Ecole La Garenne Franco-Anglaise: Chesieres, Switzerland

Chesieres, Switzerland

Ecole La Garenne Franco-Anglaise: Chesieres, Switzerland

Price Range ₤ 60,000 - 70,000 per annum


Are you looking for Switzerland boarding school? La Garenne in Chesieres (not far from one of top schools Aiglon College) is one of best preparatory boarding schoos in Switzerland. It is a bilingual French-English school for boys and girls from 5 to 14 years old.

La Garenne International School was created  in  1947. Since 1980,it  has been run by the Méan Family.  The many years of experience, strong family values and high academic standards continue to make La Garenne a popular choice amongst parents seeking an excellent boarding school which combines an outstanding primary and middle school education with a safe and healthy family atmosphere.  The children have the opportunity to interact with a variety of nationalities and different cultures which helps them to develop socially as mature students.

It is in our school philosophy to treat each child as an individual. With the students to staff ration 2:1 and an average class size of 13, there is always continual support and encouragement throughout their years at the school. The children are immersed in both the French and the English language, which is why they are bilingual by the time they leave. The language programmes may also be adapted to suit the student’s individual needs which may include support from  the SENCO specialist  and private lessons.  

As boarders or day pupils, the students study The Official British Curriculum(IPC) or The Official French Curriculum as well as the official Cambridge exams.

The student’s individual talents and interests are celebrated and developed throughout their years spent at La Garenne. Our 8 IPC personal goals: communication, co-operation, respect, morality, adaptability, thoughtfulness, resilience and enquiry are the focus at La Garenne, encouraging students  to reflect upon and enhance their personal development.

 There are daily sports lessons including football, tennis, swimming, karate, athletics, climbing, hockey and ice-skating, to name but a few as well as weekend expeditions. This enables us to uphold and advocate  an  active and healthy lifestyle for our students. During the ski season the children ski in the afternoons and finish right at the front door of the school.

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Campus size and facilities:

Campus centres around the main La Garenne building, an authentic yet modernised Swiss chalet. Thoughtfully designed to best serve the school community, it includes a dining room, offices and residential accommodation for youngest students and school directors. Nearby, ‘Académia’ is the main teaching building, ‘Millenium’ houses two Cubs’ classrooms, playroom, library and a base for Learning Support and the recently opened ‘Beau Site’ is the junior boarding house. Indoor facilities include a sports room, a library, purpose-built science laboratory, students’ lounges, school hall and music room, a multi-function room and an Art Room.  Beau Site and Academia buildings have full disabled access and there is disabled access to key facilities in other buildings.  All in all, the campus has been designed to maximise opportunities for diverse activities all year round.


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About the school

Dorm Facilities: Age of entry to boarding houses 5+

Each residential building has live-in staff caring for the children. Buildings are equipped with appropriate information technology, safety and security systems including CCTV and door access is controlled by wrist bracelets.  Situated within a leafy garden, there is safe and easy access to benches, a sports pitch, trampolines, table-tennis tables, table football, swings, an adventure playground and playhouses.   
A warm family environment has been created for boarding students by designing spaces with a cosy ‘home from home’ feeling. Modern furniture interspersed with traditional pieces, colourful textiles and attractive wall decorations all contribute to the sense of quality and comfort. 
Girls and boys have separate quarters, with bright comfortable bedrooms overlooking the alpine countryside.  Two to four children share a room, each child having their own desk and cupboard for personal belongings. Junior rooms include an en suite bathroom.  Bedrooms are a place for children to relax, enjoy reading or listening to music. Friendly house staff clean and maintain the bedrooms and bathrooms daily and encourage children to be tidy and well organised. In the changing rooms on the ground floor, each child has a locker for outdoor clothing and sports equipment.  Student lounges with age-appropriate books, toys and TV are popular for chilling quietly or socialising with peers. Boarders love the unique character of this mix of traditional and modern Swiss style.

Social life & attractions

Description: Extracurricular programmes: Hockey / Theatre / Mandarin / Skiing / Dance / Karate / Modern Languages

Summer Programs

La Garenne organizes the summer camps for the children between 6 and 13 years of age with courses in English and French. All the afternoons are allocated to sport and cultural activities like visit to the chocolate factory, the Olympic museum, the Alpine glacier and many others.



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Ecole La Garenne Franco-Anglaise: Chesieres, Switzerland - Your boarding school in Chesieres


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Ecole La Garenne Franco-Anglaise: Chesieres, Switzerland

Ecole La Garenne Franco-Anglaise: Chesieres, Switzerland - Your boarding school in Chesieres


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