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Collège Champittet, a private school in Lausanne has been providing outstanding education to both local and international students for over 110 years. 

The college welcomes students from 3 to 18 years providing preschool, primary and secondary education. Boarders are possible from the age of 12 in safe and welcoming environment of small family-size boarding house.

The college offers secondary school students a choice of three diploma programmes in high school: the Swiss Maturité, the French Baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma). Each of these diploma programmes is internationally renowned and recognised by top universities around the world.


International students at this bilingual private school who are French beginners can integrate the FLE programme (French Foreign Language) into their course of study, and IB students who may need support in English can benefit from the EAL programme (English as an Additional Language).



Collège Champittet, Lausanne private school belongs to several international groups and bears a number of accreditations.

Swiss Learning’s mission is to represent secondary private institutions that guarantee the excellence of Swiss private education. They assist families all over the world with making the choice among private boarding schools that fits best with their expectations.

 Swiss Federation of Private Schools is the institution that manages quality control of private schools across the country. It also serves as a consulting and advice body.

 International Baccalaureate® is the organisation which regulates every IB school around the world. It sets up the rules and regulations as well as the academic standards which schools must comply to.

 ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. International Standards give state of the art specifications for education. Collège Champittet fulfills the requiremens of ISO 9001 Standard.

 Association Vaudoise des Ecoles Privées (AVDEP) : AVDEP is a not for profit network for private schools, offering consulting services and advice to its members.

 The Boarding Schools’ Association is the United Kingdom Association serving and representing member boarding schools, training staff and promoting boarding education in both independent and state boarding schools.

 Intersection.ch is an organisation in charge of accrediting independently the degree and quality of technology integration within the educational environment of private schools at primary and secondary level. The organisation is an official partner of the EPFL (CEDE - Center for Digital Education). The assessment of Collège Champittet for its implementation and smooth integration of new technologies in education resulted with the school’s accreditation.


Year Of Foundation


Some History

1903: Collège Champittet, a private school in Lausanne is born. A group of Dominican Fathers from France established the prestigious private school as a Swiss Catholic school for boys. Their stewardship of the private school lasted for nearly 50 years.

1951: Leadership of this private school in Lausanne was passed on to capitular fathers of the Great Saint-Bernard, who maintained Collège Champittet’s growing reputation for teaching excellence and spirituality. In the same year, Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) programme for intensive French classes becomes available for non French speakers.

1960: Collège Champittet is a Swiss private school welcoming more than 600 students, including several boarding students. Increased demand for places encouraged the school to add another school building.

1984: Our Lausanne private school opens its doors to girls for the first time.

1998: The capitular fathers left our Lausanne private school in the care of a group of experienced educators, who remain focused on building on its commitment to excellence. In the same year the school opened its junior section.

1999: The French Baccalaureate is offered alongside the Swiss Maturité.

2004: A private school is inaugurated in Nyon, 20 kilometres from Geneva. This is followed by a creche in Lausanne, catering for children aged 18 to 48 months. A total of 800 students are now enrolled in the school as a whole.

2006: Collège Champittet becomes a bilingual private school, giving students a firm grounding in both French and English.

2009: The International Baccalaureate is added to the school curriculum. In the same year, the boarding house is being renovated. The school also becomes part of the Nord Anglia Education family of international schools.

2012: As a private school in Lausanne, Collège Champittet has embraced the learning potential of 21st Century technology, providing primary classes with iPads and secondary groups with Macbook Air laptops as part of a mobile classroom initiative in partnership with Apple. In September 2013, all students from 4th to 14th and their teachers have their own iPad provided by the school.

2013: The Lausanne private school celebrates its 110th anniversary, displaying original sculptures by Rodin, Renoir, Pompon and Dali in the gardens.

2016:  Alliance between Collège Champittet and Mont Olivet, the two private schools in Lausanne become one.


About the school

  • Long description:

    The college offers a private day school and a private boarding school. The private boarding school offers a home for up to 80 girls and boys.  Smaller size boarding school sets it apart from other Swiss boarding schools in the country. Here  they are small enough to develop a strong family-feel amongst  boarders and ensure network of resident staff and tutors get to know and care for each and every student individually. Boarders have the opportunity to participate in exciting outdoor and cultural activities during the weekends and evenings. They regularly venture out onto the Lake, into the Alps on bikes, skis and by foot, and into local neighbourhoods in Switzerland and abroad.

    Collège Champittet Pully is dedicated to helping our students achieve academic success. Students receive all the support they need to help them thrive academically and develop a true love of learning that will carry over into other areas of their lives.


    Learning French and English on a Swiss Campus


    Collège Champittet is a private bilingual school. French is the main language of study on  Pully campus; however, English is also important, as the International Baccalaureate Programme is taught in English and the school offers a bilingual French-English programme.


    The school provides several targeted educational programmes to help students improve their language skills:


    The French Foreign Language (Français Langue Etrangère - FLE) programme offers enhanced language development for those for who are not fluent in French.


    The EAL (English Additional Language) programme helps students improve their English language skills to the level required to study in English.


    Homework and Supporting Study at Boarding School


    During the day, boarding school and day school students study together. After regular classes have ended for the day, boarding school students have assigned study periods throughout the evening broken up by activities, dinner and break times. During the study times they focus on their homework, with access to tutors for support and guidance. Tutors specialise in certain subjects, such as maths, physics, languages. Learning does not simply follow a standard curriculum at Collège Champittet. Students gain a global education by learning from one another. 


  • Dorm facilities:

    The boarding house is divided into four residential floors. Boys and girls live on separate floors. Resident staff live in their own apartments on each of these floors as well, so support is always within easy reach. All students have a comfortable bed and desk space. Some rooms have breath-taking views of Lake Geneva. Rooms are already warm and homey when each student arrives, although they can decorate their space to make it even more comfortable and welcoming for them. 90% of our students share a room with one other student. Care is taken to house students with those from different nationalities to enhance their experience of gaining an international education. On each floor a shared living room provides a relaxing communal space for students to enjoy each other’s company, play games or watch movies.

Social life & attractions

Learning Beyond the Classroom


Students can significantly enhance their private education by supplementing their formal learning with extracurricular activities or by taking part in or volunteering on cultural trips. The college offers  students many opportunities to take part in trips to destinations such as Japan or Madagascar, as well as a large choice of extracurricular activities, including entrepreneurship, coding and sports clubs, plus cultural activities such as singing, drama and language classes.


‚ÄčEvery year students are taken on a week-long ski camp. Here they will learn to ski or improve their skiing ability, as well as participate in other snow-sports, play games or learn how to cook. The trip always provides an excellent community-building opportunity for  staff and students.


There are many opportunities for students to take part in overseas trips, here are just a few examples: retreat to Rome, cultural trip to London, discovery trips to Greece or Japan, humanitarian trips to Tanzania, Thailand and Madagascar. ‚ÄčEvery weekend our 7-day boarders have the opportunity to go on visits and trips in the local area, including hopping over the borders into Italy or France, shopping trips, visiting local restaurants, or participating in outdoor activities. During the autumn break, boarding students go on a 10 day overseas trip which serves as an ice breaker and enable boarding students to get to know each other, strengthen ties and develop a sense of belonging to the boarding family. From January they go skiing every weekend until the end of the ski season. 


Why Should You Choose this School?

There are many reasons to choose private school Collège Champitte from a history of academic excellence and strong values, through to  international outlook, global connections and choice of curricula, through to  homely boarding school and spectacular setting in Lausanne on the banks of Lake Geneva

Academic life

  • What we offer ?

    Preschool and primary school are important stages in your child's life. At Collège Champittet Pully, teachers help instil a love of learning that will last them throughout their school years and beyond.

     Preschool programme welcomes children from 3 years old, then our private primary school runs from the 1st grade to 8th grade (ages 4 to 12).

    At the preschool level, children take part in educational activities and games which are beneficial for their development. They also begin to learn maths, writing, English and German. 

    Next they start primary school, during which teachers continue to encourage their natural curiosity through a slightly more structured form of learning.

    The two first years of private primary school are divided as follows:

    1st grade for children aged 4 to 5 years

    2nd grade for children aged 5 to 6 years

    During their first years of private schooling, children begin to acquire the basic skills they'll need to see them through their future studies. They learn to read, write and count in a fun way and are introduced to English and German.

    From grade 4 to grade 8, all students follow a bilingual programme. This means that some of their classes are taught in French and others are taught in English. This approach helps them to develop fluency and confidence in their language skills. Students also have several periods of German per week, and from 7th grade can choose between two levels of German: standard or advanced.

    Students who are not fluent in French may follow our French as a Foreign Language programme (FLE) to help them develop confidence and fluency.

    During middle and high school, students start to make important choices about their future. School staff supports them every step of the way as they solidify the skills and knowledge they'll need to achieve their goals. At Collège Champittet Pully, secondary school encompasses grades 9 to 14 (ages 12 to 18).

    Secondary School is divided into two parts:

    Grades 9 and 10 – with a core middle school curriculum common to all students

    Grades 11 to 14 – focused on diploma preparation

    French-English bilingual programme is also available in secondary school and becomes optional from the 9th grade. There are also two levels of German language teaching: standard and advanced.

    Secondary School Curriculum

    For the first two years of secondary school (grades 9 and 10), all students follow broadly the same curriculum, with some optional modules. These two middle school years prepare students for the diploma path that they will take from grade 11.

    During grade 10, students will make a choice about which of the three challenging diploma programmes they wish to follow in high school:

    The Swiss Maturité

    The French Baccalaureate

    The International Baccalaureate

    Whichever of these programmes students decide to follow, school experience is designed to prepare them for application to some of the best universities in Switzerland and worldwide.

    From Grade 9 your child will also receive career counselling and guidance. This provides them with the support they need to prepare for university and the world of work.

    The Swiss Maturite it is a rigorous and demanding programme, highly regarded by world-class universities. To complete the diploma students study 13 different subject areas which includes literature, languages and sciences. Success in this diploma requires mastery of all subject areas, an excellent ability to retain and recall facts and information, and an ability to communicate in writing and orally since examination consists of both oral and written assessments. The programme can be followed in French or bilingual (mostly taught in French but with History and Geography taught in English) basis. However fluency in French is essential for all students looking to follow this programme.  International students at our bilingual private school who are French beginners can integrate the FLE programme (French Foreign Language) into their course of study, and IB students who may need support in English can benefit from the EAL programme (English as an Additional Language).

Sport and culture

  • Sport Facilities:

    Sports Grounds and Other Facilities

    Within the school grounds, students also have access to excellent sporting facilities, including outdoor pitches, tennis courts, a running track and a small gym.

  • Sports what we offer:

    Watersports on Lake Geneva (sailing, paddleboarding, water-skiing)



    Mountain biking

    Skiing (every weekend from January, throughout the ski season)

Summer Programs

Champittet Summer Leadership Course 2018

Organised together with the Swiss Leadership Academy, this exciting summer camp at the Collège Champittet offers students the chance to learn about leadership through fun and challenging activities. During the Champittet Summer Leadership Course, students can develop their leadership skills through enjoyable challenges and outdoor activities at our renowned Swiss private school near Lake Geneva. This must-attend camp also provides students with opportunities to work on their communication skills, goal setting, time and stress management techniques.

Students will also learn about “savoir vivre” and how to work more effectively in teams. They'll also have the option to participate in first aid workshops. Participants will be coached by professionals and receive an evaluation and feedback at the end of each activity to help them get the most out of the experience.

Summer Camp Overview


Due to the high demand, 3 two-week sessions will be available in 2018:

 - From Monday 2nd July to Sunday 15th July 2018

- From Monday 16th July to Sunday 29th July 2018

- From Monday 30th July to Sunday 12th August 2018.

Ages: 11 to 17 years old

Price: CHF 4'250* for two weeks of boarding / CHF 2’500* for two weeks of day camp

Optional: 15 hours of conversational French for CHF 500

Learning will take place in the form of group challenges and activities. French is the language of teaching.

*A supplement of CHF250 for mandatory insurance fees for non-Swiss residents.

School Gallery

College Champittet Pully | Best Boarding Schools
College Champittet Pully | Best Boarding Schools
College Champittet Pully | Best Boarding Schools


Location Description

Collège Champittet Pully is a private school located in Lausanne. Just a two-minute walk from Lake Geneva, it's an inspiring place for your child to live and learn. 


Chemin de Champittet , Case postale 622, Lausanne, Switzerland, Postcode - 1009 Pully-Lausanne
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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