Cranleigh School: Cranleigh, Surrey, UK

Cranleigh, Surrey, United Kingdom

Cranleigh School: Cranleigh, Surrey, UK

Price Range ₤ 30,000 - 40,000 per annum


Looking for boarding high schools in UK? Cranleigh School is one of co-ed boarding schools that offers all you are looking for! Cranleigh is a leading co-educational weekly boarding and day school set in a stunning rural location in more than 280 acres on the edge of the Surrey Hills. In 2015 the School celebrated its 150th anniversary; it has come a long way since its establishment as a school to support the local farming community in 1865.

This Top UK boarding school’s beautiful campus is exceptionally well equipped, with outstanding classrooms, studio, performance and sports facilities, including three theatres, twelve rehearsal and performance spaces, competition pitches, equestrian centre, sports centres, golf course, outdoor education centre and swimming pool.

There are strong links between the School and nearby Cranleigh Preparatory Boarding School and pupils also join from a wide variety of other prep schools across London and the home counties, creating a lively, House-based community of young people who are drawn together by their inherent love of life and getting involved in everything Cranleigh has to offer.

In 2015 the newest addition to the Cranleigh family also celebrated a birthday. Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, situated at the heart of Saadiyat Island, the Emirates’ island of culture, opened its doors to the first pupils at the Junior School in 2014. Like the other Schools in the Cranleigh family, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi shares the motto Ex Cultu Robur (from Culture comes Strength), an ethos which celebrates co-curricular success alongside academic excellence with remarkable results for every pupil, year on year.

Number of students

  Girls Boys Total
Boarding School: 179 268 447
Day School: 53 128 181

Tel: + 44 (0)1483 273666

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Cost of tuition

7 days boarding: 12,206 per term

About the school

Long description:

The Fourth Form Pupils come to Cranleigh in September and enter one of six Fourth Forms. All pupils study Art, Biology, Chemistry, Design, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, Information Technology, Mathematics, Music, Physics and Religious Studies. In addition, a pupil studies German or Spanish ab initio and either Latin or Classical Civilisation

The Lower School and GCSE Our aim at Cranleigh is to work within the spirit of the National Curriculum, but to offer more, taking full advantage of our independence and the extra time available to a boarding school. We retain a very broad curriculum in the first three years so that few options are ruled out before A Level choices are made in the Upper Fifth year. English, Maths and French are taught as core subjects. There is an options system in the Lower and Upper Fifth Forms which enables a pupil to take between nine or ten GCSE subjects before moving on to AS Levels in the Sixth Form. The Lower and Upper Fifth Forms Core subjects for all are Mathematics, English Language and Literature and French. Pupils are required to study the three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and take two or three GCSEs in science subjects. To complete their choice of GCSE courses, pupils also opt for one of the subjects in each of the option blocks as set out below. Block A: Classical Civilisation, Design, Geography, History, Latin, Drama and Music Block B: Classical Civilisation, Geography, German, History and Spanish Block C: Art, Design, Geography, History and Drama Block D: The Triple Award GCSE Course, Geography, History, Music Block E: The Triple Award Science GCSE Course or The Double Award Science GCSE Course Block F: The Triple Award Science GCSE Course or The Double Award Science GCSE Course

Sixth Form Provides a different work environment from that of the Lower School. You are likely to take at least three or four subjects in the Sixth Form rather than nine or ten GCSE courses, and time outside academic teaching is very much more your own responsibility.

The Lower Sixth year is therefore very important: in practice we have found over the last few years that the three terms in the Lower Sixth are the ones which make the most difference to your eventual results and university prospects. Determines your university choices and where you will eventually go. We expect that most of you will study four subjects in the Lower Sixth. Some of you however may attempt three; a few may aim at five for the first year of the Sixth Form course. The system of AS and A2 examinations – with the AS qualification available at the end of the Lower Sixth, and the A2 qualification available for those who continue with a subject for a second year – means that there is a significant number of courses on offer. In practice most AS modules will be taken in June of the Lower Sixth year, although some will be taken in January; in the second year, A2 modules will be taken in some subjects in January and in all subjects in June.

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Cranleigh School: Cranleigh, Surrey, UK - Your boarding school in Cranleigh, Surrey


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Cranleigh School: Cranleigh, Surrey, UK

Cranleigh School: Cranleigh, Surrey, UK - Your boarding school in Cranleigh, Surrey


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