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Thinking about top boarding schools in America? Havergal College is one of top girls boarding schools in Canada.  Havergal College is located in Toronto. Our Senior School (Grades 9 to 12) prepares Havergal students for university in Canada and abroad. Equally important, we prepare young women to become informed and responsive global citizens.Opportunities for growth are provided to students, including highly able students, through differentiated instruction, independent study and individual research projects. Provincial and national competitions, such as contests in math, science and modern languages, enable motivated students to stretch their learning in specific subject areas. Our faculty encourages interested students to pursue Advanced Placement studies to deepen their knowledge of a subject, to challenge themselves and to prepare for university. The Advanced Placement (AP) Program gives students exposure to university-level material and, in some cases, credit towards university courses. Havergal offers Advanced Placement courses in biology, calculus, statistics, French and Spanish. The school also provides support for students who choose to write Advanced Placement exams in studio art, chemistry, physics, economics, English language, English literature, European history and U.S. history. The school has been welcoming boarding students (Grades 9 to 12) into our community since 1894. While they come from approximately 20 different countries, Havergal Boarders share many qualities: an enthusiasm for acquiring an excellent education, an openness to experience new situations and adventures, and an aptitude for hard work and good fun.

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Havergal College: Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Best Boarding Schools
Havergal College: Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Best Boarding Schools
Havergal College: Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Best Boarding Schools



Havergal College 1451 Avenue Road Toronto, Ontario, M5N 2H9 , Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Postcode - M5N 2H9
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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