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Established in 1966 by Jean and Mathilde Wegmüller, Chantemerle is a private boarding and day school for boys & girls from ages 5 to 18. Beautifully located in nature overlooking lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, Chantemerle offers a warm and structured learning environment to over 50 students from all over the world. Over the years, the school has established a strong reputation for its strong academics and its positive approach to education.

Academic programs:

- Elementary to lower secondary school

- French National Diploma and Swiss Gymnase entry exams

- Swiss Immersion and Study Abroad programs

- IB diploma and Swiss maturity (residency programs)

- Language camps (Summer & Winter)

School size and facilties

The school is situated on a vast domain of landscaped nature with a private forest and river overlooking lake Léman and the Swiss alps. The school is exceptionally well located less than 30 minutes from Lausanne and one hour from GenevaSince 1990, Chantemerle has considerably developed and extended its facilities:

  • 10 light and spacious classrooms fully equipped with multimedia facilities
  • 20 charming south facing bedrooms with lake view, each room accommodating 2 to 4 students. About half or our rooms are “en suite”with private bathroom
  • Sports facilities include a tennis and soccer field, two basketball courts, an archery range as well as football and volleyball courts. A dance room and a dojo complement our sport facilities.


Official Certifications in Learning French (DELF), English (Cambridge) and German (Goethe) languages

About the school

  • Long description:
    Chantemerle offers 5-day or 7-day boarding facilities. Boarding students study, eat and sleep at Chantemerle under permanent supervision. The choice of boarding can be motivated by various reasons (geographical or family reasons), as well as to benefit from Chantemerle personalized family environment in nature. 7-day boarders, often too far away to go home, often stay at Chantemerle on weekends, and during October and February school breaks.

    The boarding school is organized in order to best accompany the students in their personal and academic development. At Chantemerle, the Wegmüller family and staff members reside on the premises near the children. . Students are housed in pleasant 2, 3 or 4 bedded rooms and are accommodated according to their age, gender and friendship.

    At Chantemerle, boarders and day students of different ages and nationalities learn to live together in harmony and respect for others. Once they have left Chantemerle, as adults, they will continue their lives with the strong sense of solidarity and friendship that characterizes our school.

  • Dorm facilities:

    Students are housed in pleasant chalet-style 2 or 3 bedded rooms according to their age, gender and friendship.

Social life & attractions

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    Learn French Validate a full academic school year

    Swiss Immersion, Study Abroad Program

    Maturity and IB diploma

    Academic school year. A comprehensive and internationally recognized program from preschool to secondary school. National French Diploma, entry exam preparation for Swiss public Swiss Immersion Gymnases.

    Swiss Immersion & Study Abroad program: A fully validated academic program to acquire the level of French necessary to pursue higher studies in Switzerland. DELF exam preparation.

    Maturity and IB diploma (residency program):

    High school students prepare for the Swiss Maturity or the IB diploma, while maintaining residency at Chantemerle.

Sport and culture

  • Sports what we offer:

    At Chantemerle, during the school year, all students are encouraged to participate to the following sports:

    • Team sports (rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball)
    • Martial arts (jiu -jitsu/self defense)
    • Target sports (archery, air shooting)
    • Running & swimming
    • Other sports include Tennis (Vevey), Ski and ice skating, fencing (Vevey), Nunchaku et Jiu-Jitsu (Vevey).
  • Culture and arts:

    Performing arts

    Very active since its creation a decade ago, Chantemerle’s school of Performing Arts allows students to discover and exploit their talents. Main disciplines include: Ballroom dancing (salsa, tango, chacha) and break dance, Theater and improvisation, Choir and singing, piano and guitar.

    Cultural and artistic workshops are offered in the form of group lessons or individual sessions: Painting, creative design, Arts & crafts, Cooking and chocolate, Photography and multimedia.

    Cultural visits excursions are planed during the year, on Wednesdays and during weekends: Walks in the mountains, Visits to neighboring cities (Lausanne, Bern, Basel), Visits to museums (Museum of the Alimentarium, Swiss Museum of the Game, Museum Giannada, Fondation Beyeler, Musée de l’art brut),Bex salt mines, Nestlé chocolate factory, Educational and scientific workshops at the University of Lausanne.
    mines, Nestlé chocolate factory, Educational and scientific workshops at the 

Summer Programs

Summer Camp in Switzerland from July 1st to August 12th 2018

French, English & German

2 to 6-week courses between July 1st and August 12th 2008. An active and cooperative learning approach. Grammar and vocabulary are practiced in the context, oral communication is carried out through practical activities (music, theater).

DELF & Cambridge certifications

Exam sessions 19/20 July 2018. Prepare and sit the French DELF or the Cambridge English exams. Two language diplomas “for life” that assess communication skills in real situations.

Intensive SAT prep camp

2 sessions (01.07-14.07 and 29.07-14.08) to build the most convincing US college application possible. Learn how to ace your SAT and how to write powerful personal essays. Activities, excursions, fitness parcours and mindfullness.

NUMBER OF LESSONS :9 sessions of 4 hours each, MOCK TESTS:  3 mock tests of 4 hours each, TOTAL TEACHING TIME: 48 hours, FOR STUDENTS AGED: 14 – 17 years

Inventors for a better world

2-week program from July 22th to August 5th 2018. In a scientific and entrepreneurial spirit, students ages 12-17 engage in hands-on Science & Robotics to explore how simple innovation ideas can help make a “ better world”. Bilingual French/English.

Thabo basketball training camp

1 week of basketball (16/7-21/7) + 1 week of language camp with activities. Experience basketball at its best with NBA star Thabo Sefolosha (Utah Jazz). A unique learning basketball experience.

Juventus Soccer Academy

1 week of soccer (16/7-21/7) + 1 week of language camp with activities. An intensive and fun learning soccer opportunity combined with language courses and numerous fun activities and excursions.

Age range: Juniors ­­­­(7 to 10), Teens (11 to 17)

Dates: 2 to 6-week sessions from July 1st to August 12th 2018

CHF 3’300.- (2 weeks)

CHF 4’400.- (3 weeks)

CHF 5’500.- (4 weeks)

CHF 6’600.- (5 weeks)

CHF 7’700.- (6 weeks)

Chantemerle propose an all inclusive package starting at CHF 3’300.- for a 2-week stay (full board, courses & material, transports, all activities and Europa-Park)

Activities: Sports & games, Circus, ballroom dancing, Cooking and art classes, Cultural visits, Europa-Park, Mountain adventures, Nature walks & picnics

School Gallery

Ecole Chantemerle, International Boarding School, Blonay, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Ecole Chantemerle, International Boarding School, Blonay, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Ecole Chantemerle, International Boarding School, Blonay, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools
Ecole Chantemerle, International Boarding School, Blonay, Switzerland | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

Chantemerle School is beautifully located at about 100 km from Geneva airport, overlooking Lake Leman and the Swiss Alps. 


Chemin de Chantemerle 7 , 1807 Blonay, Blonay, Switzerland, Postcode - 1807 Blonay
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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