Dollar Academy: Dollar, Clackmannshire, Scotland, UK

Dollar, Scotland, United Kingdom

Dollar Academy: Dollar, Clackmannshire, Scotland, UK

Price Range ₤ 20,000-30,000 per annum


Looking for best boarding schools in UK? This is a boarding school in Scotland. Dollar Academy in Dollar, Clackmanshire is one of Scotland’s top independent boarding schools.  We are a day and boarding school, for boys and girls aged 5-18 years. Dollar is set in a beautiful rural location between the university cities of St Andrews and Edinburgh, just a 30 minute drive from Edinburgh International Airport. 


The top independent boarding school has an outstanding academic reputation and our high-quality programme of activities outside the classroom helps bring out the best in young people, developing confidence, enthusiasm and independence of mind. The Dollar community is strikingly vibrant, positive and welcoming.

The teaching facilities are first class and include a new award-winning Modern Languages buildling, specialised teaching areas for Science, Music and Art, a drama studio, music auditorium and recording studio.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 37 45 82
Day School: 572 577 1149

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Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: £9,711 perm

About the school

Long description: Junior Boarding School
Spanning two age-groups (Junior 1, or P6, and Junior 2, or P7), the Junior School enjoys a unique position within Dollar Academy, forming, as it does, a transitional stage between the Prep and Senior Schools. Three classes at Junior 1 level increase to four in Junior 2 so that the majority of those entering the Senior School have experienced the solid foundations offered throughout Dollar's Primary years. The wide range of activities, both curricular and co-curricular, in which both staff and children are involved, ensures that being part of Junior School life is a vibrant and rewarding experience for all.

Senior School

Enjoyment lies at the heart of the Dollar world and the aim is for all pupils to gain the satisfaction that comes from a real commitment. It is just natural in Dollar to take a pride in your work and to do well at it. Our young people also learn how to go beyond their comfort zones. Year on year, levels of attainment are consequently high.


By the end of their time in Dollar, young people will have had a broad education with opportunities to explore widely, as well as the chance to pursue real depth and to excel in their chosen areas. We aim to ensure that each pupil leaves with the best academic qualifications of which he or she is capable - and a good deal more.


On leaving Dollar, many of our pupils go on to study at leading universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews.




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Dollar Academy: Dollar, Clackmannshire, Scotland, UK - Your boarding school in Dollar, Scotland


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Dollar Academy: Dollar, Clackmannshire, Scotland, UK

Dollar Academy: Dollar, Clackmannshire, Scotland, UK - Your boarding school in Dollar, Scotland


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