Harrow International School: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Harrow International School: Bangkok, Thailand

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Looking for an English boarding school in Bangkok? A great British boarding school in Thailand. Great co-educational boarding facilities! The Pre-prep School

The three year groups in the Junior School are Years 3, 4 and 5. Pupils in this phase of the school are aged between 7 and 10 years. We aim to provide an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum which builds on, and develops, skills introduced to them during their time in the Infant School.

The pupils are taught using the National Curriculum of England and Wales as a foundation. The teaching focuses on the knowledge, attitudes, skills and concepts relevant to each subject. Teachers use this curriculum to teach a range of subjects: Literacy, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, DT and PHSE. The Junior School class teachers teach these subjects. However, as a means of developing a pupil’s educational experience, specialist teachers teach some subjects. Subjects taught by specialist teachers include ICT, Music, PE, MFL,Libraly Thai language Thai Studies.

Here in Bangkok, we are lucky to have a wide range of external resources on our doorstep. Teachers make use of this ‘outside classroom’ in their planning and pupils go on several educational day trips throughout the school year.  A highlight of the year is Expedition Week.  During this week, pupils spend at least two nights away from home in a variety of locations around Thailand. 

Our curriculum is delivered in a variety of different ways.  We recognise the importance of a range of learning styles when delivering the curriculum and teaching is adapted accordingly. Pupils enjoy a range of practical activities in many subjects and have opportunities to work individually or as groups. 

Individual teachers provide a safe and secure learning environment for the pupils, where strengths and successes are celebrated and their personal needs are recognised. Pupils are encouraged to develop their independence throughout their time in the Junior School and teachers ensure that the learning experience is fun.

The Preparatory School
In the United Kingdom a preparatory school or, Prep School, is generally an independent school designed to prepare a student for a senior independent school. In Harrow Bangkok we attempt to equip our Prep pupils with the skills and knowledge to better prepare them for our Secondary School.

Each week we meet to celebrate the achievement of our Prep school students and to prepare for the next week. There is a big input from pupils, especially the House Captains who organise and run the assemblies.  We also hand out awards and listen to musical items from our talented pupils.  We often have a speaker guest each week who presents an item of interest to the students. A key theme of all assemblies are our pupils speaking or performing with confidence to an audience.

Pupil leadership and responsibility play a big role in the Prep School. We have House Captains in Year 7 and Deputy House Captains in Year 6. These pupils have a range of responsibilities that include organizing and leading the prep assemblies and their Houses through-out the year. A key theme of all assemblies and prep events are our pupils’ speaking or performing with confidence to an audience.

Sixth Form
Students enter the Sixth Form at Harrow International School, as a member of the Sixth Form and as part of Harrow International School. We seek to treat you as students with a distinct shift in emphasis away from the expectations placed upon you in Year 11 as students.

The workload is demanding and requires both commitment and motivation. If you are not able to demonstrate these qualities we may recommend that you seek alternative courses, possibly at another institution. Students joining Harrow International School Sixth Form are expected to accept these responsibilities.

To this end, we set a minimum entrance requirement of five IGCSE passes at grade ‘C’ or above to undertake Sixth Form courses.  Some subjects (notably Mathematics) may set higher requirements.

This requirement is based on our experiences of the level of academic ability required of students to succeed at A-level. It is not in your best interests for us to accept you onto courses for which you may not have the ability to cope – if you do not have five IGCSE passes (or equivalent) then it is likely that Sixth Form study is not for you.

During Term One we will keep a close track of your progress and offer as much support as possible. Many students find the transition between IGCSE and A-level challenging (again reinforcing the need for you to have the ability to cope with A-levels). Teachers are well experienced in guiding students through these difficulties and you should see any problems you have as part of the learning experience.

Expectations in The Sixth Form
As a member of the school community you are expected to follow the school’s code of conduct, conforming to the ethos of the school, showing respect and consideration towards members of staff, peers and Students within the school.

Around the school we expect you to set a high standard of behaviour. As senior students in the school younger students will look up to you. The way you conduct yourself has considerable effect on the ethos of the whole School. Sixth Formers are expected to set an example to the other students and to abide by the regulations on behaviour and dress.

We expect full attendance at all lessons and extra-curricular commitments. Full support for clubs, societies and House events will help the School and also benefit you – your attendance at all such events is required. If you are absent without permission or without an adequate reason on too many occasions you may be asked to leave the Sixth Form.

Sixth Formers have ownership of the Sixth Form Common Room. However, this also comes with the responsibility for the running and care of the Common Room. It is the responsibility of each member of the Sixth Form to ensure the facilities are treated with the respect they deserve.  The Sixth Form Common Room Committee will play a key role in looking after the Common Room and enacting desired changes where possible.

You will be aware that you receive a number of private study periods. The purpose of these periods is to give you time in school to study, make use of the schools resources and help you cope with the demands of post-16 courses more effectively. As students we expect that you will seek to make effective use of these study periods, support is available for those who struggle with aspects of time management.

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Harrow International School: Bangkok, Thailand

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