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Looking for great boarding schools in France? A great relatively cheap boarding school in France. Great value for money. Great exam resultsL ’ECOLE DES ROCHES was created in 1899 by the sociologist Edmond Demolins, based on the famous “Public Schools”. It was inspired by the British schools of the “New Education”. This pedagogical revolution transformed through its relevance the inadequate educational programmes of the time. Intensive preparation for IB Diploma. 93 to 96,5% success rate. It is accompanied with an introduction to the demands of higher education. blanc Regular and progressive training for high school seniors blanc • 3 baccalaureate mock exams in official conditions (written and oral), of which one is corrected by external teachers. • Dozens of oral tests on all subjects and during the whole year. • 1 written test per week on the core subjects. For a century, L’ecole des Roches has attracted thousands of students from France and other 107 countries across the world.


  • 7 days boarding: 19 470 Euro

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  • Course languages offered:
    English , French

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Ecole des Roche: Verneuil sur Avre, France | Best Boarding Schools



ECOLE DES ROCHESblanc 295, Avenue Edmond Demolins 27130 Verneuil sur Avre , Verneuil sur Avre, France, Postcode - 27130
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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