Eastbourne College: Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Eastbourne College: Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

Price Range ₤ 30,000 - 40,000 per annum


Top private schools in UK? Eastbourne College is a co-educational boarding school for boys and girls in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England with great facilities.
The Year 9 curriculum at Eastbourne College is designed to provide a broad academic experience. Pupils will continue with many subjects that they have studied before, but they may also be studying new things, or studying familiar subjects in different ways and with a greater range of facilities and teaching methods.

Year 9 pupils have an opportunity to experience all of the subjects that they may choose to study at GCSE, so that when they come to make choices for Year 10 they can make them from a well-informed viewpoint.

Within the two-week cycle, Year 9 study for 52 lessons of 55 minutes each. On Wednesday afternoons, pupils have two extended lessons (80 minutes) of Design & Technology and Art or Drama. Games and activities fit around this academic programme and all pupils, whether day or boarding, have the opportunity to complete their prep in school should they wish to.

There are also societies (such as the Hayman Society for junior scholars) that aim to ensure that pupils have every opportunity to develop academically throughout their first year at the College. It is expected that pupils will make a significant amount of use of the Cavendish Learning Resources Centre, and all are taught study skills to help them learn effectively.

Year 10-11
Year 10 provides pupils with their first real opportunity to make decisions about their own education. The balance of the curriculum shifts from being mainly compulsory in Year 9 to having a much higher percentage of option subjects.

We believe that making GCSE choices is really the start of a process that will continue throughout an individual’s education, and it is an important opportunity to give serious thought to interests and talents.

We firmly believe that pupils should have the opportunity to study those subjects they enjoy and feel that they will do best in. To this end, the school timetable is bespoke to ensure that all pupil option choices can be accommodated. Flexibility within the GCSE curriculum means that pupils can follow unique programmes of study, allowing them to complete Year 11 with between nine and fourteen GCSEs, according to need and ability.

For further information please view the 2013 GCSE Options booklet.

Sixth Form
Moving into the sixth form is a very significant step in any student’s personal approach to academic work. For the first time, students have an almost completely free choice of subjects, and have the opportunity to study those that interest them most in real depth.

In timetabled lessons, teachers will increasingly be looking to students to take charge of their own studies. Teachers will help to guide students through the key parts of the course and will set assignments that will develop understanding, but they will also expect students to take much more responsibility for their own learning.

Our aim is to help students to prepare for independent work and study at university or in a career. Before accepting the challenge of an Eastbourne sixth form education, students must commit to investing time and effort in sustained and thought-provoking academic endeavour.

Most sixth form students will complete the Upper Sixth with three or four A2 levels and one AS level, though many can, and do, extend themselves further. The College has a strong history of success in enabling pupils to gain places at elite universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

For further information please view the 2013 Sixth Form Options booklet.
Student organisations.

Overlaying the range of co-curricular opportunities are other societies and clubs whose aim it is to encourage, inspire, and arouse both curiosity and interest in a variety of different areas.

Details of the College’s four main academic societies can be found below but other clubs and societies include:

  • Amnesty International
  • Arkwright Society (D&T)
  • Bridge Club
  • Chess Club
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Christian Union
  • Classics Society
  • Debating Society
  • Defunct Economists
  • Drama Society
  • Law Society
  • Linguistics Society
  • Literary Society
  • Maths Society
  • New Academy (aspiring Oxbridge)
  • Philosophy Society        

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Website: http://www.eastbourne-college.co.uk

Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: GBP 32 325



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Eastbourne College: Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK - Your boarding school in Eastbourne, East Sussex


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Eastbourne College: Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

Eastbourne College: Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK - Your boarding school in Eastbourne, East Sussex


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