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Boys only boarding school for in London. A great British boarding school in England. Independent day and boarding school for boys aged 7-18, with co-educational kindergarten and infants school. The College is divided into four Schools: The Junior School, Lower School, Middle School and Upper School. In addition, DUCKS (Dulwich College Kindergarten and Infants' School), provides a secure foundation of learning and development for boys and girls aged from six months to seven years. Each School has its own Head who is responsible to the Master for that part of the College.

Spectacular Victorian architecture set within a 70 acre campus A safe, village setting just minutes from Central London Top UK school founded in 1619 Many single and twin en suite rooms Indoor heated swimming pool and impressive sports facilities


  • 7 days boarding: £13,680

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 84 127 211
Day School: 0 1610 1610

Director Details

About the school

  • Long description:

    Middle School

    Year 9 top

    A broad based curriculum of this top boarding school is continued in the Middle School. All Year 9 boys study the following subjects: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Drama, English, Geography, History, Information Technology, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Well-being, Religion and Theology plus ONE of Latin, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian.

    Years 10 & 11

    Two years of this top boys boarding school provide the final preparation for GCSE examinations. IGCSE (International GCSE) examinations are taken in Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, all three Sciences, History, French, German and Spanish. The scheme of subject choice allows considerable flexibility and is designed to provide boys with a wide choice of post-16 courses. In addition to lessons in examination subjects, boys have one Games session. There is also a Wellbeing course, which will includes Physical Wellbeing.

    All students of this top boys boarding school are required to study

    All boys will be taught Physics, Chemistry and Biology as separate subjects. They will eventually be entered, as appropriate, for examinations at IGCSE leading either to two certificates, Science and Additional Science (Double Award), or to three certificates (in the Separate Sciences). A boy’s access to, and eligibility for, Advanced Level science courses in the Upper School is affected by the quality of the IGCSE grades he achieves, and not by whether he takes Double Award or Separate Sciences.

    Additionally, boys choose ONE subject from each of the following groups:

    Group 1               History, Geography, Religion & Theology

    Group 2               German, Geography, Religion and Theology, Latin, Art, Chinese, Spanish, D & T, French, Italian

    Group 3               Geography, D&T, Religion & Theology, Music, Art, Greek

    The same subject cannot be selected from two or more groups. If a language is chosen from Group 2, this language must have been studied in Year 9. The Italian and Greek options in Group 3 are for boys wishing to start these languages in Year 10. This means that, in combination with a language continued from Year 9 and selected in Group 2, a total of three foreign languages are studied. These 3-language combinations are intended for boys with particular interest and aptitude in foreign languages. All students of this top boys boarding school take ten subjects - leading to either ten or nine GCSE/IGCSE qualifications, depending on the science course followed.

    Some sets will take IGCSE Mathematics both the IGCSE and Additional Mathematics in Year 11. Some boys take GCSE Latin in Year 10, and will then take a half GCSE in Ancient History in Year 11.

    A level Plus

    In addition to their chosen A level subjects, all boys of this prestigious boarding school will follow an ‘A Level Plus’ programme in the Remove year (Year 12). Students of this top boys boarding will choose two courses over three terms that provide an opportunity for them to fire their enthusiasm, and become experts in areas that lie just beyond the reach of the normal curriculum. The A Level Plus block will enable boys to take courses that complement their subject choices and deepen their knowledge, often to near-undergraduate level. Courses are designed to introduce boys to the subjects they want to study at university and the professions they might pursue afterwards, providing the opportunity for them to see how their chosen subject relates to the wider world. Many courses offered by this prestigious boarding school are interdisciplinary in nature, involving, for example, Art, Literature, Music and History being studied in unison. All courses will explore an area of study in more depth than standard A level courses and many will provide opportunities for boys to participate in competitions, such as the Weizmann Safecracking Competition in the Engineering course, or Target 2.0 in the Finance course. These courses have been designed by teachers of this top boarding school UK and reflect their interest, enthusiasm and expertise.

Academic life

  • Course languages offered:

Interests & Activities

  • Languages & Humanities Courses
    • Foreign Languages Courses
      Italian, Japanese, Latin

Summer Programs

English Summer School London - This English Language + Activity

The course is designed for boys and girls aged 12-17 who want to improve their English whilst taking part in a range of interesting classes and activities. The course is based on the campus of Dulwich College, a famous boys' school located in the affluent village of Dulwich on the outskirts of London. This historic school boasts excellent facilities.

Location: Dulwich

Ages:12 to 17

Start dates: July

Duration: 2,3,4,5 weeks

Accomodation: School boarding house - single or shared en-suite rooms


2 weeks - £2550 
3 weeks - £3750 
4 weeks - £5000 

English Summer School London - The English Language + Theatre and Dance

For four half days each week the course builds skills in acting, singing, dance and stagecraft. In addition, students have morning English classes in small groups of 12 to 15 and join our other students for two excursions per week as well as participating in the lively social programme every evening. One highlight of the course is a visit to a London Musical show in a West End Theatre. The English plus Theatre and Dance course is taught by subject specialist teachers and is open to all ability levels including beginners.

Location: Dulwich

Ages:12 to 17

Start days: July

Duration: 2 weeks

Accomodation: School boarding house - single or shared en-suite rooms

Fees: 2 weeks - £2250

5 weeks - £6250

School Gallery

Dulwich College: London, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Dulwich College: London, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Dulwich College: London, UK | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

Nearest international airport: London City, Heathrow, Gatwick


Dulwich Common Dulwich London , London, United Kingdom, Postcode - SE21 7LD
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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Registered in England and Wales Registered number 8369137