Hawaii Preparatory Academy: Kamuela, Hawaii, USA

Kamuela, Hawaii, United States

Hawaii Preparatory Academy: Kamuela, Hawaii, USA

Price Range ₤ 20,000-30,000 per annum


Hawaii Preparatory School is a co-educational boarding school for boys and girls in Kamuela, Hawaii, USA.

Founded in 1949, Hawaii Preparatory Academy is an independent coeducational school which provides a full choice of possibilities for its students from kindergarten through grade 12. We admit our boarding students in grades 9 through 12. 

HPA offers number of unique courses and activities (for example marine science field studies, sea turtle research, scuba certification, and more) which, supported by our great location, give its students a strong feeling of Hawaii atmosphere. Our offer also includes visual and performing arts, combined with a great Upper School athletic programme which teaches our students healthy competition, as well as mutual respect.

What else can we give you?

Another great advantage of our school is the HPA Upper Campus which is located on 220-acres in the foothills of the Kohala Mountains and is home to the Upper School students. Boarding students can enjoy and benefit from the beauty of the campus and the number of opportunities which are ensured by our facilities. These academic facilities include 22 classrooms, a lecture hall, Institute of English Studies classroom, music and rehearsal rooms, science laboratories, and an engineering garage.

The educational programme of Hawaii Preparatory Academy's Upper School, is targeted on college preparatory education, with a huge emphasis put on providing basic knowledge in all subjects which we offer. Advanced Placement courses in 19 subject areas are offered too. Our student-faculty ratio is 10:1; most classes number between 8 and 20 students, which is a great advantage to treat each student individually. Our modern academic facilities provide clean and bright learning environments for each of our pupils.

We expect each of our students to pursue a rigorous academic programme of studies in all of the fundamental disciplines. Our Students should be aware of this rule and approach, as well as to work according to their abilities and interests. The Hawaii Preparatory Academy encourages students to take courses which are challenging and which help to expand their knowledge.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 88 213 301
Day School: 213 223 436

Contact school: contact-us

Website: http://www.hpa.edu

Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: 44 100 USD

5 days boarding: 39 900 USD

Day school only cost: 22 300 USD



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Hawaii Preparatory Academy: Kamuela, Hawaii, USA - Your boarding school in Kamuela, Hawaii


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Hawaii Preparatory Academy: Kamuela, Hawaii, USA

Hawaii Preparatory Academy: Kamuela, Hawaii, USA - Your boarding school in Kamuela, Hawaii


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