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Coxlease School is an independent, coeducational, specialist day and residential school providing care and education for children and young people aged 9 to 18 years who have difficulties regulating their behavioural, emotional, social and mental needs. They may also have other complex needs often associated with autistic spectrum conditions. 

Residential placements are available on either a weekly, termly, or 52 week basis for up to 14 young people at one of six children’s homes placed across a range of rural and urban locations in the New Forest and Southampton.

The main aim of this boarding school for kids with adhd,  high functioning autism school UK is to help young people stabilise their behaviour, begin to make positive choices,  learn, achieve and fulfil their interests, reach their full potential to develop academic, vocational, independence and social skills, helping our young people successfully progress into adulthood.
Coxlease School offers individual and inclusive approach to education, care, therapy, healthcare, and a stable, nurturing environment. 

For older pupils, Coxlease School has recently opened a new off-site Post-16 learning provision called ‘The Hub’. This operates in addition to the main school site and provides education and vocational training for up to ten young people.

School size and facilties

Located near Lyndhurst, Hampshire, Coxlease School enjoys a beautiful setting in the heart of the New Forest.

Coxlease School can provide places for up to 60 students.

Six Priory Coxlease Children’s Homes providing support for Coxlease School pupils are situated within a ten mile radius of Coxlease School either within the city of Southampton or on the western fringes of the New Forest. 
Boarding School for kids with adhd and autism 

The homes provide a variety of environmental living opportunities including city, small town and rural. Each young person has their own separate room, many of which are en-suite and all the homes have communal space including living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.


Coxlease School offers a comprehensive 14-19 curriculum for pupils in Key Stage 4 and above, including options both at Coxlease School itself and at local colleges. 

Pupils can choose from a variety of different pathways, including: GCSEs; BTECs; NVQs; ASDAN awards; Duke of Edinburgh; Other external examinations.

The new Post-16 learning facility, The Hub, also offers a range of academic and construction-based training opportunities for those who have previously left school with no qualifications and no incentive to continue their learning. 

The curriculum delivered at Coxlease School integrates ensures life skills are well-integrated into pupils’ timetables, through: Citizenship lessons; PSHE lessons; SRE lessons; Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE); Introducing the Individual Skills for Life Planner for Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 pupils; Offering the ‘Towards Independence’ module (part of ASDAN Bronze & Silver qualifications); Meeting a careers advisor (via links with Southampton City College)

Arden College as educational establishment is inspected on a regular basis by Ofsted (a government department - Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills). Arden College is rated “outstanding” (on a four-point scale: outstanding, good, satisfactory, inadequate)

Arden college being a part of the Priory Group has operational oversight from their regional managers with detailed knowledge of their work. All assurance and governance of quality, safety and compliance are provided by the Priory Group with additional regulatory visits regularly carried out by experienced independent visitors.

Director Details

Some History

Coxlease School is a part of the Priory Group which has been established in 1980. The group is the UK's leading independent  provider of mental health care facilities and operates at more than 500 sites in the United Kingdom and includes among them: rehabilitation and recovery centres; mental healthcare hospitals and clinics; specialist schools and colleges; supported residential facilities and homes; care homes for older people. At the Priory Group there are treated over 70 different conditions through a nationwide network of over 275 facilities. 
Priory Group is organised into three divisions – healthcare, education and children’s services, and adult care services – which together support the needs of more than 30,000 people every year. 

The school, being part of the Priory Group: division education and children’s services, has access to additional healthcare and supported living services where needed. 

The range of facilities available ensures that every young person receives a smooth and planned transition from primary education all the way through to further education, university, employment and independent living, as appropriate for each individual.

About the school

  • Long description:
    Special school for autism and adhd 

    Admissions criteria:

    • Boys and girls aged between 5 and 18 years
    • Complex difficulties consistent with combinations of social, emotional and mental health difficulties as well as other related conditions such as autism
    • Learning difficulties within the mild to moderate range
    • Poor peer relationships
    • Poor self-image
    • Inability to deal with vulnerability with an appropriate response
    • Anxieties and attention seeking behaviors
    • Difficulty in coping with change

    Services offered:

    • Individually tailored programmes for education, social and personal development
    • Intensive therapeutic programmes and communication strategies
    • Coxlease Outreach Programme – an individualised one-to-one learning programme tailored to meet personal learning needs
    • A range of nationally accredited qualifications
    • Continued and ongoing support with learning and life skills
    • A rural location in the heart of New Forest providing a safe environment in which to learn, be happy and grow
    • Purpose built education classrooms and facilities including a sports centre, gym and outdoor fitness equipment

    Therapy services:

    Coxlease School provides pupils with direct access to a board range of therapeutic support. 
    The Priory Lyndhurst therapy team work on-site across both Clay Hill and Coxlease Schools. Pupils have weekly 1:1 sessions as standard, with further therapeutic support available if outlined in their statement. The Priory Lyndhurst clinical services team includes: Independent Child and Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapist; Independent Consultant Psychiatrist; Independent Educational Psychologist; Art Therapist; Occupational Therapist; Speech and language Therapist; Family Therapist; Young Person Counsellor
    Group therapy programmes:
    Group therapy attempts to give the young people in care, a safe and comfortable place where they can work out problems and emotional issues. They gain insight into their own thoughts and behaviour, and offer suggestions and support to others. In addition, young people who have a difficult time with interpersonal relationships can benefit from the social interactions that are a basic part of the group therapy experience.

    Post 16 opportunities:

    Coxlease School offers a range of packages for post 16 students dependent on their individual needs. We support students between the ages of 16 to 18 to gain greater independence skills, life skills and to continue in full time education. Each package is tailored to each student with a mix of the following:
    • Post 16 Vocational Centre providing bespoke vocational experiences and accreditation
    • College courses, part time/full time (supported by Coxlease staff)
    • Core skills subjects
    • Life and independent skills courses accredited through ASDAN
    • Work based training, work experience, supported employment programmes

    A detailed transition process underpins the post 16 provision with a clear pathway plan leading to agreed goals and targets. All post 16 students will continue to receive relevant pastoral and therapeutic support whilst moving to self-determination and independence.

    Work experience opportunities:

    Coxlease School has strong links with a number of local organisations including: Southampton City College and their business list; a range of local businesses via the Solent Education Business Partnership; An international building firm; to secure work opportunities in a broad range of industries that appeal to the individual’s interests of pupils.

    Coxlease School offers a wide range of work experience, with previous placements in a variety of industries, including: Catering; Conservation (e.g. Pond Head Conservation Trust); Horticulture; Hospitality; Leisure (e.g. Golf clubs); Local riding stables; Retail (e.g. a cycle shop); Stud farm

    Young Enterprise:

    Coxlease School runs an annual business-based initiative called Young Enterprise. This scheme gives pupils an insight into the world of work, as they are supported to set up and run their own business, using a small loan from the school. This year’s Young Enterprise group have opened a ‘Free Trade Tuck Shop’ and have been responsible for everything from naming and marketing their company to buying stock and serving customers.

  • Dorm facilities:
    Private schools for kids with adhd and autism

    Coxlease School has a number of specialist spaces to support effective learning for pupils, including: - Food Technology room; - Design Technology room; - Science laboratories; - Large dining room; - Art studio; - Hall for 1:1 music lessons

    Specialist therapeutic facilities:

    Pupils have access to a dedicated therapy department, with fantastic specialist facilities including: - Occupational Therapy room; - 1:1 therapy rooms; - Family room; - Sensory area; - Ultraviolet Art Therapy Black Room

    Well-equipped therapy provision includes a range of sensory music, smells, textures and lighting.

Social life & attractions

There is a strong emphasis on learning outside of the classroom at this high functioning autism school, making the most of the New Forest and the picturesque, natural surroundings,  giving children an opportunity to discover the forest and learn new skills.

A high priority also is given to providing a full experience for all  young people with regular social and educational visits occurring throughout the year. As  the school has a strong connection in their local community with links developed with local colleges, sport centres, charities and businesses, these may include things like visits to swimming baths, a gym, bowling alleys, cinemas, horse riding, museums, cycling, golf, fishing, climbing, orienteering and forest walking etc.

Why Should You Choose this School?

Coxlease School looks beyond a pupil’s academic career, helping to equip individuals with the skills they need to become valuable members of society. The school uses community-based learning to help young people at Coxlease School reach their potential and understand how to behave in the ‘real world’ where the structure and routine is not the same as in a school setting. 

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    Adhd, Autism Boarding School's  enriched curriculum

    Coxlease School offers an enriched curriculum which includes:

    • Young Enterprise – a business scheme,

    • Challenge Coxlease - various sporting and personal challenges set throughout the year,

    • Curriculum theme days - regular cross-curricular themed days (e.g. Forest day, Round the world in six hours and Urban Arts)

    • Celebration days - celebrating pupils’ achievements, as well as acknowledging key national and international events

    • Work experience - all Key Stage 4 and 5 pupils are offered work experience placements with a variety of local businesses

    • Residential trips to a variety of off-site locations, designed to challenge individual resilience and build team working ability

  • Number of teachers and their qualifications :

    n total Coxlease School has approximately 60 staff working across the school, including: Headteacher; Qualified teachers; Learning Support Assistants; Pastoral Support Team; Our comprehensive therapy team; Safeguarding officers.

    The staff at Coxlease School receive regular training from both in-house and external specialists, all designed to improve practice and improve the outcomes of the pupils.
  • Course languages offered:

Sport and culture

  • Sport Facilities:
    This adhd, autism school UK  has a very strong sports department as well as a variety of on-site sporting facilities, including: 

    Basketball court; 
    Outdoor fitness equipment; 
    Football pitch;
    Extensive grounds for multi-sport use;
    Very large indoor sports hall;
    Air-conditioned gym;

    Pupils can also access a range of off-site sporting facilities, including:
    Off-road cycling; 
    Sailing at Lymington Marina;
    Football pitches;
    Community swimming pool;
    Artificial ski slopes
  • Sports what we offer:
    At this boarding school for adhd, autistic child pupils with a particular interest/hobby are actively encouraged to continue these activities.

    Every pupil at this special school for adhd and autism  has timetabled learning outside the classroom (LOTC) sessions. One afternoon per week, pupils will choose from a range of LOTC activities, all of which are objective-led and have clear outcomes. Our LOTC programme includes:
    Going to the cinema; Visiting museums; 
    Visiting castles and other historic monuments;
    Educational trips to London (e.g. House of Commons to learn about the voting system); 
    Gardening in the school’s horticulture area;
    Visiting local swimming baths;
    Visiting the gym;
    Visiting a bowling alley.
  • Religions:

Interests & Activities

  • Special needs catered for
    Behavioural disorders, Emotional, social and mental health needs, Learning difficulties, Learning disabilities

School Gallery

Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools
Coxlease School: Lyndhurst, UK | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

Lyndhurst is a large village (population of 3'029) situated in the New Forest National Park in Hampshire (county).  The nearest city is Southampton, above nine miles (15 km) to the north-east. This is the largest city in the ceremonial county of Hampshire and major port and the closest city to the New Forest. 

Accessibility: The school is well situated for easy access across to many areas of southern England and the Midlands, being close to the M27, A34 and M3. London can be reached in approximately two hours by car or in one and a half hours by train.

distance to Southampton airport: 19 min (15.2 miles; 24,5) via M27 

distance to London: 1 h 52 min (88.7 miles, 142.7) via M3 


Hampshire has a higher average annual temperature than the UK average at 9.8 to 12 °C (49.6 to 53.6 °F), average rainfall at 640–1,060 millimetres (25–42 in) per year, and holds higher than average sunshine totals of around 1,750 hours of sunshine per year. On average, the warmest month is August and the coolest January.


The first mention of Lyndhurst was in the Domesday Book of 1086 under the name 'Linhest'. It was part of the royal lands of the New Forest. 
The most important building in Lyndhurst is the Queen's House, which has also in the past been called the King's House, for the name changes according to the gender of the monarch.  It is the principal building owned by the Crown in the New Forest, and contains the Verderers' Hall, home of the ancient Verderers' Court (Verderers are officials in Brritain who deal with areas which are the property of The Crown). The last monarch to stay here was George III who visited the New Forest in June 1789.

Main Attractions

The village's Anglican church, St Michael and All Angels. The church was designed by William White. The church contains a fresco by Frederick Leighton showing the Parabele of the Wise and Foolish Virgins.
 Alice Liddell, also known as Alice Hargreaves, the inspiration for Alice in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, lived in and around Lyndhurst after her marriage to Reginald Hargreaves, and is buried in the graveyard.
Glasshayes House (the former Lyndhurst Park Hotel) is the only surviving example of sir Artur Conan Doyles architectural experimentation, 
According to the legend Bisterne Dragon- Lyndhurst is the location of dragon-slaying
Paultons Park - Adventure park including Peppa Pig World, water kingdom and animal feeding, plus gardens.
New Forest Centre Museum - Displays and family activities concerning history, wildlife and conservation of the national park. 
New Forest Reptile Centre - Seasonal conservation centre keeping British amphibians, lizards and snakes, plus a forest trail.


Specialises in: *Emotional, social and mental health needs, *Learning disabilities (boys and girls aged 9-18) , Lyndhurst, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, United Kingdom, Postcode - SO43 7DE

Phone - +44 20 30 269 440
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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Registered in England and Wales Registered number 8369137