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Earlscliffe,  is a private sixth form boarding school  that offers university preparation for 15 to 19 year olds from all over the world which offers the best of British education: the so- called gold’ standard’  A level programme in traditional subjects, providing students with the best academic preparation for entry into the world’s most competitive universities.
Earlscliffe, it is a really international boarding school offering top quality English language and academic preparation summer school courses at its stunning location right next to the town and beach. With a high academic ranking of number 38 in the Telegraph’s Top 100 Schools by A Level results in 2015, this TOP UK boarding school is well-known for its students gaining places at the very best universities. 


  • 7 days boarding: 10,155 per term

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 40 40 80
Day School: 2 2 4

Director Details

Year Of Foundation


Some History

Earlscliffe was built in 1870 as a large, private house in Folkestone’s desirable West End, a short stroll from the sea and famous promenade, The Leas.

The building has now existed as a centre for education for many years.

About the school

  • Dorm facilities:

    A large investment in 2012-16 saw a complete renovation and refurbishment of this top UK boarding school. Four boarding houses, two for girls and two for boys, all within easy walking distance of the main college. Most rooms are spacious twins with private WC and bathroom; each student has his or her own wardrobe and desk space, and all rooms are Wi-fi connected. The high standard of accommodation is attractive to today’s student, and all the more so given Earlscliffe’s beautiful Victorian façade. The classrooms and laboratory were also renovated and newly-equipped so that they provide a fresh, bright, yet intimate environment in which our students and staff go about their daily business.

Social life & attractions

This international boarding school  is within walking distance of the new high-speed train link to London St Pancras.

As the journey takes only 55 minutes, we regularly visit the capital, especially on Wednesdays for musical theatre visits and gallery exhibitions.

Just as London has become so accessible for us, so has Europe.  They have weekends away in Paris, with the train journey taking less than two hours, so the school is ideally situated to benefit from the cultural riches of two of the great cities of the world. Once a term there is a college concert, where those who play or perform are encouraged to participate. The concert builds confidence and provides a platform for friends to appreciate each others’ talents.  Again, given the accessibility of London, students may wish to go there at weekends to attend classical or rock concerts, operas, musicals and recitals.

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    Almost all of the subjects on offer at this best sixth form boarding school are seen as 'traditional' subjects and therefore readily accepted by the UK's best universities.

    Courses :

    AS Level, A2, International Transition Year (ITY), University  Foundation Year (UFY), English for Academic Purposes , EPQ, IELTS, Mid – course summer, Extend &Enrich

Sport and culture

  • Sport Facilities:

    All sports facilities are within walking distance, except for golf, which is a short drive away at Etchinghill Golf Club. Some of England’s greatest golf courses are on the Kent coast, including Royal St George’s at Sandwich, a regular British Open venue.

  • Sports what we offer:

    Students of this private boarding school have Wednesday afternoons, weekends and weekday evenings available for sports and activities.

    Students play football, basketball, volleyball, squash, badminton and table tennis with one another each week. In the summer months, we also offer tennis and golf. The football team plays in a competitive league. There is also a gym and large indoor pool nearby, to which our students have free access.

Summer Programs

Summer School in UK for international students
Earlscliffe is a specialist provider of residential English language and academic preparation programmes for international boys and girls aged 8 to 17.


Global English
 is designed to maximise the student’s English language development using UNESCO’s ‘Four Pillars of Learning’: learning to know; learning to do; learning to be and learning to live together.  Young people at this Summer School investigate and discuss global themes and values designed to appeal to teenagers such as pop culture, fashion, social media, youth wellbeing and the role of religion which helps improve all four language skills - listening, speaking, writing and reading - as well as developing critical thinking and independent learning skills.

Mini MBA

15-17 year olds, who are interested in business management and administration and want to boost their CV and university application, will find Earlscliffe’s Mini MBA course very satisfying.  Also ideal for those considering studying Business, Finance, Management, Economics or Accounting at A Level, the Mini MBA provides students with the skills, vocabulary, knowledge and techniques required  to analyse business issues, prepare projects, research company case studies and give presentations. The course is split into five areas: management; accounting; entrepreneurship; organisations and marketing with an optional unit on luxury brands for those taking the three instead of two week course.


The Uni-Prep course, aimed at 16-17 year olds who are soon applying to universities, enables them to get a head start by focusing on the independent learning skills required of an ambitious undergraduate and gain invaluable help with the application process.  The two-week programme includes IELTS lessons and exam preparation, critical thinking, extended essay writing, the Oxbridge application process, writing a personal statement, research and essay writing skills, note taking and guidance on choosing an appropriate university course. Students will also learn about student finance as well as visit Oxford and one of the London university campuses.

Global English for 13-17 years old; £1,220 per week

2 weeks £2,440  ( 01.07 – 14.07, 14.07- 28.07, 21.07-04.08, 28.07 -11.08, 04.08-18.08 )

3 weeks £3,660 ( 01.07-21.07, 14.07 – 04.08, 21.07 – 11.08, 28.07 – 18.08 )

4 weeks £4,880 ( 01.07 – 28.07, 14.07 – 11.08, 21.07 – 18.08 )

5 weeks £6,100 ( 01.07 – 04.08, 14.07 – 18.08 )

6 weeks £7,320 ( 01.07 – 11.08)

7 weeks £8,540 ( 01.07 – 18.08)    

Mini MBA for 15-17 years old

2 weeks £2,635 ( 01.07 – 14.07, 14.07 – 28.07, 28.07-11.08 )

3 weeks £3,660 ( 28.07 – 18.08 )

Uni – Prep for 16-17 years old

2 weeks £2,750 ( 01.07 – 14.07, 28.07 – 11.08 )

School Gallery

Earlscliffe, Folkestone, Kent, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Earlscliffe, Folkestone, Kent, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Earlscliffe, Folkestone, Kent, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Earlscliffe, Folkestone, Kent, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Earlscliffe, Folkestone, Kent, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Earlscliffe, Folkestone, Kent, UK | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

It is located in the desirable West End of Folkestone, within walking distance of the elegant Leas promenade, the high-speed train link to London St Pancras and the town centre’s shops.


29 Shorncliffe Road , Folkestone, CT20 2NB, Dover, Kent, United Kingdom, Postcode - CT20 2NB
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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