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One of top boarding schools in Germany! The Hermann-Lietz-School is the oldest so called “Landerziehungsheim” in Germany. We live in a small village – besides the school is the village. The 120 boarders live in different houses in families of about 8 to 10 pupils from the age of 10 to 20 years. The parents of these families are teachers in our school. We have children from class 1 to 4 in primary school, from class 5 to 10 in secondary school and from class 11 to 13 in technical college.

Apart from the lessons in school it is very important for our pupils to learn different things to develop their personality. They can work in our carpenters’ workshop, they can learn different instruments, they can work in our farm and take care of our animals like horses, sheeps and pigs.


  • 7 days boarding: 26 000 Euro
  • Needs based aid: Offered
  • Percentage of students receiving some aid: 30%
  • Merit scholarschips: Offered

School size and facilties

90 ha • Farm with horses, sheeps, pigs, rabbits, ducks, chickens and fields • Carpenter’s workshop, garage for metal • Pottery and art house • Big gymnasium for soccer, basketball, table tennis • Library with computerized workstations

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 40 80 120
Day School: 120 160 280

Director Details

  • Name of Director: Burkhard Werner/ Katharina Schlegel
  • Address: Hermann-Lietz-Schule Stiftung 01 98663 Haubinda/ Germany
  • Tel: 0049-36875-6710
  • Fax: 0049-36875-67150
  • Website: http://www.lietz-schule.de
  • Rolling or fixed admission ? Rolling
  • Application fee: 520 Euro
  • International application fee: 520 Euro

Year Of Foundation


Some History

Hermann Lietz bought the detached manor in Haubinda for 250,000 DM and moved there in 1901 with 60 boys. It was established as the second German boarding school of Hermann Lietz. It was founded in 1919, made shortly before the death of the school's founders, under the sponsorship of the "Hermann-Lietz-foundation". The school experienced both world wars and Nazism. 1945 occurred in the Soviet occupation zone, which included the school, the law on land reform in force. Thus the property of about 100 acres of land was expropriated without compensation. With the end of World War II Chapter reform education in Haubinda was initially completed. Therefore, the school stood until 1951 under the sponsorship of the state of Thuringia. Between 1951 and 1957 there was the GDR border police stationed. From 1957 to 1961, the school served as the central school for grades five through eight of the places Schlechtsart, Gompertshausen, Westhausen and Haubinda. The school was closed again in 1961 and it attracted a soldier. From 1971, the school was for the children from the surrounding villages as a ten-year polytechnic secondary school. By supporting a new concept for the school was developed in 1990, which was approved as a school experiment. The privatization was completed for the school year 2001/2002, which also ended successfully the school experiment. Since privatization, the school is once again under construction.

About the school

  • Long description:
    At the Hermann- Lietz -Schule Haubinda foreign languages English, French and Spanish are taught . Already from the first Class , students are taught in English. From the 5th Class , students can voluntarily participate in the Spanish class and from 7th Class volunteered to participate in the teaching of French . It is also possible language certificates in the subjects of English ( Cambridge ESOL ), and to acquire French ( DELF - DALF ) program . Branches of instruction The 7th to 10 Class is divided into three branches or electives ( Presentation and Design, science and business, the environment and Europe). The pupils of the Hermann - Lietz -Schule Haubinda decide at the beginning of the 7th Class for one of the three branches . Each of these areas has a different subject area in which the students are taught four lessons a week. All students attend their chosen branch until the end of the middle stage. Scientific branch The students are each four week school hours in the subject " Nawi " taught. Science subjects (Physics, Mathematics Biology and Chemistry) are taught in two-hour sessions. They take regularly part in competitions, as part of the Math Olympiad , Kangaroo competition , Exciting Physics and chemistry kids. Major in Economics Environmental Europe In this lesson branch there as another profile subject in addition to the economic - legal - technology specialist economy -environment Europe. The school took part in the project of the International Foundation for Environmental Education and was awarded the title school environment in Europe. Artistic branch Of the Hermann - Lietz -Schule Haubinda the " Presentation and Design " is primarily concerned with the staging of plays and performances . Each class performs two pieces in front of the other boarders during a school year. In the eighth grade, one of these two productions is an English play and a musical in the ninth grade . State of the School Beyond the region was in educational circles , the project Haubinda State School , a democratic management of students, teachers and employees, known positive and is carefully monitored. Student court At the school there is a student court in which all the organs present at a court hearing (defender , prosecutor, judge ) are held by students. Such a student court there since 1998 , making it the first and oldest student court in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is also so far the only student court in Thuringia. Fachoberschule At the Technical School of the Hermann - Lietz -Schule Haubinda the departments of business / management with a focus on Hospitality and Tourism and the Department of Technology with a focus on information technology are offered. Since the school year 2009/ 2010, students have the opportunity to attend the 13th class , to store their general high school. The Hermann- Lietz -Schule Haubinda is currently the only school in Thuringia , where you can store its general technical college after high school . Work with laptops in the classroom is an integral part of the vocational high school. Project trips Once a year, the pupils of the school embarked on a five-day trip project . Each in groups of 15 to 20 pupils to travel to destinations throughout Germany . Prior to the project , each student must travel, the 7-9 classes find a theme that fits the project drive , choose on which he then writes an annual work . Each student will be supervised throughout the school year during the creation of the work. In addition, each year are taken canoeing and cycling.
  • Dorm facilities:
    Most of the students live together with one other pupil in one room; some of the older students have a room of their own.
  • Dress code: Casual

Famous People Who Attended This School

• Erich von Mendelsohn • Wilhelm Speyer • Walter Benjamin • Erich Wichmann • Rolf Tietgens

Why Should You Choose this School?

If you want to live in real nature; if you like animals sometimes more than mathematics or science; if you want to create something new; if you want to try what you can do with your hands; if you like acting; if you like sports like football or table tennis – these are some reasons why a child should attend our school.

Academic life

  • Number of teachers and their qualifications :
  • Average class size:
  • Course languages offered:
    English , German

Interests & Activities

  • Support programs
    ADD/ADHD Support, ESL: Beginning, Learning Differences Support
  • Languages & Humanities Courses
    • English Courses
      Classics, Literature
    • Philosophy and Religion Courses
      Ethics, Social justice, World religions
    • Foreign Languages Courses
      French, Spanish
    • History Courses
      Classical history, European history
    • Social Sciences
  • Science & IT Studies
    • Science
      Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth science, Electronics, Physics
    • Maths
      Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry
    • IT studies
      Computer science, Programming
  • Visual art & music & drama
    • Performing arts
      Acting, Drama, History of theater, Theater arts
    • Visual arts
      Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Metal, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Woodworking
    • Writing
    • Music
      Band, Choral music, Music theory, Principles of arranging
  • Sports
    • Winter Sports
      Alpine skiing, Snowboarding
    • Ball games
      Baseball, Basketball, Football
    • Indoor sports
      Aerobics, Bowling, Dancing, Gymnastics, Weight lifting
    • Other sports
      Horseback riding, Outdoor education & survival
    • Water sports
      Canoeing, Swimming
  • Clubs and free time interests
    Computer club, Gardening, Horseback riding, Literary Magazine, Newspaper, Photography, Snowboarding, Student Government, Theater
  • Special needs catered for
    Behavioural disorders, Dyslexia, Hyperactivity/ADD/ADHD, Interrupted education, Learning difficulties

Summer Programs

* Every summer we invent students who want to get to know our school or those, who would like to improve their languages or maths skills. During the free time we visit several special places like pools, museums, theaters; and we take care of our farm to learn how to live in and with the nature.

School Gallery

Hermann Lietz School: Haubinda, Germany | Best Boarding Schools
Hermann Lietz School: Haubinda, Germany | Best Boarding Schools
Hermann Lietz School: Haubinda, Germany | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

Southeast of Germany; South of Thuringia next to the Bavarian frontier; located between Meiningen, Erfurt, Coburg, Bamberg


Hermann-Lietz-Schule Stiftung 01 98663 Haubinda , Haubinda, Germany, Postcode - 01 98663
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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