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Collège François-Delaplace is THE largest boarding school for girls Gr. 7 to Gr. 12 in Québec. Located in the countryside, the school offers a French program and the right setting for teenage girls to face today's society issues. A French immersion experience is the best way to improve your French

You have to set foot in Collège François-Delaplace to quickly understand that this is a school like no other … it’s a unique institution! Rich from a family and human oriented culture built for over 50 years, parents as well as students feel at home in our school. For the project of living in a school residence to succeed, it is important that students feel comfortable in their school and this is what the College wants to achieve year after year.

Year Of Foundation


Some History

In 1963, the first Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary arrived in Waterville. The nuns proudly opened a brand new school in the Eastern Townships, the Pensionnat de Waterville. In 1988, the school changed its name to Collège François-Delaplace in honor of the founder of the religious community. Living in France, Father Delaplace wanted to open an orphanage for young girls in need. It was at that moment that Jeanne-Marie Moisan joined him. Together, they founded the congregation of the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary (SSCM). The Collège François-Delaplace is still very much alive and it welcomes around 150 students from several regions of Quebec. African and European students also attend our school. After more than 50 years of existence, the same family spirit continues to reign at Collège François-Delaplace.

About the school

  • Dorm facilities:
    Boarding from Monday to Friday evening. During weekends school promises to find a homestay with the other student girl's families. 

Sport and culture

  • Sports what we offer:
    Life in school residence involves a variety of evening activities for girls to have fun and share unforgettable moments. Every year about 80% of the students take part in at least one extracurricular activity among horseback Riding, Volleyball, Rugby, Soccer, Cheerleading

    Seasonal Activities

    Each year, from season to season, various activities are offered to the students according to their interests. Suggesting an idea is enough for the CFD to take the necessary steps to make it a reality. Last winter, from January to March, Ski Bromont welcomed our snowboarders and skiers. Once a week, on Tuesdays, girls enjoyed the excellent night time conditions offered by the ski resort. Moreover, last spring, a running club was founded. A running specialist introduced students to good running habits and the girls were given the chance to take part in the Unis pour la cause run in Waterville.

  • Culture and arts:

    Language Exchange

    For the past several years, students have been taking advantage of the SEVEC’s (Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada) services to visit a region of that beautiful country. This linguistic and cultural trip is opened to students aged between 12 and 17. It allows them to practise their second language skills, learn about a new culture and make friends in different provinces. Over the years, our students have visited Ontario, British-Colombia, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Alberta, etc. The saying “travel broadens the mind” was never more appropriate!

    This two-week exchange is organized in partnership with another school located in the Eastern Township. A group comprised of about 30 girls and boys benefits from this exchange, which is rewarding in so many ways.

    Volunteer Trip

    Collège François-Delaplace strongly supports the personal initiatives of students. Two years ago, Mégane Gravel, who was then one of our secondary 3 students, wanted to take part in a volunteer trip. Little by little, her project became a reality. She began to take all the necessary steps to plan a trip to Peru.

    Annual Show of the Gala des François

    Towards the end of the school year, the girls who wish to do so are given the chance to demonstrate their talent by participating in an impressive show. Amongst others, dancing, singing, slamming, theatre, guitar, monologue and piano acts make us experience an array of beautiful emotions. It is impressive to see the number of hours spent by our students throughout the year to perfect the show. Parents, friends and teachers are then proud and happy to be part of the CFD’s family.

    The Gala des François is intended to bring parents, friends and staff members together for a festive fundraising dinner. That night, delicious food is served in a friendly atmosphere. Guests exchange views, laugh and enjoy themselves. The money collected during the event is used in several ways at the Collège: equipment, rooms, special programs and other good causes.

    Cultural Trip

    For many people, tourism is more than just looking at brochures or photos in travel agencies’ windows. Travelling is about discovering a new culture and understanding the history of another country.It is about opting for a change of scenery and trying new foods. It is about visiting historical sites and soaking in new faces and landmarks. It is about creating an eternal photo album that one often revisits to bring back good memories.  Students have already visited Costa Rica, Spain, Greece and Italy. Next destination June 2018: Portugal!

School Gallery

College Francois Delaplace,Waterville Qc, Canada | Best Boarding Schools
College Francois Delaplace,Waterville Qc, Canada | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

 Located in Quebec, only 20 km from Sherbrooke


365 Compton Est Street , Waterville, Qc J0B 3H0, Waterville, Quebec, Canada, Postcode - J0B 3H0
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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