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Excellencia, a private educational establishment, is one of the only French schools to offer their students a course inspired by the English boarding school system. For 20 years, the school has run language camps and holiday courses. Campus, situated in the village of Troissy in the Champagne region, one hour from Paris provides your child with all the tools they need to be able to concentrate on their studies and build their own personal learning programme. Pupils will benefit from a unique teaching approach which takes into account both academic performance and personal achievements. From Year 9 up until Year 13, specific teaching programmes are linked to the National Curriculum. This approach aims to make your child realise their full potential and to help them achieve excellence.

School size and facilties

A unique setting in the Champagne region. Just one hour from Paris and its airports, right in the heart of the Champagne region and close to tourist towns famous for their history, culture and food, you will find a unique school: Excellencia. The Excellencia school is located in a village in the Champagne region, in a leafy setting surrounded by hills and vineyards. And the historic buildings which are dotted throughout the neighbouring towns (such as Dormans) are a constant and vivid reminder of the historic and cultural heritage of the area. The school sits in completely secure and tree-filled grounds stretching over 5 hectares. Nestling among the vineyards, the school has a stunning view over the surrounding countryside where pupils can enjoy complete peace and quiet. The Excellencia campus is a unique property with its château dating from the beginning of the 19th century, a heated junior Olympic-size swimming pool, a large number of classrooms and study rooms, a suite of adjoining buildings designed for maximum convenience, and its carefully designed and fully equipped apartments where parents can stay if they wish to visit their children. 

The Excellencia site has 5 hectares of grounds which are completely secure. Access to the various buildings is managed by an electronic badge system, so that no unauthorised persons may enter the Excellencia grounds.

Director Details

About the school

  • Long description:

    Excellencia has created an environment which gives your child the necessary skills to achieve academic success and which allows them to achieve good qualifications from the Department of National Education (Certificate of General Education or the Baccalaureate). In particular, the school aims at placing your child at the heart of their learning and making them aware of their own potential. Developing their talents, clearly identifying their goals, identifying inevitable difficulties and knowing how to face them, maintaining their motivation: these are the qualities which your child will acquire at Excellencia and which will provide them with the necessary tools to build their academic and professional portfolio.

    School’s curriculum is based on the following objectives:

    To ensure the success of each student and to maximise their performance by giving them the necessary tools to succeed.

    To boost the potential of each student to bring out the best in them

    To make an effort individually and collectively

    To guarantee high-quality teaching standards

    To help the child achieve a distinction at Baccalaureate level

    To develop the independence and responsibility of each student regarding punctuality, diligence, discipline, austerity and work ethic so as to put them in the best position possible in their individual and general life

    To develop their openness towards others and to the outside world

    To develop their ethical and moral qualities, and to create a true community spirit

    To ensure the sufficient training of teachers and staff

    To secure the position and the role of parents in their child’s education

  • Dorm facilities:

    Excellencia offers a place to live and work which allows your child to concentrate on their studies and to boost their progress. Life at the boarding school (accommodation, meals, trips etc.) guarantees a friendly living experience, creating a family feeling amongst the boarders.

    Spacious buildings are arranged to provide both complete comfort, peace and quiet, either in individual or shared single-sex accommodation. All of the staff are present 24 hours a day and they constantly monitor the pupils’ well-being. The grounds are solely reserved for the pupils and they can enjoy them in complete safety.

    Your child will stay in a dormitory (with 2 to 4 children per room) allocated according to their personality and character. The rooms will be fully-equipped for your child’s well-being: spacious, well-ventilated and comfortably furnished.

    The bedrooms are spread throughout the annex buildings of the mansion, situated in the heart of the wooded 5 hectare grounds. The girls’ and boys’ buildings are separate. Only members of staff have access to all of the buildings for security reasons.

    Mealtimes are important for relaxation and conversation at Excellencia. The students are served in a buffet style in the dining room, or outside if the weather is nice, and they are under constant supervision by the staff. Your child can choose from a wide range of foods (bread, cereals, hot drinks, dairy products, cold meats, eggs, seasonal fruits, etc.) at breakfast. At lunchtime and at dinner, they have a choice between 8 and 10 starters from the buffet (both hot and cold) and different main courses.

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    Years 9 and 10

    The aim for Years 9 and 10 is to provide the basics in terms of teaching mechanisms and to make each child aware of their potential and their cognitive abilities, so as to give them the necessary tools and methods to succeed in Years 11 and above. There are also specific methodology and self-awareness workshops offered in Years 9 and 10.

    Year 11

    From Year 11, we prepare our students for the Baccalaureate and we ask them to outline the course they are going to take. In September, each student chooses their course studies following an interview with their tutor.

    ü  General literature course: Revision in French and in English with an extra subject including options such as LV3 boostering, Arts and Literature (Audio-visual, Visual arts), or Literature and society

    ü  General economics course: An in-depth French and Maths Course, as well as the same teaching for Science as Year 12 Economics

    ü  General science course: An in-depth in Maths, Physical Sciences and SVT course

    ü  Science, Design Technology and Applied Arts (STD2A)

    Years 12 and 13

    ü  Literature course: Years 12 and 13 Literature

    ü  Economics course: Years 12 and 13 Social economics

    ü  Science course: Years 12 and 13 Science

    ü  Arts course:  Years 12 and 13 STD2A

    As the classes in Years 12 and 13 are so important, specific support is put into place from Year 12:

    ü  Each child chooses one of their teachers as a tutor (from Years 9 to 13)

    ü  2 hours of tutorials per week in the core subjects to give each student additional and individualised practice for the written and oral assessments

    ü  An exam-style test each week

    ü  3 practise papers under exam conditions during the year

    ü  Specific practice for the oral assessments and a communication skills workshop

    ü  Revision and boostering courses (Study Vacation programme)

    ü  Student support when choosing their post-Baccalaureate studies, as well as a careers forum

    Optional extras

    ü  Sports

    ü  Culture and Arts

    ü  Music

    ü  Foreign Languages

  • Number of teachers and their qualifications :

    The school’s management team has more than 20 years’ experience in teaching, supervising and supporting pupils aged between 6 and 18 years, and is also experienced in staff and school management.  Teachers are selected according to their qualifications, experience, teaching aptitude and their devotion to teaching, in accordance with the needs of the programmes. The sport activities are organised by qualified leaders who are specialists in their areas.

    Class numbers are deliberately limited to a maximum of 12 pupils per class in order to guarantee the quality of teaching and communication with teachers and thus ensure that each pupil receives individual attention and supervision.

  • Average class size:

Sport and culture

  • Sport Facilities:

    Campus offers an indoor heated swimming-pool, climbing walls, badminton courts, basket, football fields, a golf practice, and a gym.

  • Sports what we offer:
    On campus, pupils have access to many different spaces for sport and cultural activities. There are more than 30 different sport activities offered on site. 

    Activities : swimming, water skiing, ski-bob, tennis, paddle, golf, fencing, mountain biking, archery, shooting, dance, fitness, muscle strengthening, climbing, aqua gym, canoeing, waterpolo, combat sports, martial arts, relaxation, football, volley-ball and beach volley-ball, badminton, table tennis, mini trek, treasure hunts, hiking.

  • Culture and arts:

    Learning to explore and discover is a principle which helps form our international school’s curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate in educational and cultural trips with their teachers, which are geared towards various subjects: Art history- visits to towns and cities (Paris, Reims, Epernay), cathedrals, museums, etc., French, History and Geography, Economics, Science, Sports Education, Cultural activities Louvre

    A language is a world vision and an expression of a human culture and its spirit. To prepare your child for growing up in this globalised and diverse world, we offer a French/English bilingual course from college level. As well as the classes, the extracurricular activities will be run in English (such as the school newsletter, cookery classes, plays, musicals, comedies etc.)

Summer Programs

French Summer Camp

The French summer camp is open from June 25th to August 19th

For the last 20 years we have been organizing top of the range language summer school programmes on our campus in Troissy, France. Situated just one hour from Paris, around 8000 children to date have come from some 60 different counties to our school to either learn or perfect their French. Our top priority is to ensure the security and wellbeing of your child.

French Summer Camp

The idea behind the French Summer Camp is to allow your child is to discover the world with a fresh pair of eyes, to explore the many ways of learning and to discover more about themselves in a close family environment; safe and friendly. For the last 20 years Excellencia has been organizing top of the range language summer school programmes on our campus in Troissy, France. Situated just one hour from Paris, around 8000 children to date have come from some 60 different counties to our school to either learn or perfect their French. Our top priority is to ensure the security and wellbeing of your child.

1 week session 1 400 €

2 weeks session 2 350 €

3 weeks session 3 300 €

Oxford Language Camp

English language, sport and culture, all in France. Staying at Excellencia to learn English in France for a week or more is crafted in such a way that your child is given total immersion in an entirely English environment. This unique English immersion relies upon:

ü  Learning hands on

ü  Learning though games

ü  Learning through sports and cultural activities

• from Sunday 8th July to Saturday 14th July 2018

• from Sunday 15th July to Saturday 21st July 2018

• from Sunday 22nd July to Saturday 28th July 2018 : FULLY BOOKED

• from Sunday 29th July to Saturday 4th August 2018 : FULLY BOOKED

• from Sunday 5th August to Saturday 11th August 2018

• from Sunday 12th August to Saturday 18th August 2018

1 week 700 €

2 weeks 1 260 €

School Gallery

Excellencia College Lycee, Troissy, Marne, France | Best Boarding Schools
Excellencia College Lycee, Troissy, Marne, France | Best Boarding Schools
Excellencia College Lycee, Troissy, Marne, France | Best Boarding Schools
Excellencia College Lycee, Troissy, Marne, France | Best Boarding Schools
Excellencia College Lycee, Troissy, Marne, France | Best Boarding Schools
Excellencia College Lycee, Troissy, Marne, France | Best Boarding Schools
Excellencia College Lycee, Troissy, Marne, France | Best Boarding Schools
Excellencia College Lycee, Troissy, Marne, France | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

By car

A4 Exit 21-Dormans

Follow D980 and D3 towards Troissy

By plane

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport: 120 kilometres

By train

TGV station – Reims: 25 minutes

Dormans station: 5 minute


1 route de Paris , 51700 Troissy, Troissy, France, Postcode - 51700 Troissy
Email - info@best-boarding-school.net

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